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    Jeffrey Gundlach places big bet on Puerto Rico

    DoubleLine Capital chief more than doubles holdings in island's junk-rated debt.

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    Harnessing the power of tax-exempt income via municipal bonds

    The value of tax-free income has gone up but investors should avoid high-grade bonds on the short to intermediate part of the yield curve.

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    Separately managed accounts ranked by fourth-quarter returns

    Find out which separately managed accounts fared the best in the fourth quarter of 2014, across each major sector.

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    Wealthy investors loving U.S. stocks

    Investors continue to see domestic stocks as the best thing going: Legg Mason survey.

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    From stocks to bonds, the strong dollar hits global markets

    Societe Generale economist says the 'dollar economy' is going the wrong way.

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    For investors seeing bond yields slip, munis offer solid alternative

    Strategy: Be greedy when other muni bond investors get fearful and don't worry when Treasury yields begin to pick up.

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    The best- and worst-performing target date funds

    The latest data on target date funds through the fourth quarter of 2014, including a look at how J.P. Morgan has thrived in the space.

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    Bond investors pessimistic as U.S. economic growth improves

    Lack of wage growth stoking fears of disinflation while Fed prepares to lift interest rates

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    Monitoring investments doesn't end

    Supreme Court is reviewing a decision on the responsibility of plans to continually watch costs

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    Gundlach says 'sinister side' of cheap oil will dampen economic growth, markets

    What the U.S. energy boom has given, the U.S. energy boom is about to take away if oil prices stay at or below current levels, according to DoubleLine Capital's Jeffrey Gundlach.

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    Vanguard to offer its first muni-bond ETF

    The company expects the tax-exempt index fund to be available by the end of June.

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    Puerto Rico investors sue UBS for $4.5 million

    Claim says UBS mismanaged a trust to keep monies invested in closed-end bond funds.

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    The latest separately managed account data

    U.S. large-cap equity Product3Q return1-year return3-year return5-year return5-year std dev5-year Sharpe ratioAssets ($M)ManagerLocationMellon Capital Management - Large Cap Growth Strategy3.53%26.02%25.87%18.57%15.46%1.2$1,265.0 TeamPittsburghLegg Mason, Inc. - ClearBridge Large Cap Growth ESG

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    James Lebenthal, who sold muni bonds to masses, dies at 86

    Through ads, many of which he starred in, the salesman shared his belief that tax-free bonds were a sound investment.

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    Morningstar's latest Pimco remarks spark catty comments

    On Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: A string of catty comments accompany a Morningstar talk-up of Pimco's outlook. Plus, what municipal bond investors can learn from Detroit and Stockton, avoid getting sucked in by the market's latest winning streak, and much more.