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    CFP Board launches initiative to recruit women for financial planning

    Women's Initiative Council will provide guidance on the development of enterprises to pave a way for more women to enter the industry.

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    Young advisers go from learning to doing

    New employees have gained confidence, and are starting to work with clients

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    Midwest financial adviser team with $463M in assets joins Wells Fargo

    Madison Street Financial Group specializes in corporate retirement plans and high-net-worth families.

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    Raymond James scores J.P. Morgan team managing $900M

    Addition marks first New York team for Raymond James & Associates, the firm's employee broker-dealer.

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    Advisers leave assets behind when switching firms

    Hiring firms are often eager to announce the assets under management of a new hire, but how much of that money actually transfers over?In many cases, advisers and brokers are finding that about 20% of assets are left behind in an average move between firms. Proprietary investments, banking and

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    A financial adviser career path: The unknown road

    Lack of awareness and understanding of the financial services career path is a barrier to recruiting women and the next generation of advisers

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    Merrill Lynch loses two advisers with combined $2.1 billion in California

    One goes to Stifel, the other to UBS. Both had ties to Merrill's elite private banking and investment group that serves ultra-wealthy clients.

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    Pimco paid billionaire Gross $290 million bonus in 2013

    In 2013, when Pimco's Total Return Fund trailed a majority of peers, the money manager paid former CIO Bill Gross a gigantic sum.

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    3 traits the best investment cultures all share

    History has proven that talent is not enough, and team chemistry is what differentiates investment firms.

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    Wells Fargo nets $972M JPMorgan team

    Wells Fargo Advisors continues to build on its recruiting momentum with the addition of a trio of former JPMorgan Chase & Co. private bankers.

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    Bernie Clark's call to action: Advisers must make industry friendly to the young

    As retirees draw down assets, advisers must hire minorities and women to capture future wealth.

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    To recruit young advisers, show them a path

    The next generation is not hearing the call of opportunity in the advice business, and it's up to each of us to bring them on.

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    $2.5 billion adviser duo fired by Merrill Lynch lands at Stifel

    A team of elite advisers who was fired last month by Bank of America Merrill Lynch over private securities transactions has found a new home. (Plus: The team plans to fight back.)

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    Morgan hires longtime Merrill broker

    Thomas Forma previously managed more than $300 million along with his partner Kevin Nichols.

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    Merrill snags $500 million team from UBS

    Trio brought in $5 million in annual revenue at UBS and will join Merrill's elite private banking group. See also: Merrill loses longtime broker to Morgan Stanley)