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    Wirehouses raise clients' exposure to alternatives, but reps still just dabbling

    Wirehouse reps have been steadily increasing client allocations to alternative investments in stride with the level of risk building in the overall stock and bond markets. The latest research from the Money Management Institute and Dover Financial Research found that alternative investments through

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    Even outside U.S., passive investments widen share of sales over active

    Gap between active and passive funds in international equities reaches highest level since financial crisis.

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    Mutual fund companies blend into unwashed mass for consumers

    In 'grave strategic error,' mutual fund managers have allowed their products to be commoditized, a new report finds, but not all firms are suffering. (Don't miss: The first quarter's best and worst mutual fund groups)

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    Eaton Vance offers to pay broker-dealers that adopt 'NextShares' active funds

    Firm faces challenge convincing broker-dealers to sell a new type of investment product.

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    United Capital pivots away from mutual funds to proprietary asset management program

    Firm sees new way to cut the middleman, product fees for clients while capturing top investment ideas.

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    Trekking to Europe and Japan for attractive dividend income

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Where to look when it's time to go beyond the traditional hunting grounds for dividend income.

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    After big 2014, trend-chasing mutual funds drop

    Turnaround interrupts best run for hedge-fund like offerings in more than five years, threatens to diminish their popularity with retail investors.

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    Vanguard's new ambassador to advisers: We've earned your trust

    Thomas M. Rampulla's return to the U.S. comes after the firm recast itself as a patron of an industry that once saw it as a threat.

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    Virtus drops F-Squared as fund manager

    Loss of linchpin backer adds to F-Squared's struggle following admissions it misled investors on performance.

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    Gross fund netted $58 million in April

    Former bond king's fund at Janus Capital Group attracted a big chunk of new investor money in April, before the fund was hit by a selloff in bonds.

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    The ETF craze crosses a huge hurdle

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Over the last 12 months, investors pumped more money into ETFs than mutual funds for the first time ever.

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    Fund managers need to flex voting muscles to force boards to appoint more women

    Mutual fund manager BlackRock Inc. has reportedly revised its proxy voting guidelines and may for the first time oppose the reelection of corporate directors, should it determine that a board's makeup is insufficiently diverse. At a time when only 17% of Fortune 500 board seats are held by women,

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    Schwab announces money market fund updates in light of SEC's reform

    Firm joins slate of other managers adjusting retail and institutional money market funds to meet the new regulations borne out of financial crisis.

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    Vanguard, Goldman Sachs agree that advisers face tall order in picking alts fund managers

    Diametrically opposed firms find common ground on importance of manager selection, differ on value of hedge funds.

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    The latest ranking of independent broker-dealers by rep head count

    Even if recruiting at independent broker-dealers has hit a wall, the industry still features a number of firms with expanding numbers of registered reps.