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    Crashing commodity prices will give the Fed one more reason to not raise rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Crashing commodity prices are real, and the result might be another delay to the Fed's rate hike.

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    Puerto Rico's default could ripple through average Americans' portfolios

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Puerto Rico has missed a debt payment. How will the fallout be felt by average Americans?

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    9 things companies do during earnings season that investors hate

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Some things companies do during earnings season that can really rub investors the wrong way.

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    You know investors are getting nervous when oil becomes a safe-haven play

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Oil stocks are starting to attract investors seeking safety, and that should be cause for concern.

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    Stock buybacks come under fire from politicians

    Breakfast with Benjamin There's a rising backlash for record-level stock-buyback programs, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren issues charges of 'stock manipulation.'

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    China does everything wrong in efforts to reverse stock market slide

    Breakfast with Benjamin: China gets low marks for how it's trying to save its equity markets by preventing the sale of stocks.

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    Wells Fargo, Raymond James, LPL to repay investors more than $30 million for mutual fund overcharges

    Finra says Wells Fargo, Raymond James and LPL self-reported their failures to waive sales loads for Class A shares for retirement accounts and charities.

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    Crazy as it might sound, the new all-in bet is going long on Greek stocks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If you've got a really strong stomach, the time looks ripe to buy the fear and jump into Greek equities.

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    Jeffrey Gundlach is riding out the Greek storm in Treasuries

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Jeffrey Gundlach has been bracing for trouble in Greece and Puerto Rico by loading up on Treasuries and Ginnie Maes.

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    Custodians' payments to RIAs for fund picks raise eyebrows

    Registered investment advisers like to promote themselves as being on the side of investors, but a growing number are quietly accepting money from custodians in exchange for recommending certain mutual funds — usually funds that are more expensive for investors. The payment is made to advisers as a

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    Pimco's Income Fund becomes the firm's new star

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Pimco's Income Fund (PIMIX) is shining bright under Dan Ivascyn, raising the question: Bill Gross who?

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    Abandoning alternative investments at this point is based on twisted logic

    Just because your house hasn't burned down yet doesn't mean you can skip insurance.

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    SEC member Stein calls for scrutiny of alternative mutual funds and ETFs

    Kara Stein says mutual funds and ETFs that use complex, illiquid strategies 'operate in a gray area.'

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    SEC seeks public comments on exchange-traded products

    The Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking feedback from investors about the way it regulates an increasingly popular investment: exchange-traded products.The agency solicited public input Friday on issues surrounding SEC approval of new, novel or complex exchange-traded vehicles. The

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    Wirehouses raise clients' exposure to alternatives, but reps still just dabbling

    Wirehouse reps have been steadily increasing client allocations to alternative investments in stride with the level of risk building in the overall stock and bond markets. The latest research from the Money Management Institute and Dover Financial Research found that alternative investments through