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    Schorsch REIT suspension still in place at major broker-dealers

    Berthel Fisher among firms that have lifted suspension, but others housing 29,000 advisers confirm they haven't.

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    Some broker-dealers resume selling Schorsch-related REITs

    RCS Capital Corp. says it is regaining the confidence of IBDs, with firms reinstating 51 nontraded REIT selling agreements.

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    Accounting fiasco highlights tangled web behind Nicholas Schorsch's empire

    In the wake of accounting problems at American Realty Capital Properties Inc., the rest of Nicholas Schorsch's empire has drawn scrutiny for its complexity.

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    Despite Steven A. Cohen's investment, RCAP shares face short-term hurdles

    Hedge fund giant Steven A. Cohen boosting his ownership of shares in RCS Capital Corp. is a positive sign for the company, known by its ticker RCAP, but the stock still faces hurdles in the near term, one investor said.“I think there is a ton of potential” for RCS Capital, said David Millican,

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    How much is Sears' new REIT really worth?

    The rush to buy Sears shares after the struggling retailer said it might spin off 200 to 300 stores as a real estate investment trust wasn't surprising. After all, investors have been waiting a decade for Edward Lampert, the hedge fund pooh-bah who controls Sears Holdings Corp., to tap the cash ...

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    RCAP confirms regulatory inquiries

    SEC, Finra and state securities agencies have been in contact with the Schorsch firm after a $23M accounting error was revealed at a sister company. RCAP also confirms Massachusetts investigation.

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    Nicholas Schorsch's RCS Capital could be facing major changes

    RCAP may remake itself to boost value with stock down 39% since late October

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    Investment managers ditching 60/40 portfolios in favor of more liquid alternatives

    On its last legs, the 60/40 portfolio will be replaced by 30/30/40, some managers say.

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    Fidelity, Pershing, Schwab join suspension of Schorsch REITs

    The clearing and custody giants have followed B-Ds by suspending sales of nontraded REITs controlled by Nicholas Schorsch, presenting another potential blow to the real estate czar's business.

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    Broker-dealers slap a stop order on Nicholas Schorsch's REITs

    B-Ds halting sales of Schorsch's REITs include some of the largest and most influential in the industry

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    Brokerage firms and mutual fund companies need better training for complex products

    Companies must heed the gentle warnings being given to them by Finra and the SEC on complex investments.

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    Massachusetts regulator Galvin investigating Schorsch B-D

    Massachusetts regulator has launched an investigation into Realty Capital Securities, the wholesaling broker-dealer arm of Nicholas Schorsch's nontraded REIT empire. (Also: Schorsch remains confident in his empire)

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    Schorsch is confident in his empire

    Says company has started the healing process; expects full recovery may “take some time.”

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    Schorsch's B-D network won't sell some of his REITs

    Nicholas Schorsch's own broker-dealer joined the wave of B-Ds bailing out of the REIT czar's products.(Also: Schorsch's RCAP to investors: 'We're not ARCP.')

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    With stock off sharply, Schorsch's RCS Capital says 'We're not ARCP'

    Both companies controlled by the REIT czar but broker-dealer not involved in accounting trouble at American Realty Capital Properties.