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    Closed nonlisted REITs still suffering financial crisis hangover

    While certain recently closed nonlisted REITs, such as Industrial Income, Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II, Cole Credit Property Trust IV and Corporate Property Associates 17 Global have shown strong operating performance throughout their history, the majority of closed nonlisted REITs have seen

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    Nonlisted REITs ranked by 2Q invested assets

    Company2Q invested assets ($M)Original share priceCurrent share value1Original distribution rateCurrent distribution rate2Q14 FFO 2 payout ratioInland American Real Estate Trust$10,128.5 $10 $6.94 6.20%5.00%75%Corporate Property Associates 17 Global$4,564.7 $10 $9.50 6.50%6.50%81%Apple ...

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    Schorsch REIT board member recommends 30% alts exposure for retirees

    Bob Froehlich says the industry needs to catch up with the pressing demands of a yield-starved world.

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    Are changes ahead in the way nontraded REITs are sold?

    Fat commissions could be trimmed if states approve regulations affecting the sale of nontraded real estate investment trusts.

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    Are you prepared for the next bear market?

    The bull hasn't finished running but the time is now for investors to get their minds around its impending end.

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    Tony "The Truth" Thompson's TNP launches bid to stave off bankruptcy

    Thompson National Properties wants investors to exchange dead-in-the-water high-yield notes for stock, but are they getting a good deal?

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    Former Behringer Harvard apartment REIT seeking listing

    For former fundraising powerhouse that fell on hard times after the real estate crash, a share listing could be “good event.”

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    Finra tacks on more time to REIT pricing change

    Finra is continuing to tack on time to the widely anticipated rule change that would give investors a clearer picture of what it costs to buy shares of nontraded real estate investment trusts and other direct placement programs, an industry term widely used for private placements. The Financial

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    Schorsch picks up yet another midsize IBD

    Nicholas Schorsch continues to add midsize independent broker-dealers to the Cetera Financial Group Network, and on Wednesday night announced plans to acquire Girard Securities Inc.

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    Integration of Schorsch BD empire gets underway

    RCS Capital Corp. is beginning to tie together its nine disparate retail broker-dealers, and on Tuesday morning said it will offer services from one broker-dealer across the various platforms of the others. Included in those changes will be combining due diligence and research groups at the start

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    Giant Inland REIT to spin off lodging portfolio into separate company

    Spinoff is part of REIT's long-term strategy to split holdings into categories, including multi-tenant retail and student housing.

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    REITs, RIA regulation, retirement planning and risk grab advisers' attention

    InvestmentNews' four must-read stories of the week cover this ecclectic set of 'R' subjects.

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    W.P. Carey sets fundraising record in first half

    $909 million raised is almost as much as the $1.04 billion the firm raised all of last year.

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    Northstar Realty pays $4B for nontraded REIT

    In another liquidity event, Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II Inc. agrees to deal that includes stock, cash and debt.

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    Duration risk in nontraded REITs: Hiding in plain sight

    As interest rates rise, triple-net lease nontraded REITs won't be able to sustain distributable cash, meaning asset values will drop.