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    Mutual fund outflows add to the pain of capital gains distributions

    Mutual fund outflows can spell capital gains disaster and this year, some funds with low turnover are reporting sizable capital gains distributions as managers sell securities to meet investor withdrawals.

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    Wells Fargo launching 'completely different' target date funds that take an active approach

    The retirement funds, the firm's second to market, seek to give investors 80% pre-retirement income replacement.

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    Investing in women a worthy strategy

    How financial advisers can put this strategy into practice and begin to invest with a gender lens

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    Blending Mars, Venus can energize a fund

    Appears that mixed-gender portfolio management teams tend to generate better performance

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    Gold goes on a safe-haven rally in the wake of Paris attacks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Gold jumps, with futures up more than 1% even as riskier assets like stocks find reasons to rally.

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    F-Squared haunts Virtus as fund distributor pays $16.5M to settle false performance claims

    Virtus Investment Advisers agreed to pay a $16.5 million fine to settle charges it publicized false performance data for the AlphaSector exchange-traded fund, the Securities and Exchange Commission reported Monday.According an SEC statement, Virtus published a “substantially overstated performance

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    The endless and irrelevant financial woes of presidential candidates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Presidential candidates are not always good at managing their own money, and voters don't care, or need to.

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    Goldman Sachs benches its BRIC strategy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Brazil, Russia, India and China assets are down 88% since their 2010 peak.

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    Chinese stocks go from a sell to a buy just like that

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Emerging-markets fund manager who darted out of Chinese stocks at the best possible time is now moving back in.

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    DFA breaks into target date fund market with unique investment approach

    Manager is hoping to garner assets in a crowded market through a strategy targeting the stability of investors' retirement income stream.

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    BlackRock to manage $87 billion money market assets for Bank of America

    Deal comes as big banks grapple with new SEC regulations that force institutional prime funds to adopt a floating share price.

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    The best- and worst-performing target date funds

    Best Practices The 3rd annual Best Practices Awards and Workshop was held Oct 13 and was an opportunity for elite advisers to take a deep dive into the 2015 Adviser Comp & Staffing Study results, and learn the top firms excelling in human capital management and technology. Stay tuned for 2016

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    How to work infrastructure funds into clients' portfolios

    Three allocation strategies that could let clients tap into the global infrastructure boom

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    Advisers flocking to an ETF that costs more than a mutual fund

    First Trust Dorsey Wright Focus 5 offers easy way into a popular sector rotation strategy.

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    Closed-end funds trading at steepest discounts in eight years as investors sell ahead of rate increase

    Strategists say pricing anomalies should be considered buying opportunity as Fed action expected to be small.