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    Fidelity assets flowing to lower-cost trusts

    Facing pressure to move retirement-plan clients to investment vehicles with dramatically lower fees, the fund giant is moving assets to new trusts.

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    What's the reason for all the fund outflows at Fidelity?

    More Fidelity stock funds are suffering withdrawals than adding money this year. What gives?

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    What grabbed InvestmentNews readers this week

    A big arbitration award, a story about recruiting bonuses and how Vanguard grabbed Pimco's bond crown were among the most read stories this week on Plus: Lessons from Robin Williams' estate and another investment team loss at LPL.

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    Wells Fargo funds business looks to double assets under management

    Wells Fargo & Co. is planning an aggressive buildup of its asset management arm, executives said TuesdayThe bank-owned money manager is looking to reach $1 trillion in assets, about double its current level, according to spokeswoman Laura Fay. The firm is hoping to reach the goal over the long term

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    Vanguard takes keys to Pimco's bond kingdom

    Vanguard has overtaken Pimco as the largest provider of taxable-bond mutual funds by assets, a title the West Coast firm has held for more than a decade. (Don't miss: 5 reasons to own bonds now)

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    The Fed finds another reason to hold down interest rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Fed and chief Janet Yellen get more ammo to hold down rates. Plus: AIG inches back into DC lobby; why some stocks never split; and where the smart money is going

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    Fed watchers are spinning over Janet Yellen's mixed messages

    Breakfast with Benjamin brings you up to speed on reactions to Janet Yellen's mixed messages on the U.S. job market, gold's surge, and Russian mutual funds' fall.

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    BlackRock fights lawsuit claiming 'excessive fees'

    Judge poised to rule on whether a trial can proceed on claims the company violated its fiduciary obligations.

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    Hedge funds jumping into Puerto Rico muni bonds

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin on hedge funds owning $16 billion in Puerto Rican muni bond debt, the scary similarities between advisers and psychics, why deep-water drilling looks like a bargain, and more.

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    Bill Gross disciple takes down the 'Bond King'

    This edition of Breakfast with Benjamin covers Bill Gross getting beaten at his own game, the SEC's focus on liquid alt funds, Obama's attack on corporate inversions, and more.

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    Fidelity quietly settles employee lawsuits

    At issue was accusations the fund giant engaged in self-dealing in 401(k) plan.

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    Stock and real estate bubbles on a collision course

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin sees stock and real estate bubbles on a collision course, gold prices stuck in neutral, Bill Gross cutting Treasury bond exposure, and much more.

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    What last week's junk bond selloff means for stocks

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin looks at the impact of the junk bond selloff, Morningstar's approach to nontraditional bond funds, how higher rates will ripple across the economy, and much more.

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    Past performance rules for unrated Gundlach fund

    Tit-for-tat with Morningstar leaves DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund without a rating, but investors can't get enough of it.

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    Global markets collide with geopolitics as Obama orders airstrikes in Iraq

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin feature: Global markets collide with geopolitics as Obama orders airstrikes. Plus: Gold bugs rejoice; a senator takes parting shot at Wall Street; hidden risks in mutual funds; and find your perfect TV office.