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    Using digital potholes to slow the pace of high-frequency traders

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Fighting technology with technology. Plus: Know your ETF or don't invest, how not to advise clients, a pyramid to financial success, biotech on the rebound, and Russia addresses meat shortage with the Easter turkey

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    Focus Financial adds $600M RIA from Louisiana

    Focus Financial Partners has continued to build on recruiting momentum from the first quarter with the addition of an independent advisory firm with $600 million in client assets. Summit Financial, an independent firm founded in 2003 in Lafayette, La., by two former Legg Mason advisers, joined

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    IRS chief pushes for comprehensive reform, not piecemeal approach to tax reform

    Meanwhile, Ways and Means to send tax extensions bill to full Senate on Thursday.

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    When BRICs go bust, investors head toward frontier markets

    Friday's menu: Where investors go when BRICs crack. Plus: How advisers can — and should — deal with male and female clients, mounting sanctions drive Russia toward China for economic help, investor class-action lawsuits spike, and saving money on travel.

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    Kitces, Alan Moore to launch XY Planning Network

    Michael Kitces and Alan Moore, two financial advisers who have made names for themselves bringing light to disruptive generational change in the industry, will launch a network dedicated to helping advisers that work with young clients. The new network, called the XY Planning Network , will support

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    Envestnet aggressively taking market share from wirehouses

    CEO says majority of high net worth clients will move toward independent advisers

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    Finding originality in financial services in a sea of copycats

    It is very hard to stand out in such an overwhelmingly cluttered market place. Here's some of Joe Duran's strategies for success.

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    The secret to deepening relationships with top clients

    Make this five-step process a part of your practice and you will connect better with valued clients and their family members.

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    Creating clear career path critical to attracting NextGen advisers

    Adviser John R. Augenblick learned the hard way that you have to offer a clear career path to the next generation. As the financial crisis hit, one of his junior employees was poached by a competitor who was willing to offer the young professional a client-facing position immediately, he said. "We

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    Fidelity wants to get advisers into the 401(k) game

    Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services wants to help them make a concerted push into plan advising

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    The adviser industry is shrinking (and why that's a good thing)

    Just like in every industry, there is a natural evolution of growth, maturity and then a disruption or tipping point, often caused by technology, that transforms it to take on a different shape and direction.

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    Prepare to be patient if you aim to serve wealthy business owners

    This ultimately lucrative market is all work and little pay in the early part of the relationship.

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    NFP acquires Washington Wealth Management

    NFP, a provider of benefits, insurance and wealth management services, has purchased Washington Wealth Management, a hybrid RIA platform. As a result of the transaction, NFP will take on Washington Wealth Management’s 10 adviser teams, which oversee more than $800 million in client assets.

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    Creative ideas for long-term client retention and growth

    Advisers must be proactive, utilizing a multi- pronged approach to create a better connection with clients and their beneficiaries.

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    Prepare to be ripped off

    The broad investing public isn't exactly riveted by the controversy surrounding the so-called “fiduciary standard,” but they should be.

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