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    Markets in a 'bad mood' as S&P 500 gives back year's gains

    Weak economic numbers and an Ebola panic spurred a pullback, causing the S&P 500 to give back the year's gains.

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    Pimco sees muni returns ebbing after best gain since '11

    With the $3.7 trillion municipal market poised for its biggest annual gain since 2011, this year is going to be a tough act to beat, according to Pacific Investment Management Co. and Morgan Stanley.Returns in 2015 may be less than half of the 8.6% logged in 2014 as interest rates have probably

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    Bill Gross may have to drop 'New Neutral' moniker at Janus

    Pimco claims a trademark over the macroeconomic forecast Gross calls 'critical.'

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    Morgan Stanley bets big on stocks

    Breakfast with Benjamin covers Morgan Stanley getting ultra-bullish on stocks, Detroit's big bankruptcy trial kicking off, and how to tread lightly into the MLP space.

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    Global markets collide with geopolitics as Obama orders airstrikes in Iraq

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin feature: Global markets collide with geopolitics as Obama orders airstrikes. Plus: Gold bugs rejoice; a senator takes parting shot at Wall Street; hidden risks in mutual funds; and find your perfect TV office.

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    OppenheimerFunds sees some funds shrink on Puerto Rico bonds

    OppenheimerFunds Inc., the largest holder of Puerto Rico debt among mutual funds, has seen some of its funds lose almost a third of their assets in the past year, data compiled by Bloomberg show.Investors are pulling cash from the New York-based company's funds as bondholders speculate Puerto Rico

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    Puerto Rico debt depresses UBS Wealth earnings

    Despite record revenue at UBS Wealth Management Americas, profits fell in the second quarter as the firm reported that it had to set aside $44M for litigation costs, mostly related to the firm's investments in Puerto Rico.

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    Fixed-income ETFs continue to build off 2014's fast start

    Bond markets continued to build off Q1 2014's fast start, and bond fund groups of all stripes did well; from Treasuries to emerging markets and from corporates to munis—seemingly everyone had a fantastic quarter. All of this came as the U.S. economy faced mixed results in the quarter's data: Q1 GDP

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    Pimco performance stats refute Gross' 'turnaround' statement

    Underlying risk metrics suggest the Pimco Total Return Fund continues to have a tough time beating competitors.

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    The downsides of laddered bond portfolios

    We think investors who build laddered portfolios to protect against rising rates will be disappointed — by locking in low yields with traditional ladders or by hidden risks of higher-yielding ladders. In our view, actively managed portfolios are better able to take advantage of changing markets.

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    Pimco's Gross bets $200 million of cash on low interest rate

    Bill Gross has wagered almost $200 million of his own money on a bet that interest rates will stay low.

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    Muni bond funds face ongoing Puerto Rican woes

    Muni bond funds face ongoing Puerto Rican woes as Franklin Templeton and OppenheimerFunds challenge legality of Puerto Rican debt law

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    Let there be light in fixed-income markets: SEC's White

    Agency chief says greater transparency would promote price competition, improve market efficiency and facilitate best execution.

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    Best- and worst-performing fixed-income mutual funds

    Core Bond Funds Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Voya Investment Grade Credit Fund SMA (ISCFX)$100.07.74%5.78%7.37%0.00%Putnam Income Fund A (PINCX)$1,378.75.86%5.69%10.33%0.87%Guggenheim Investment Grade Bond Fund A

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    Bond rally means now is the time to re-evaluate muni holdings

    In early 2013, we urged investors to take a hard look at the interest-rate risk in their bond portfolios. If they didn't do it then, they have a chance to do it now.