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    Nontransparent ETFs a step backward

    Less transparency for new products seems in conflict with the SEC's interest in increased disclosure of mutual fund holdings.

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    Is Calpers' move away from hedge funds a bellwether for advisers?

    If major institutions cannot justify hedge fund investing, where should advisers turn for alternative asset exposure?

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    Schwab expands commission-free trading platform for ETFs

    The Charles Schwab Corp. on Thursday unveiled a long-planned expansion of OneSource, its commission-free trading platform for ETFs, adding dozens of funds and managers, including Pimco.In addition to exchanged-traded funds offered by Pacific Investment Management Co., the top provider of actively

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    Bill Gross rides derivatives around Fed policy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Bond King levers up. Plus: There is nothing smooth about the Fed's next move, the first nail in hedge funds' coffin and more.

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    Markets wait on the Fed's next move

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Investors are waiting for Janet Yellen and the Fed to pull the trigger on rates. Plus: Buying Alibaba via ETFs; S&P and Nasdaq stocks start to separate; hedge funds ride the wave; and annuity product sales hitting double digits.

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    Advisers should be supporting transparency

    The SEC's potential rules to increase disclosure of mutual fund holdings should be applauded.

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    Tiny long-short equity mutual fund delivers huge gains

    The phones rang a lot more than usual this summer at Biondo Group LLC, the small Pennsylvania investment firm tucked away near the Delaware Water Gap and the foothills of the Pocono Mountains.

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    SEC assessment of mutual fund risk could lead to more disclosure

    Questions abound in early stages of potential rulemaking to boost oversight.

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    Advisers take stock as ETF portfolio manager F-Squared faces legal action

    Wary advisers are taking a closer look at F-Squared Investments, the largest manager of exchange-traded-fund portfolios, which is under investigation for misrepresenting past returns.

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    Bringing back pooled 401(k) plans could derail a fund industry cash cow

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu features: Revisiting the idea of pooled 401(k) plans, plus Jack Bogle gives a half nod to Fed policy, the curious appeal of water ETFs, and more rich folks are calling for a market correction.

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    BlackRock's iShares steps back from target date ETFs it helped pioneer

    iShares fund closures suggests ETFs have a long way to go before they achieve a place in retirement plans.

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    Morgan Stanley bets big on stocks

    Breakfast with Benjamin covers Morgan Stanley getting ultra-bullish on stocks, Detroit's big bankruptcy trial kicking off, and how to tread lightly into the MLP space.

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    Smart beta, by any other name, is still smart

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, a look at how smart beta has grown in prominence despite criticism, the performance-killing fees of active management, another type of corporate inversion, and more.

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    Fidelity assets flowing to lower-cost trusts

    Facing pressure to move retirement-plan clients to investment vehicles with dramatically lower fees, the fund giant is moving assets to new trusts.

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    What's the reason for all the fund outflows at Fidelity?

    More Fidelity stock funds are suffering withdrawals than adding money this year. What gives?