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    Brokers' push to fee-based comp slams higher-cost funds

    Mutual funds with sales charges and distribution fees are on pace for their fifth and possibly largest-ever year of redemptions.

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    Robo advice meets alternative investments

    New platform aspires to be an alternatives outsource for financial advisers.

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    Financial advisers take note: Smart money is already hedging against inflation

    Just because inflation is still a mere blip on the economic radar screen is no reason to ignore the potential threat to investment portfolios. That's the message that institutional investors are delivering.Maybe it's time for financial advisers to start following suit.Quietly, but diligently,

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    Morningstar's latest Pimco remarks spark catty comments

    On Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: A string of catty comments accompany a Morningstar talk-up of Pimco's outlook. Plus, what municipal bond investors can learn from Detroit and Stockton, avoid getting sucked in by the market's latest winning streak, and much more.

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    Buyer beware: Liquid alts are not created equal

    Financial advisers wading into the liquid alternatives waters can learn a lot from the humbling first-effort by Morgan Stanley, which is proving that performance matters, and disparity is a big deal in this space. As was detailed by DailyAlts, the market has not been kind to Morgan Stanley's AIP

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    Sweet deal at Goldman Sachs lets partners invest alongside the bank

    Breakfast with Benjamin: It's all about access at Goldman. Plus: U.S. soldiers sue banks for helping Iran finance attacks in Iraq, adjusting portfolios for a fourth-quarter ride, oil prices are expected to hang low till the next OPEC meeting, and a hats off to companies taking their hats off to ...

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    Mining stocks shine in gold-price pullback

    Even with the price of gold down more than 40% over the past three years, there doesn't appear to be a big appetite for the precious metal, which is exactly why Keith Trauner is selecting adding exposure in his go-anywhere GoodHaven Fund (GOODX).While Mr. Trauner isn't yet ready to add direct gold

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    Bill Gross' departure reignites the risks of 'star manager' funds

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, Bill Gross' Pimco exit is changing the way we look at star fund managers, Japan's latest stimulus plan triggers a market rally, watching out for those mutual fund tax burdens, and more.

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    Brokers warned to beef up training on complex products

    Regulators alarmed at lack of knowledge brokers demonstrate about the products they're selling.

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    Pershing playing catch-up with competitors as custodian considers offering commission-free ETFs

    Platforms, popular with RIAs, post tremendous growth for firms, fund managers.

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    Pershing “actively” considers launching commission-free ETF platform

    Custodian considering jumping on bandwagon popular with RIAs as other platforms grow big.

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    BlackRock, Loomis Sayles replace Pimco at $6B Prudential fund

    Move comes on heels of record withdrawals from Pimco Total Return after Gross exit

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    SRI indexes delivered market-like returns and risk, while pursuing social goals

    Interest in socially responsible investing (SRI) is increasing rapidly. From 2003 to 2012, SRI assets in the U.S. grew 54% to reach $3.31 trillion,1 according to the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (US SIF Foundation). This represents roughly 10% of assets under professional ...

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    Conservative target-date funds weathered the third quarter market rout

    More conservative target-date funds — those favoring higher relative positioning in bonds — weathered the market rout best in the third quarter, according to target date fund analyst Janet Yang of Morningstar Inc.

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    Best- and worst-performing target date funds

    Track the performance of the best and worst target-date funds through the third quarter, and see which funds best weathered the market's volatility.