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    Legg Mason adds global equity specialist

    Legg plans to work with UK-based institutional investor to develop retail funds

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    The Fed is now fretting about wage growth and surprise inflation

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Don't look now, but wage growth (for dishwashers, for example) is on the radar. Plus: The SEC's half fix for money funds, a golden cross for Goldman, judge blocks 'Wall Street Wolf's' sucker list, and big city life can be a drag.

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    CEO cussing is now a gosh darn market indicator

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, learn about an odd new market indicator, the implications of ongoing investor optimism and much more.

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    Pimco on defensive after report that Gross threatened to quit

    Pimco continues to stand by its beleaguered co-founder, William H. Gross, following a report that the legendary bond manager threatened to resign after clashing with executives.

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    S&P: Top mutual funds highly unlikely to maintain success

    New study suggests performance is almost impossible to maintain, but managers said the study has little utility to investors

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    Clintons jump through financial planning loopholes to dodge estate taxes they support

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Brokers pouncing on 401(k) biz. Plus: The Clintons dodge the estate taxes they support. The Fed wants to add exit fees to bond funds, U.S. banks on the edge of new funding rules, Congress mulls investor confidence on your dime, El-Erian sides with the IMF, and merger mania

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    Former Fidelity COO Reynolds aims to oust former employer from top

    Robert Reynolds, who built the industry's biggest 401(k) business while at Fidelity Investments, is seeking a reprise.

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    4 considerations when evaluating alts

    There are four essential starting-point considerations for every adviser deciding which alternative investments they might offer, and under which compensation arrangement.

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    Legg Mason fires 62 Batterymarch employees

    Legg Mason Inc. is firing 62 Batterymarch Financial Management employees as it combines the affiliate with QS Investors, the global quantitative equity firm it's purchasing this year.

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    Can mutual funds be too big to fail?

    New report cites potential costs of systemic risk designation for asset managers

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    Winklevoss twins seek Nasdaq listing for bitcoin ETF

    The duo, who claimed Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for a social-networking website, are seeking to open the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust as the first ETF tracking a virtual asset.

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    UBS faces $5 million class action claim on Puerto Rico bond funds

    UBS faces a class action lawsuit for $5 million over an alleged breach in fiduciary duty in the sale of Puerto Rican bond funds.

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    BlackRock hires White House adviser Bianchi

    Sarah Bianchi, the director of economic and domestic policy for Vice President Joe Biden, was hired as a managing director in its advisory unit.

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    How much should you allocate to nontraditional bonds?

    Just because the mutual fund industry has been flooding the market with nontraditional bond funds is no reason to jump blindly into the space, according to Eric Jacobson, senior fund analyst and co-head of fixed income at Morningstar Inc.

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    Calling on Bond, James Bond, to make the case for bond alternatives

    “By and large the bond market is over. Maybe you want to put some James Bond in your portfolio,” a top strategist said at the IMCA conference.