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    As nest eggs grow, so does need for expertise

    Like the Ancient Mariner surrounded by “water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink,” Americans have managed to amass nearly $14 trillion in retirement savings — but most don't have a clue how to spend it. That's my literary interpretation of some year-end reports and surveys that show too many

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    Is your core strategy getting flabby?

    Increasing high-yield exposure in an intermediate-bond portfolio may add return, but is risky

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    FSI to fight rollout of auto IRAs

    As Illinois pushes ahead with its automatic retirement savings account program, the Financial Services Institute argues the savings plans pose competition to advisers and will work to discourage other states from following suit.

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    Powerful GOP senator to defend retirement tax incentives

    Incoming Senate finance chairman Orrin Hatch says retirement vehicles are the 'greatest wealth creator' for the middle class, and shouldn't be part of tax reform.

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    Saving for retirement likely to be harder for small-business owners under tax reform

    Take steps to accelerate retirement plan contributions before the enactment of new limits, taxes and rules.

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    Joan Rivers' estate planning gambit: A New York state of residence

    A quirk that splits Joan Rivers' state of residency and state of domicile catches estate planning experts' eyes.

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    Congress set to pass bill giving SEC a budget boost, leaving DOL fiduciary rule alone

    The bill preventing a government shutdown includes SEC funding hike and allowance to cut pensions. Left out is language that would have killed the DOL's fiduciary rule.

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    Wall Street makes a case for why consumers should be spending big

    On Monday's Breakfast with Benjamin, Wall Street makes its case for why consumers should be spending big. Plus: Avoiding 'bag lady syndrome', the insurance industry gets digital, and oil starts to look and feel like a free market.

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    Baby boomer clients need input on medical expenses in retirement

    Don't be surprised if clients seek your advice on complex health care decisions as they approach retirement

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    What qualifies as compensation?

    Tax Court case shows what counts for IRA contribution deductibility - and what doesn't

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    How immigration reform could impact Social Security

    President Barack Obama's plan to protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation not only sparked a political firestorm over his unilateral action but raised questions about the future impact of those newly documented workers on the Social Security system. Under the president's executive

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    How to avoid a tidal wave of taxes from IRAs

    Pre-retirement planning strategies help reduce tax impact from required minimum distributions.

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    Are you ready to answer these 6 retirement questions?

    Here are a few retirement questions financial advisers should prepare for clients to ask.

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    Americans have a low retirement IQ

    More than 75% are clueless when it comes to drawing down income in their golden years.

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    Corporate bonds fly off the shelves ahead of looming rate hikes

    Tuesday's Breakfast with Benjamin features bond sales hitting a new record as rate hikes loom. Plus: Bracing for a global currency war, falling oil prices catch fund managers by surprise, and making 2015 the year of the maxed-out 401(k).