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    As indexed universal life sales climb, be sure to mind the risks

    Advisers need to bear in mind that this cousin of traditional universal life insurance requires unique precautions.

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    Tax season is over, but IRA fixes can still be made

    Roth IRA conversions or contributions can be undone up to Oct. 15 of the following year

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    Carlyle Group misses the mark with liquid alts

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Carlyle Group is shutting down two liquid alternative mutual funds it launched last year.

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    In Labor Department's fiduciary proposal, a nod to passive investing

    Brokers who sell index funds may get a leg up from newly proposed requirements that would impose more stringent advice standards.

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    Expect tumult for broker-dealers if DOL fiduciary plan goes through

    Retirement plan experts predict a major shake-up in the way broker-dealers do business with small retirement plans and IRAs — all thanks to a prohibited transaction exemption in the Labor Department's new fiduciary duty proposal.

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    Nearly half of retirees wish they had retired earlier

    This is National Retirement Planning Week. From April 13 through 17, you can expect to hear from a coalition of financial services firms and consumer advocates as they sound the alarm about the coming retirement crises.Numerous experts will stress that the only way for most Americans to bridge the

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    Dividend stocks might be a better than annuities for income investors

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Could dividend stocks actually be a better deal than an annuity for income investors?

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    Hidden tax benefits of continuing care retirement communities

    Advisers planning for the long-term-care needs of clients should seriously consider the potential tax savings that come with these communities.

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    How to turbocharge target-date funds

    Breakfast with Benjamin Focusing on small-cap stocks could be a recipe for boosting a target-date fund.

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    Latest sign of oil market glut pushes prices even lower

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Prices fall by 5% after the discovery of the biggest weekly buildup of U.S. inventories since 2001.

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    Few target date fund managers eat their own cooking

    How much advisers weigh a managers' investment in his or her own fund when selecting one.

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    The other kind of diversification

    A well-thought-out plan that takes into account tax-efficient withdrawals can be key for retirees.

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    Will your clients really save more when the kids leave home?

    A new study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College ran the numbers.

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    Vanguard digital advice platform gives investors choice on active vs. passive

    Stock-and-bond pickers are a side dish served on request in soon-to-come digital advice offering.

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    Parent PLUS loans and student loan cosigning: Just say no

    Snares abound for parents who are eager to take on additional debt in the name of sending their children to their dream school.