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    Puerto Rico outlines plan to clear higher debt-restructuring hurdles

    BlackRock says commonwealth is facing a 'real solvency issue' as the risk of additional debt defaults increases.

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    UBS to pay $2.9 million to settle investor Puerto Rico claims

    Finra orders the firm to pay about $2.9 million to two investors in Puerto Rico closed-end municipal bond funds. Total claims top $1.1 billion.

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    Vanguard, once thwarted, launches a muni-bond rival to BlackRock's iShares

    A first for the mutual fund industry, and the cheapest offering in ETFs, an analyst says.

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    SEC commissioners push for bond transparency in wake of Edward Jones settlement

    Regulator says Finra and MSRB should issue rules 'requiring the disclosure of mark-ups and mark-downs.'

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    Muni bonds are poised to shine as rates move higher

    Tax-exempt category is actually benefiting from the dark cloud hanging over it.

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    Puerto Rico's uncertain future leaves muni bond fund investors in limbo

    All is not lost: 'You might get 90 cents on the dollar, or you might get 30 cents on the dollar.'

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    MLPs yield headaches for advisers who bought them for income

    Top analysts in the sector see a bear market as investors pumped $10.5 billion into energy funds over the last year.

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    OppenheimerFunds says Puerto Rico can pay its debts; governor says no

    Puerto Rico's governor says the island's $72 billion debt load is too big to pay. OppenheimerFunds, the largest mutual-fund holder of the bonds, disagrees.

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    Navigating illiquidity in municipal bonds

    Understanding the impact of the supply-demand behavior is much more critical than ever.

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    As Puerto Rico crisis intensifies, mutual fund investors face loss of capital

    If the island can't pay back all of its debts, some fund holders could suffer haircuts.

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    Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity are the three most important words for bonds

    Anxiety over a lack of liquidity is skewing fixed-income markets in new and surprising ways.

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    Go where the NBA finals go: Cleveland and Oakland looking better as investment destination

    Is there Examining the correlation between success in professional basketball and the economic performance and cultural dominance of particular cities.

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    Dynasty hires Scott D. Welch to be chief investment officer

    Service provide plans to expand investment opportunities for its network of advisory firms

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    4 ways to keep clients' portfolios from getting taxed to death

    Your clients will appreciate it if you help them avoid the 43.4% tax bracket

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    Jeffrey Gundlach places big bet on Puerto Rico

    DoubleLine Capital chief more than doubles holdings in island's junk-rated debt.