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    Activists expected to push REIT mergers this year

    Analyst forecasts four or five deals a year, up from the one a year pace since the financial crisis.

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    More companies than ever avoid paying taxes

    A record 54 companies in the S&P 500 are now at least partially exempt from the corporate income tax, more than twice the number four years ago.

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    New Hampshire wants LPL to pay $3.6M over nontraded REIT sales

    Case, involving 48 sales, stems from an 81-year-old investor who lost a substantial amount on the product.

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    Sales woes at Cole Capital lead to further exodus of talent

    Two dozen wholesalers and account executives have left, with the lion's share joining a rival nontraded REIT wholesaler.

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    Markets start to fret about higher rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The first quarter ends with a thud, and now everybody can start worrying about a rate hike.

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    SEC drops investigation of Inland American but giant REIT raises new questions over fees

    The giant nontraded real estate investment trust, with $7.5 billion in total assets at the end of 2014, received a clean bill of health but joined a lawsuit against former business partners.

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    ARCP plans to pay a dividend

    American Realty Capital Properties Inc., which last year disclosed that accounting errors were intentionally concealed, plans to start paying a dividend later this year.Adjusted funds from operations for the fourth quarter amounted to $205.5 million, or 22 cents a share, compared with $70.5

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    In contrast to wages, real estate prices are hitting the roof

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Real estate prices climbing sharply and investors are taking the blame. Plus: Fed preps for the unfamiliar waters of a rate hike, biotech looks to be correcting, and which rock star investor are you?

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    Can the REIT run weather a rate hike?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Will higher interest rates crush the real estate market, or is it supposed to be different this time?

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    Rising interest rates to test REIT strength even as investors seek diversification

    Attractive yields aside, real estate investments wrapped in a mutual fund are not bonds.

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    CNL Lifestyle Properties REIT suffers another sharp drop in value

    The estimated per share valuation of CNL Lifestyle Properties, a large nontraded REIT that owns ski and mountain resorts, continues to sink despite the recent broad rally in commercial real estate.

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    ARCP names new CEO

    Almost three months after its last chief executive resigned, American Realty Capital Properties Inc., formerly one of the cornerstones of Nicholas Schorsch's real estate empire, has a new CEO.

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    Robert Moore joins executive board of Carson Institutional Alliance

    Robert Moore, who resigned last week as president of LPL Financial, is joining forces with Ron Carson, one of LPL's largest affiliates, agreeing to serve on the board of Carson Institutional Alliance.

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    ARCP shareholder calls for new board in wake of accounting scandal

    Twin Securities CEO David Simon said in a letter on Tuesday that he has "deep reservations" about the existing board and their ties to Nicholas Schorsch.

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    As fund-raising dries up at ARCP's Cole Capital, senior executives head for the door

    After a devastating slump in sales, a team of senior executives recently left American Realty Capital Properties Inc.'s Cole Capital Corp., the marketing broker-dealer for Cole-branded nontraded REITs, to join rival Griffin Capital Securities Inc., according to executives familiar with the move who