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    Mutual fund industry enjoying a burst of wheeling and dealing

    Five years after the last bout of mutual fund merger mania, the lesson remains: Grow, and then grow some more.

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    How to explain alternative investments to clients

    Talking clients through the complexities of alternative investments requires simplicity and a focus on function.

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    New Fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson wants to be 'accessible to advisers'

    Abigail Johnson, successor at the privately owned, family-run company, wants to understand the businesses of her clients, including advisers.

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    When in doubt, follow the bond market's lead

    Breakfast with Benjamin: When in doubt, follow bonds' lead. Plus: Consumer spending to the rescue, Johnson replaces Johnson at Fidelity, and more.

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    Abigail Johnson succeeds father as CEO of Fidelity Investments

    Replaces father, Edward “Ned” Johnson, who will retire but remain chairman.

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    Janus buys ETF shop Velocity Shares

    Fresh off of bringing on Bill Gross from Pimco, the fund manager makes dramatic expansion in exchange-traded business.

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    Market chop puts alternative strategies front and center

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: The market's jolt puts liquid alt strategies in the spotlight. Plus: Minding the next threshold for stocks, reminding clients to buy on the dip, Fed missed the mark on inflation, and don't forget to worry about China.

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    Pimco's flagship funds: Should you be bullish or bearish?

    The pros and cons of the Total Return Fund and Total Return ETF in the wake of Bill Gross' departure

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    Markets are poised to ride the Fed doves even higher today

    For Breakfast with Benjamin today: Stock climb to continue. Plus: Loving and hating the strong dollar, China sets up for a currency fight, more spooky details in the JPMorgan hack attack, Pimco's slippery marketing gambit, short-sellers bet on the rally, and drones shape up as niche investment ...

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    These ETFs are winning in the Pimco Total Return Fund derby

    Here's a hint: They're short-term bond funds that can provide safe places to park money, and provide a little yield and return in place of holding cash

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    UBS blocks some investors from buying Pimco funds as wirehouses take stock

    UBS is preventing some clients from investing in Pimco funds following the abrupt departure of Bill Gross, as well as increased scrutiny from influential investment researchers.

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    Wanted: Gold bears

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Investors still too bullish on gold. Plus: Structuring client portfolios for retirement, about that breach at JP Morgan, Pimco's long, hard fourth quarter, a big real estate deal and an event you shouldn't miss.

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    Bill Gross may have to drop 'New Neutral' moniker at Janus

    Pimco claims a trademark over the macroeconomic forecast Gross calls 'critical.'

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    Bring on the competition: Gross

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Gross' message to advisers. Plus: Where the Pimco flows are landing, the stock market rally as house of cards, the dental indicator, bitcoin is back and a big corporate split.

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    Bill Gross speaks out on Pimco exit, vows to regain crown at Janus Capital Group

    In an InvestmentNews exclusive, the Bond King explains his 'constructive obsession' with defeating rivals and answers advisers' burning questions. More coverage: Our special report on Gross' next chapter