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    The riddle and the dilemma of global bonds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bond bulls continue to shrug off logic, claiming it's different this time, even despite negative yields.

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    The case for incorporating private equity in client portfolios

    As advisers search for yield and new asset classes, PE is making inroads into the retail market

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    Regulators bare their teeth on excessive fees

    Moves this week by Finra and the SEC signal watchdogs are ready to pounce on anyone overcharging clients.

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    Hedge fund managers testing the social media waters

    Lifted advertising ban and pressure from liquid alts drive secretive managers into the open.

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    House approves changes to Dodd-Frank law

    The House of Representatives approved legislation Wednesday that would revise the Dodd-Frank financial reform law with delays and exemptions, a sign of the kind of changes that may be in store in a Republican-led Congress.Among the revisions contained in the 30-page bill, which passed 271-154, is a

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    Managed futures funds shine anew, but mystery remains

    As market volatility spikes and correlation between various asset classes breaks down, managed futures strategies are enjoying their day in the sun once again. But advisers need to do some heavy lifting before jumping in, because performance varies widely and fees can be extreme.

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    Upstart platform attracts advisory firms with access to alts and capital

    Trading debt and equity for a distribution relationship may not be right for all advisers.

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    Decision day: What Fed policy makers will have to say

    Breakfast with Benjamin: What will Janet Yellen and the other Fed policy makers say, and how will investors react? Plus: Why focus on the Fed at all? And traps to avoid on the way to success, Facebook earnings, private equity risks and Game 7

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    Markets in a 'bad mood' as S&P 500 gives back year's gains

    Weak economic numbers and an Ebola panic spurred a pullback, causing the S&P 500 to give back the year's gains.

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    The recovery's winners

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Gen Xers enjoy wage gains but others don't. Plus: Bolstering bond returns; thinking about Fed policy; Charlie Munger's contributions to Buffett's success; a private equity manager opens up and remembering 9/11.

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    Private credit markets offer investors double-digit returns

    Private credit markets offer investors double-digit returns. Seen as an alternative to bonds, one direct lending fund returned 12.7% last year.

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    Schorsch's RCS Capital moves into crowdfunding

    With acquisition of Trupoly portal, RCS will run the 'We R Crowdfunding' investment platform.

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    HighTower gets $100 million loan

    BMO Harris and PNC are lending additional funds as the firm looks to expand new platforms.

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    A case for private equity in DC plans

    By addressing four major challenges, advisers can help plan clients gain access to higher returns.

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    Next on Janet Yellen's to-do list: Winding down a $4.5T balance sheet

    On Friday's menu: What's next on Yellen's to-do list. Plus: Small-cap stock weakness as a leading indicator, an SEC official dishes on PE funds, big banks are loving big mortgages, three finance questions you better be able to answer, and getting by on $6,000 an hour.