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    How to avoid the unexpected capital gain gift

    Even if an investor didn't sell shares in a fund this year, if a manager took profits or sold to meet redemptions, the investor shares in the tax burden.

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    Higher taxes loom for fund investors

    Advisers recommend planning now as strong market performance could raise capital gains distributions.

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    Pimco could withstand losing another $350 billion before asset flow starts to pinch

    Morningstar report says outflows of $300B to $350B in next few years could hit firm's bonus pool, lead to key departures.

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    What the Pimco saga can teach advisers

    Due diligence on funds requires blending performance data with professional judgment

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    Morningstar founder Joe Mansueto still dreams big

    Morningstar wants to become 'ubiquitous' with investors, according to founder Joe Mansueto. Will their new initiatives turn around the firm's declining share prices and profits?

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    Brokers' push to fee-based comp slams higher-cost funds

    Mutual funds with sales charges and distribution fees are on pace for their fifth and possibly largest-ever year of redemptions.

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    New managed volatility funds aim to protect client portfolios from market swings

    Value in managed volatility comes from potentially getting equity-like exposure with similar returns, lower volatility and better downside performance

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    As oil prices fall, investment opportunities emerge

    For most people, the dramatic drop in oil prices over the past few months has been welcomed in the form of cheaper gasoline prices. But for investors, the story is less clear.Beyond the obvious pain felt by energy producers as the price of oil drops closer to a production break-even point, there

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    Robo advice meets alternative investments

    New platform aspires to be an alternatives outsource for financial advisers.

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    Liquid alts' drawback: High cost

    The more alternative products that fund companies offer, the bigger the dilemma facing financial advisers.

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    Largest alternatives funds

    Fund/tickerNet assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*MainStay Marketfield I (MFLDX)$16,035.7-6.48%8.95%8.48%1.52%Gateway A (GATEX)$8,181.46.40%7.13%5.37%0.94%AQR Managed Futures Strategy I (AQMIX)$6,377.17.32%3.12%N/A1.23%Pimco Emerging Markets Currency A ...

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    Best- and worst-performing alternatives funds

    Top 10Net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year retunExpense ratio*AST QMA U.S. Equity Alpha$531.625.42%25.93%17.53%1.60%LoCorr Long/Short Commodity Strats A (LCSAX)$57.221.47%N/AN/A2.20%Natixis ASG Managed Futures Strategy A (AMFAX)$1,290.120.14%3.18%N/A1.70%Glenmede Total Market ...

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    Why did active fund managers do a bad job picking stocks this year?

    Wall Street strategists have crunched a lot of numbers recently in an effort to answer a simple question: Why have active fund managers done such a lousy job picking stocks this year?

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    Financial advisers take note: Smart money is already hedging against inflation

    Just because inflation is still a mere blip on the economic radar screen is no reason to ignore the potential threat to investment portfolios. That's the message that institutional investors are delivering.Maybe it's time for financial advisers to start following suit.Quietly, but diligently,

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    Liquid alts suffer big asset drop; MainStay Marketfield takes biggest hit

    After strong growth, the category suffers its first outflows in two years in the month of October. Redemptions were dominated by a continued sell-off of the MainStay Marketfield Fund, the largest in the alternative category.