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    Capital Group parent names Armour chairman, replacing Rothenberg

    32-year veteran of the $1.25 billion money manager is a champion of active management.

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    Goldman Sachs starting two money market funds, changing others to address new rules

    Goldman Sachs Financial Square Federal Instruments Fund will invest in government securities only and cater to investors seeking state-tax-exempt income.

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    SEC denies active ETF proposal as NextShares launches salvo against competitors

    Eaton Vance looks to win the "VHS/Betamax war" for the future of actively managed investments.

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    Health care creates a bright spot for beleaguered stock-pickers

    Sector funds give specialist managers an opportunity to shine during a long bull market.

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    Donald Trump's investment portfolio a messy hodgepodge: advisers

    Advisers say the presidential hopeful and real estate mogul's investments reveal a scattered approach to money management. (See the top five fund companies holding Mr. Trump's money.)

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    MLPs yield headaches for advisers who bought them for income

    Top analysts in the sector see a bear market as investors pumped $10.5 billion into energy funds over the last year.

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    Capital Group chairman James Rothenberg dies at 69 of heart attack

    Long-time investment manager led the firm to become world's largest mutual fund company at its peak.

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    Private equity manager Blackstone breaks into mutual fund business with First Eagle buy

    Blackstone Group LP and Corsair Capital agreed to buy a majority stake in First Eagle Investment Management, valuing the firm at $4 billion including debt.The investment in First Eagle, which manages $100 billion in assets, will be made by funds managed by Blackstone and Corsair, according to a

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    Forget gold, oil could be on its way back to $100

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The oil guru who predicted last year's rout said $100-a-barrel crude is likely to return within five years as faltering supply fails to meet demand.

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    Private equity shop Apollo jumps into liquid alts by teaming up with Ivy Investment Management

    Mutual fund firm plans strategic income and multiasset income funds that will include portion dedicated to total return strategy run by Apollo.

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    Pimco's brand takes a hit by advisers in wake of Gross exit but still ranks among top firms

    New research finds the firm that Bill Gross built, then left, lost some favor with advisers over the last year. (Don't miss the Top 10 most trusted mutual fund companies.)

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    Morningstar repeats 'not-ratable' status for Gundlach's DoubleLIne Total Return Bond Fund but can't ignore its success

    Even though Morningstar, for the second year in a row, has released its analysis dubbing the DoubleLine Total ReturnBond Fund not-ratable, analyst Sarah Bush is unable to get around pointing out that it's pretty good.

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    Can active managers beat dart-throwing monkeys?

    Professors offer an interesting take on the age-old question. Sorry, monkeys.

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    Guns, booze, cigs and sin: The Vice Fund has changed its name, but not its investment philosophy

    Since inception in August 2002, the fund has an average annual return of 9.9%, beating the 8.7% for the S&P 500.

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    9 things companies do during earnings season that investors hate

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Some things companies do during earnings season that can really rub investors the wrong way.