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    Restored Cuba relations will lead to travel, cigars, not investment opportunities

    Even if Cuba's economy doubled, it still wouldn't be 'big enough to move the needle for the U.S.'

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    Alternatives offer money managers a profitable lifeline

    Low-cost index funds capturing 25% of new assets but drive just 5% of revenue.

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    Powerful Wells Fargo division takes over firm's wealth management research functions

    New unit will influence product selections for 15,000 advisers managing $1.6 trillion in assets.

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    Are ETFs really cheaper than mutual funds?

    New report from Morningstar casts doubt on the relative cost advantages of popular exchange-traded funds. And there is, of course, the Vanguard effect.

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    It's not too early to start worrying about a spike in oil prices

    Tuesday's Breakfast with Benjamin features a warning over it not being too early to worry about a jump in oil prices. Plus, Vanguard ramps up its financial advice offerings, the pain of diverging global economies in 2015, and John Paulson's painful comeback effort.

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    UBS renews push to increase advisers' hedge fund use

    The wirehouse plans tools to explain the risks and benefits of hedge fund strategies to advisers whose allocations have been low.

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    Political bickering aside, the health care sector is a healthy investment

    The seemingly endless political bickering over health care reform has not dampened investor enthusiasm for the sector, which is leading all stock categories this year, up 24%. “Health care has been kicking tush, and most of my clients want more of it in their portfolios,” said Theodore Feight,

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    Unconstrained bond funds disappoint

    Unconstrained bond funds have showed disappointing returns this year; 1.7% year-to-date compared with 5.6% for its benchmark.

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    DoubleLine's Jeffrey Gundlach thinks the dollar will keep getting stronger

    On Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin, Jeffrey Gundlach calls for more of the dollar's rally. Plus: Warren Buffett places an early bet on Hillary Clinton in 2016, bond manager urges maximum flexibility, and Robert Shiller picks stocks over houses.

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    IndexIQ deal propels MainStay brand into ETFs

    New York Life's acquisition of IndexIQ, announced jointly by the firms' top executives Thursday, yet again pairs a massive money manager with a far-smaller ETF manager.The deal, which is expected to close in the first half of next year, marks the first foray into ETFs for the MainStay brand.In an

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    Cheap oil no reason to abandon the energy sector, strategists say

    Though the energy sector has dropped 14.6% in the past three months versus a 3.5% gain for the S&P, investing experts say the innovation potential in the sector should not be ignored.

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    Corporate bonds fly off the shelves ahead of looming rate hikes

    Tuesday's Breakfast with Benjamin features bond sales hitting a new record as rate hikes loom. Plus: Bracing for a global currency war, falling oil prices catch fund managers by surprise, and making 2015 the year of the maxed-out 401(k).

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    John Hancock pushes for liquid alts in retirement plans

    Breakfast with Benjamin:Shopping season bodes well for stocks. Plus: John Hancock pushes for liquid alts in retirement plans; being thankful for seasonal market timing; and learning to fly drones for fun and profit

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    Upstart platform attracts advisory firms with access to alts and capital

    Trading debt and equity for a distribution relationship may not be right for all advisers.

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    Brokers' push to fee-based comp slams higher-cost funds

    Mutual funds with sales charges and distribution fees are on pace for their fifth and possibly largest-ever year of redemptions.