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    Liquidity restrictions haunt money-market funds

    As investors hunt for yield and security, money-market fund managers detail their changes.

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    BlackRock shrinks money market lineup, affecting $200B in assets

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The firm is closing or consolidating 20 money market funds with $200 billion in assets.

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    Federated, BlackRock considering private funds to replace old money-market funds

    Regulatory changes to $2.7 trillion industry leading managers to create alternatives for clients.

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    Is OPEC about to flinch and cut oil production?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: OPEC might be rethinking their strategy of flooding the market with oil to crush the fracking industry.

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    Money market reforms force advisers to rethink risk

    SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White said reforms would “fundamentally change” funds. She was right.

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    Wealthy investors loving U.S. stocks

    Investors continue to see domestic stocks as the best thing going: Legg Mason survey.

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    Norm Champ to depart SEC

    Head of the agency's Division of Investment Management will leave before the end of the month

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    iShares says not so fast on passive investing winning the day

    iShares manager says money from active managers was primary driver of record 2014.

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    Keeping emotion out of investing

    The level of noise surrounding the financial markets can interfere with sound decision-making.

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    Americans feeling squeezed in saving for retirement

    BlackRock poll show most find it hard to pay bills and put money aside for retirement; Social Security considered key source of income.

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    Investors push rate-hike forecast out to late 2015

    Recent global economic and political turmoil leads to doubt about forecasts from Federal Reserve officials — and most Wall Street economists — that the Fed will begin to lift its benchmark interest rates in mid-2015.

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    Markets in a 'bad mood' as S&P 500 gives back year's gains

    Weak economic numbers and an Ebola panic spurred a pullback, causing the S&P 500 to give back the year's gains.

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    These ETFs are winning in the Pimco Total Return Fund derby

    Here's a hint: They're short-term bond funds that can provide safe places to park money, and provide a little yield and return in place of holding cash

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    BlackRock money market funds refuse to lose value

    The money manager, led by CEO Laurence Fink, has come up with a way to avoid 'breaking the buck' with a reverse distribution. It means the shares don't lose value, you just have fewer of them.

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    Cash holdings finally getting some respect

    Funds, and investment gurus the likes of Warren Buffett, are augmenting their cash positions as volatility enters the market.