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    DFA, American Funds retain top spot – and most money – from advisers

    Despite putting more money in mutual funds, advisers are working with fewer fund managers. This has meant declines for Pimco and BlackRock, while DFA and American Funds remain favorites.

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    Dan Fuss: Risk in geopolitics, high-yield, leveraged funds

    Loomis Sayles bond fund manager says the firm is “as cautious as we've ever been”

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    Is Vanguard hiding behind low-cost structure to evade taxes?

    A former lawyer for the firm has filed a lawsuit alleging the company avoided about $1 billion in taxes over 10 years

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    Vanguard faces tax evasion charges in ex-employee's whistleblower suit

    Ex-employee alleges low-cost fund provider operated as an illegal tax shelter, avoiding about $1 billion in taxes over 10 years

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    Successful alt strategies could give Pimco a needed boost

    Ailing fund company boasts many of the most successful alts products in the mutual fund business, but is it enough as its core bond business suffers?

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    Legg Mason adds global equity specialist

    Legg plans to work with UK-based institutional investor to develop retail funds

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    The Fed is now fretting about wage growth and surprise inflation

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Don't look now, but wage growth (for dishwashers, for example) is on the radar. Plus: The SEC's half fix for money funds, a golden cross for Goldman, judge blocks 'Wall Street Wolf's' sucker list, and big city life can be a drag.

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    Money funds get new restrictions aimed at preventing runs

    Split SEC votes 3-2 to pass rules on money market funds that end four-year struggle to toughen regulations.

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    401(k) mutual fund investors enjoying declining fees

    401(k) mutual fund investors enjoying declining fees

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    An in-depth talk with Jeffrey Gundlach

    Bond guru addresses a wide range of issues, from low volatility to interest rate risk.

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    Schwab adding Morningstar Office to its RIA platform

    Deal part of custodian's integration initiative with tech product providers.

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    Multialternative mutual funds gain in popularity

    As the stock market continues its push to new record levels, multialternative mutual funds have been enticing investors and advisers with the chance to hedge some of the mounting risk.The broad category, represented by 120 mutual funds, almost a third of which have been launched in the past 18

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    Junk-bond investors are jumping ship

    Breakfast with Benjamin: What's up with junk bond investors? Plus: Four sorry years of Dodd-Frank, ignore the Fed's warnings at your own risk, mathematical excuses for sluggish wage growth, and it's not too late for a mid-year portfolio checkup.

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    Pimco performance stats refute Gross' 'turnaround' statement

    Underlying risk metrics suggest the Pimco Total Return Fund continues to have a tough time beating competitors.

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    BlackRock says it's making inroads with wirehouses and RIAs

    BlackRock, fielding question on rival Vanguard, says it's best suited to educate the market about the power of ETFs.