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    Thompson's former nontraded REIT drops nearly 30%

    Investors in a nontraded REIT launched by Tony Thompson, the one-time noted real estate sponsor, were told last week that the net asset value of the REIT had eroded by nearly 30%.

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    Liquidity events heating up REIT market this summer

    Liquidity events of nontraded real estate investment trusts are heating up during the dog days of summer. This month already has seen one liquidity event — meaning a merger or a listing on an exchange; while a significant nontraded health care REIT is reportedly in talks to be acquired.July has

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    Finra asks for delay in implementing rule affecting nontraded REIT customer statements

    Changes would not take effect until 18 months after SEC signs off, three times longer than originally proposed.

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    Sluggish economy helping REIT performance

    The strong first half of the year for real estate investment trusts has started to raise questions about how well the category can perform if interest rates start to rise. But industry pros are calling such analysis short-sighted and wrong.“I don't think interest-rate hikes are a big threat to

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    Nontraded REITS headed for another boffo year

    Sales expected to hit $20 billion as low interest rates and liquidity events spark industry.

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    Schorsch to leave CEO position at American Realty Capital

    Change was planned; analyst says new CEO Kay will improve company's transparency.

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    Are nontraded REIT commissions headed for a fall?

    New rules proposed by Finra will make fees more transparent, but could result in lower upfront commissions for brokers, Bruce Kelly reports.

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    Nontraded REIT heavyweight W.P. Carey retreats from net-lease real estate

    A nontraded REIT heavyweight, W.P. Carey Inc., is carefully backing away from the sector that has long been its forte — net-lease real estate — and is looking for opportunities in other sectors and other markets. While registered reps and advisers continue to sell the current net-lease-focused real

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    RCS Capital closes J.P. Turner, Summit Financial deals

    Nicholas Schorsch's network of independent broker-dealers is closing in on nearly 9,000 reps.

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    REIT begins trading on NASDAQ

    United Development Funding IV launches tender offer in conjunction with listing.

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    RCS Capital's stock: How low can it go?

    The broker-dealer saw its shares dip again on Thursday after it lowered the price of its secondary offering. That follows a 37% decline in the company's share price in the past month. Investors, however, could stand to benefit. Bruce Kelly has the story.

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    Opposition mounts to Inland merger

    Union says shareholders will end up footing the bill for $45 million in transaction fees from merger with Kite Realty.

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    After large shareholder criticizes ARCP, Schorsch says REIT will slow down activity

    Responding to a letter from an activist investor, Nicholas Schorsch says he will keep building the company but his acquisition pace will slow. (And on Monday, ARCP shareholders rejected Schorsch's executive comp plan)

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    Prepare for a rocky week in the markets

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: The next four days are going to be big for the markets. Plus: One way to hedge against a correction; bad news keeps coming for Bill Gross; don't wait to collect Social Security; Nick Schorsch's shareholders speak; and digital luggage tags.

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    ARCP shareholders reject Schorsch's executive compensation plan

    Shareholders of Nicholas Schorsch's American Realty Capital Properties turned thumbs down on the eye-popping pay plan for Mr. Schorsch and other top execs. (Plus: Schorsch sells a health care REIT)

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