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    Dynasty hires Scott D. Welch to be chief investment officer

    Service provide plans to expand investment opportunities for its network of advisory firms

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    Trekking to Europe and Japan for attractive dividend income

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Where to look when it's time to go beyond the traditional hunting grounds for dividend income.

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    Bill Gross has a winning strategy to profit from range-bound Treasuries

    Janus fund manager using options, or what he calls 'selling insurance' against volatility to benefit if 10-year Treasury yield stays in tight band.

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    Big banks are stressing over the Fed's stress tests

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bar will keep rising for banks as mixed stress test results come in for some of the world's largest banks.

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    Senator questions widespread tax dodges used by wealthy

    Calls for curb to 'egregious tax loopholes' that enable varying tax bills for investors with the same underlying assets.

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    Bill Gross a victim of the plunge in oil prices

    Manager's $1.46 billion fund at Janus hit by investments in debt issued by U.S., Russian and Brazilian energy companies.

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    Due diligence in the age of flash crashes

    The dominance of algorithms in trading means advisers need to re-evaluate their processes

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    Investors can control volatility, but the tools are not for novices

    Options and products using options, such as structured notes, can provide a defined level of control in equity investments.

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    Low mutual fund cash levels not telling the whole story

    Finding precious few opportunities, some active portfolio managers are sitting on big piles of cash

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    How currency hedging saved portfolios in 2014

    Financial advisers who found ways to mute the effect of the surging U.S. dollar on clients' foreign investments weathered the last year well. Those who didn't suffered.

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    Managed futures funds shine anew, but mystery remains

    As market volatility spikes and correlation between various asset classes breaks down, managed futures strategies are enjoying their day in the sun once again. But advisers need to do some heavy lifting before jumping in, because performance varies widely and fees can be extreme.

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    Volatility in stocks expected to climb amid anxiety over oil, global growth, rates

    S&P 500 caps first four-session loss in 13 months Monday with big decline as fear gauge spikes.

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    Advisers and analysts scramble to make sense of a wild market ride

    As the dust began to settle Friday on a wild week for stocks, financial advisers and market analysts scrambled to make sense of it all.Despite a two-day run in which the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained nearly 700 points, the blue chip benchmark is essentially where it was the day after

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    New platforms for alternatives trading miss the mark

    Smart money should be focused on finding ways to help advisers first navigate the liquid alts world.

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    Stock futures little changed after big jump as jobs data looms

    After equities rose the most in a month, investors await key reports on jobs and the economy