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    Investors thinking about retirement should understand BDCs

    Traditional fixed-income holdings, such as bond funds, may not provide enough meaningful income as historically low interest rates have limited the yields available to investors.

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    Advisers, pay attention to home-country bias in 401(k) menus

    Eliminate over-allocations to the U.S. market by encouraging plan sponsors to add international options to menus and explaining diversification benefits to participants.

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    401(k) advice gap presents opportunity for advisers

    Participants want professional retirement-planning advice, but many aren't using it when offered, according to a Schwab study, giving advisers a chance to shine.

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    Fidelity throws its weight behind longevity annuities

    The Boston retirement-services giant is giving its clients a new option for planning for the costs and risk of living longer by making deferred-income annuities available for retirement plans. (See also the Top 10 annuity sellers in the second quarter.)

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    EBRI hires Mercer partner Conaway to replace Salisbury as CEO

    New executive will leave consulting firm at end of September; has been on benefits research firm's board for more than a decade.

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    Delaying Social Security may boost Medicare costs

    Clients who elected to file and suspend their Social Security benefits will be hit with a big Medicare Part B increase next year but don't panic. Delaying is still a good strategy.

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    If Obama holds firm, here's what the DOL fiduciary rule will end up looking like

    Expect language that would brighten the line between education and advice, and expand the list of permissible assets for retirement plans, to name a few.

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    The biggest obstacle for states looking to launch auto-IRAs

    Would ERISA preempt states' IRA efforts, given federal responsibility for ERISA-regulated employee benefit plans?

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    Plan sponsor advocate pushes for exemption in DOL fiduciary rule

    Advisers whose compensation does not vary based on the investments they recommend for retirement plans should be carved out of a Labor Department proposal to raise advice standards, an advocate said Wednesday.Marcy Supovitz, president-elect of the American Retirement Association, promoted a

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    The Fed's rate-hike plan now sees an obstacle in the form of China

    Breakfast with Benjamin: China could stand in the way, as their market struggles create a risk of tightening into a slowing global economy.

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    It's early days for most robos eyeing the 401(k) market

    As Financial Engines & Wells Fargo announce their partnership, there are only a handful of automated investment services competing for defined contribution retirement plan participants.

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    DOL to launch marathon of hearings on fiduciary rule

    The four-day event, featuring 75 witnesses from all sides of the debate testifying on panels together, could get heated.

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    China's stock market freefall has only just begun

    Breakfast with Benjamin China's stock market rout is being described as just the beginning, with some big moves still to come.

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    Presidential candidates can't ignore Social Security

    Exhaustion of disability trust fund in 2016 should force discussion of long-term financing issues.

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    This retirement expert got death threats for her policy reform ideas

    The New School's Teresa Ghilarducci weighs in on mandated savings, risk aversion and avoiding fees.