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    Gross exposes $42 trillion bond market's key flaw in exit

    One man shook a $42 trillion bond market last week, highlighting just how vulnerable bond prices are to shocks. Bill Gross's surprise departure on Friday from Pacific Investment Management Co. sparked sell-offs in some of his biggest wagers, such as inflation-protected U.S. government bonds. The

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    Advisers wary of keeping client assets at Pimco

    While some financial professionals say Bill Gross' exit is the final straw, and others exited long ago — some are staying put.

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    The dangerous downside of the stronger dollar

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu covers the U.S. dollar threatening to knock markets off balance, riding an ETF back into commodities, retirement plans turning on the Pimco Total Return Fund, and more.

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    Pimco flagship Total Return Fund loses top Morningstar rating

    Research firm cites "uncertainty regarding outflows" and shuffled management as the reasons for downgrading Pimco's flagship fund.

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    New Pimco Total Return bosses: “Bill Gross relied on us”

    New three-person team at the world's largest bond fund says they can handle outflows and will rely on a similar strategy to the departed Bond King.

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    Pimco fortifies to take on the old boss

    Monday Breakfast with Benjamin:Gross, Ivascyn to square off. Plus: The outlook for Pimco outflows is bad and worse, global markets keeping an eye on Hong Kong civil unrest, a warning about fixed indexed annuities, buying ahead of ex-dividend dates, and running the numbers on Roth IRAs

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    Bill Gross and the dying breed of mutual fund superstars

    Once stars like Fidelity's Peter Lynch, Legg Mason's Bill Miller and Pimco's Bill Gross were deified by investors. But many of the most popular products are index funds and ETFs that have no managers at all.

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    Low profile insider Ivascyn takes investment helm at challenged Pimco

    As new CIO, longtime Pimco manager will have to fill the shoes of an investing legend at a difficult time. Plus: Advisers 'blindsided' by Gross departure as Pimco faces rebuilding

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    Gross gives Janus much-needed shot in the arm

    Bill Gross gives Janus much-needed shot in the arm and brings instant credibility to firm that has been all but off the radar.

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    What Bill Gross' departure means for Pimco's funds

    In an already rough year, exit of the Bond King could lead to more funds flowing out.

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    Gross bolting Pimco for Janus

    Bill Gross is leaving Pimco, the company he co-founded, to manage fixed-income portfolios for Janus Capital Group and build out Janus' fixed-income business.

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    Huge Marketfield Fund suffering outflows as performance wanes

    Manager of the long-short fund calls asset decline 'natural organic redemption' but others see investor focus on return.

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    Don't overlook the housing recovery

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Remember housing stocks? You should. Plus: How Pimco stepped in it, academics take on high-frequency trading, the bad math behind climate-change regs, and men are better retirement savers than women.

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    SEC's investigation into Pimco could ripple through ETF, fixed income markets

    Regulator reportedly questions whether fund company artificially boosted returns in its big fixed-income ETF by relying on lofty valuations; smaller firms could be at risk.

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    Exclusive: New research service redefines 'liquid alts' for advisers

    Money manager says new definition will help determine whether funds are delivering on their promises.