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    Active fund managers took it on the chin in the third quarter

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The third quarter was not kind to active fund managers, with two-thirds unable to beat their benchmarks.

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    Hedge fund marketers have independent advisers in their sights

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Now that hedge funds have the green light to market their wares, they're zeroing in on independent advisers.

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    Emerging-market investors ran to the exits in the third quarter

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Investors gave no love to emerging market economies in the third quarter, as they saw the biggest quarterly outflows since 2008.

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    Biotech beat down weighs on the markets

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The biotech stock bloodbath is starting to look like more than just political bluster.

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    Cash rises above stocks and bonds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A flat return for cash is turning out to be the best bet out there, which should send a message to the Fed and the markets.

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    Guggenheim's fixed-income shop shaping up to be next bond kingdom

    While most bond fund managers have been walking the tightrope to try and balance the risks and opportunities in an unprecedented interest-rate environment, Guggenheim Partners has been quietly finding ways to rise above the herd.Through Sept. 20, all seven of Guggenheim's actively managed taxable

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    TD Ameritrade weighs charging fund companies on its commission-free ETF platform

    RIA custodian is also "taking a look" at role of Morningstar in selecting funds and considers sharing data on advisers, according to an executive.

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    The Fed tosses out another teaser that rates could still be hiked this year

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If you can believe it, Janet Yellen is still teasing the markets with the idea of rate hike this year.

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    Financial advisers get more tools for navigating the liquid alts space

    As stock market volatility continues to tick higher, another player is emerging to help financial advisers navigate the alternative investments space for portfolio diversification.Launched eight months ago and recently upgraded to make it more user-friendly for advisers, the Liquid Alternative

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    What advisers should know about managed-futures funds

    Often overlooked by advisers, these noncorrelated strategies can fit well in a thoughtfully constructed portfolio

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    It's not too early to start preparing for mutual fund capital gains taxes

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If you thought 2014 was a rough year for mutual fund capital gains taxes, you might want to start adjusting those portfolios to avoid a repeat.

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    Papal visits have become precursors to stock market pullbacks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Turns out, rare trips to the U.S. by a Pope have not always been good for stocks.

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    The rise and fall of commodities puts some advanced economies on the ropes

    Breakfast with Benjamin The atrophy of the manufacturing sector as commodity prices wane is wreaking havoc on a number of advanced economies.

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    Pimco on the mend but still feeling impact of Gross exit a year later

    The Newport Beach, Calif., firm's net assets were $1.15T on June 30, down 21% from Sept. 30, 2014, just days after the Bond King left after clashes with portfolio managers and senior management over investment results.

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    First Goldman Sachs ETFs are cheaper than some from Vanguard

    New ActiveBeta funds, which try to beat the market, give Goldman a foothold in ETFs.