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    Markets brave a presidential-cycle speed bump

    Breakfast with Benjamin: It's a bad time for stocks, based on the presidential cycle. Plus: The Nasdaq tests correction territory; most money managers think U.S. stocks are pricey (but there is a market they love); a tech ETF for nervous investors; what advisers wish investors knew; and having ...

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    Bank ETFs ride the choppy waves of Yellen-speak

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bank ETFs ride the choppy waves of Yellen-speak. Plus: Still waiting for Treasury yields to spike, new love for intermediate-term bond funds, hot stocks ahead of earnings reports, and even gold bugs are starting to worry about the precious metal's decline

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    Goldman calls stock market lofty by most measures

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin includes: Goldman's stock market call, a closer look at Fed policy, lawyers pick apart Volcker rule, retailers and cyber security, combining IRAs, and how not to ignore your client's wife.

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    Troubled SAC Capital hedge fund becomes a family office

    Breakfast with Benjamin is back. Today: SAC Capital is now a family office; gold and silver start to shine; navigating bonds with ETFs; another debt-ceiling fight; cheaper gas in 2014; and the biggest product flops of 2013.

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    Adviser gets sacked after ripping off her NFL linebacker client

    What Jeff's reading today: Jail time for adviser who ripped off her NFL linebacker client, plus: the taper question, 98% chance of a market crash next year, the yen-dollar trade, New Yorkers dodge taxes, and (surprise!) Congress wastes your money.

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    Iran nuke accord is already moving markets

    Plus: Fed taper could hit savers hard, new scrutiny on company stock in K plans, the stocks hedge funds love and Consumer Report's annual "naughty and nice" list. All in today's Breakfast with Benjamin.

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    Goldman sees increased risk factors facing commodities

    Plus: Emerging markets get dicey, butting heads with Buffett, hedging with ETFs, more Bitcoin buzz

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    Big asset managers propose new 'retail investor' definition for money-fund reform

    Claim that carving out institutional investors would limit runs on money funds during market stress.

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    Investors pour back into money funds after debt deal

    Investors pumped $8.9 billion into money-market mutual funds on Thursday, the first day of deposits in more than two weeks, as an agreement by lawmakers in Washington averted a government default.

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    Fidelity playing catch up with ETFs as chief Johnson remains quiet

    When Abigail Johnson began her apprenticeship at Fidelity Investments 25 years ago, the Boston-based firm founded by her grandfather was the nation's biggest mutual-fund company and star manager Peter Lynch was enjoying a performance streak at the Magellan Fund -- a 29 percent average return over

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    Vanguard money funds paying capital gains

    The Vanguard Group Inc. is paying out short-term capital gains on three of its money market funds, an unprecedented move sparked by the low-interest-rate environment.

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    Vanguard to pay short-term capital gains on money market funds

    The Vanguard Group Inc. is paying out short-term capital gains on three of its money market funds, an unprecedented move sparked by the low-interest-rate environment. The company announced short-term capital gains, payable today, on three of its money market funds, said Emily White, a Vanguard

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    Annuities changes puzzle advisers

    Advisers admit that variable annuities' varying product features and investment menus pose challenges, and insurers could do more to improve their clarity.

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    Is the great correlation over?

    Live from the IN Alternatives Investments Conference: Low rates, economic uncertainty and surprises have pushed asset classes in the same direction

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    Firms seek reworking of money fund reform

    Major financial firms are calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission to narrow its money market fund reform plan, asking it to exclude tax-exempt money funds and revise the definition of “retail investor,” among other changes.

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