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    Exclusive: Morgan Stanley plans to sell adviser data to fund companies

    ETF managers may look to broker-dealers to 'lower the veil' covering advisers.

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    What advisers need to know about bond fund duration ahead of an interest rate increase

    The risk-management tool is a Catch-22 for fixed income investors who need to think big picture.

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    Stocks are looking more wobbly by the day

    Breakfast with Benjamin: As the equity markets start to wobble, analysts start to claim they saw it all coming.

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    The surging dollar could crush unhedged global mutual funds

    Simple ways to remove the currency risk are available but advisers need to find — and understand — them.

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    F-Squared still struggling in wake of SEC charges

    In 2013, F-Squared Investments Inc. was on a hot streak. The asset management firm had won responsibility for more than $20 billion of investor money, most of it over the prior five years. The firm's killer app was an algorithm developed by a then-college student that told investment managers when

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    Will mutual funds' pay-to-play at brokerages go away?

    Fund industry worries about fallout from results of SEC exam sweep on distribution fees.

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    HSBC says the dollar's powerful days are numbered

    Breakfast with Benjamin: HSBC thinks the strong dollar is poised to run out of steam, though it might just be wishful thinking.

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    Despite good news, bank ETF trails market

    Stress tests, rate outlook bode well but negative sentiment on the sector remains.

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    Foreign mutual funds look like a good way to dodge some U.S. market risk

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Foreign mutual funds might be a good hiding spot for investors as U.S. stocks peak in cost.

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    Schwab, Guggenheim make their mark in ETFs

    The business is dominated by BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street as low fees and strong performance draw investors. Other firms like Charles Schwab and Guggenheim are breaking through, but investors need to do their due diligence.

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    Being smart about smart beta

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Smart beta is here to stay, so you might as well try and figure out what the heck it is.

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    Investors shun stock pickers, favor Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street

    Fund sales switch decisively toward plain-vanilla, index investing, move out of Pimco Total Return has big impact on flows.

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    Reading between the lines of liquid alternatives fund expense ratios

    What you see might not be what you get and the real cost of running some strategies can be steep.

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    Schwab must face adviser's lawsuit after all: appellate court

    Judges said the firm must face a class-action lawsuit on mortgage debt in bond funds.

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    Apple joining Dow could leave clients overexposed to tech giant

    Investors and advisers who own shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) cheered the news that it will soon be in the granddaddy of all stock indexes. But in all the hoopla, they may miss the fact that their portfolios could become overexposed to the tech giant.On March 19, Apple is slated to replace AT&T Inc.