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    In rare move, Vanguard beefs up international exposure in target date funds

    Fund giant also plans to launch lower-cost institutional series to expand its market reach.

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    Morgan Stanley settles mortgage bond probe for $2.6 billion

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Plus: Buffet's opaque empire, Obama's regulatory plans and New York's efforts to keep its meat hooks in tax refugees.

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    Bill Gross a victim of the plunge in oil prices

    Manager's $1.46 billion fund at Janus hit by investments in debt issued by U.S., Russian and Brazilian energy companies.

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    Vanguard may expand fast-growing virtual investing service to advisers

    Pilot raised more than $9 billion last year along with hopes for more direct-to-consumer fund sales.

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    The bond market and the Fed are suddenly marching in lockstep

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bond market and the Fed are suddenly marching in lockstep, with inflation clarity coming soon.

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    Vanguard finds another way to get its ETFs in your clients' hands

    With new presence in the ETF strategist game, Vanguard wins Envestnet, Cambridge and more retirement-plan business.

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    Gundlach tests ETF waters with new active fund

    Rock star portfolio manager's new addition is the 26th exchange-traded fund launched this year but is possibly the most important as test of active management.

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    Morgan Stanley's Hunger Games-inspired video they don't want you to see

    The straitlaced wirehouse pulled the plug on this 10-minute spoof of the popular "Hunger Games" series. But did it go too far? You decide.

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    BlackRock adds fuel to smart beta debate in push for exotic bond strategies

    Money manager set to launch new strategy as “smart” way to dodge investment risks as rates rise.

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    American Funds ready to double-down on active investing in 2015

    Adviser-sold fund giant starts to see some flows after pressing view that active management, especially for retirement goals, works.

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    Gold loses its luster on the global stage

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A stronger dollar and record valuations for global stocks have kicked the precious metal to the curb.

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    Advisers should brush up on Daniel Kahneman's work

    Behavioral economist's insights about advisers and their clients should ring true

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    Due diligence in the age of flash crashes

    The dominance of algorithms in trading means advisers need to re-evaluate their processes

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    Robo-advisers can't handle complex decisions

    Critical thinking that requires human reasoning spells an opportunity for human advisers

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    Bill Gross pal McCulley leaving Pimco after firm hires former Morgan Stanley chief economist

    Soon-to-be former chief economist exiting less than a year after joining, says 'mission is complete.'