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    Options market action suggests investor fear has peaked

    Bulls looking for signs that Friday's rally in stocks is the start of something bigger are taking signals from options and S&P 500 Index charts. And it's looking good.

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    Markets in a 'bad mood' as S&P 500 gives back year's gains

    Weak economic numbers and an Ebola panic spurred a pullback, causing the S&P 500 to give back the year's gains.

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    Pimco boss shrugs off Gross' exit

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin sees Pimco CEO Douglas Hodge downplay Bill Gross' exit, big-money players identifying a stock market entry point, JPMorgan's huge data breach, and more.

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    Why managed futures aren't getting the job done

    Most advisers got involved in managed futures after stocks' poor performance in 2008 but walked right into another poor market environment, this time for managed futures themselves.

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    The Fed should raise rates, but it won't

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Fed should raise rates but... Plus: Financial advisers turn to options investing; the French government calls it quits; the SEC goes after asset-backed bonds; another Obamacare surprise; and what is really the most important meal of the day

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    Investors jump on the low-volatility bandwagon

    For Breakfast with Benjamin: Investors jump on the low-volatility bandwagon. Plus: A market fueled by bad news; B of A's big mortgage settlement' Countrywide exec finally heads to court; and how companies miss the mark with stock options.

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    Time is ripe for unconstrained bond funds

    Advisers warned to do their homework, however, as funds can be complicated.

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    Oil spikes to a three-month high as Iraq's stability crumbles

    Breakfast with Benjamin:Oil spikes as Iraq's stability crumbles. Plus: Hedge funds bristle at Obama's latest executive order, the significance of the Dow at 17,000, how active managers are helping index investors, and quantitative analysis is being applied to golf scores.

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    How to find the best nontraditional bond fund

    In this Take Five interview, Raman Srivastava, manager of the Dreyfus Opportunistic Fixed Income Fund talks about what advisers should look for in an unconstrained, or go-anywhere, bond fund.

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    Bond market message to Fed: Your 4% rate outlook is too high

    The bond market, unparalleled in predicting shifts in the U.S. economy over the decades, has a message: Interest rates aren't going to rise as high as even the Federal Reserve's own forecast.

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    The incredible shrinking hedge fund fees

    Hedge fund fees have been trending downward for six years, but could they vanish completely? And what kind of impact could this have on the industry?

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    You, too, can play hedge fund manager with new credit swap ETFs

    Eight new funds offer chance to wager on the riskiest to safest corporate borrowers.

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    How to spot the bear market in stocks, from LPL Financial's Kleintop

    Breakfast with Benjamin: LPL's Jeffrey Kleintop on how to spot a bear. Plus: Challenges of a bond bull, being a hedgie, Millennials hate stocks, roads into solar panels and Chicago's airport nightmare.

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    Stocks look surprisingly resilient following big spike

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Stocks holding steady after spike. Plus, Global markets shrug off Obama's meager sanction efforts, Yellen tries to have it both ways with rates, the Senate's housing market destruction plan, and 1,000 years of European border shifts.

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    Options strategies: A Swiss army knife of possible client solutions

    As volatility increases, more investors are using new strategies to soften the potential drag on performance.