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    Stocks look surprisingly resilient following big spike

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Stocks holding steady after spike. Plus, Global markets shrug off Obama's meager sanction efforts, Yellen tries to have it both ways with rates, the Senate's housing market destruction plan, and 1,000 years of European border shifts.

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    Options strategies: A Swiss army knife of possible client solutions

    As volatility increases, more investors are using new strategies to soften the potential drag on performance.

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    Join the crowd and sell stocks?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Oracle's thoughts on joining the global equities selloff. Plus: Here comes volatility, Berkowitz has words for Fannie, Freddie, hedged ETFs and, of course, Oscar night.

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    Using derivatives even when they hurt society

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Dr. Doom gets even doomier, using derivatives even when they hurt society, more sluggish economic growth, cashing in on video surveillance, and the pros and cons of free airport Wi-Fi.

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    BlackRock puts the brakes on market-moving analyst sentiment reports

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin features BlackRock's settlement with the N.Y. attorney general. Plus: Stock futures looking up, activist hedge funds rock, a look at 4Q earnings, the myth of cybersecurity, retirement mistakes to avoid and the upside of office relationships.

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    Beyond black box investing: Fund uses database four times the size of Wikipedia

    The BlackRock Global Long/Short Equity Fund is a computer nerd's dream and, with its ability to zig when the rest of the market zags, a potentially valuable addition to a portfolio.

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    The sleigh is loaded up for a Santa rally

    Plus: Hedge funds short gold, bonds embrace Fed taper, Obamacare hits the family budget hard, a case for reverse mortgages, and holiday tipping tips

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    Gold drops like a rock in latest signal of economic recovery

    Gold dropping like a rock. Plus: Taper mania, SAC's Steinberg convicted, big government seen as big bad, investment tips for 2014, and if economists wrote Christmas cards.

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    ETF strategies for precarious times

    Financial advisers aren't powerless and have options in today's challenging income environment.

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    Investor sets portfolio for next round of debt squabble

    Options trader pays $6.7 million for trade that hedges against spike in volatility.

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    Investors looking to protect capital as debt ceiling looms

    With the deadline for avoiding a U.S. default looming, investors from Boston to Bangalore are moving to cash, extending the maturities of their short-term Treasury holdings and buying options to help protect themselves should stock and bond prices tumble. Some JPMorgan Chase & Co. private bank

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    Nasdaq focus on resiliency, "robustness" in wake of outage

    Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. halted trading for three hours yesterday to protect the integrity of markets as a technology malfunction left some investors without stock quotes, Chief Executive Officer Robert Greifeld said in his first public remarks since the incident. The exchange operator was in constant

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    Glitch shuts trading in stocks, options on Nasdaq

    Computer errors shook American equity markets again today as malfunctioning software that feeds data between exchanges prompted Nasdaq Stock Market to halt trading in stocks and options. Nasdaq said in alerts posted on its website that trading on its exchanges had been halted amid issues at its

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    Raymond James offers alts to RIAs

    Access to PE, real estate, hedge funds, managed futures and alternative mutual funds coming next month.

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    The Takeaway: Crashtastic!

    Portfolio Stock and bond markets crash into the close. This is what the Fed means when it says "price stability".  ( Business Insider ) Bernanke's forward guidance is as transparent as mud.  ( Bloomberg ) Trading volume in Vix products explodes.  ( Focus On Funds ) Goldman: Welcome to the era of

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Mar 07 10:29PM
10 professions that need the most coffee to survive - I Love Coffee http://t.co/3XfZW17f0c
Mar 07 10:00PM
"J.P. Morgan Securities goes on recruiting offensive" http://t.co/Ag4rX0oR04 good read

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