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    SEC commissioner: DOL fiduciary rule would create 'a mess'

    Daniel Gallagher Jr. says the agency should stand down and not finalize a rulemaking.

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    Is a financial plan enough?

    Maintaining quality of life throughout increasingly long retirements brings a new set of challenges for advisers and their clients.

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    Puerto Rico's default could ripple through average Americans' portfolios

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Puerto Rico has missed a debt payment. How will the fallout be felt by average Americans?

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    Retirement accounts are hitting new highs, which is good news for advisers

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Investors are really starting to sock money away for retirement, which is good news for advisers.

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    It's time to take a close look at your bond portfolio

    Breakfast with Benjamin We all know a rate hike is coming, and ignoring it is not a plan — so the time is now to look at bond allocations.

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    Under regulatory pressure, Voya restricts sales of more variable annuities

    Voya Financial Advisors has restricted sales of variable annuities for the second time in two months, as the brokerage firm faces increased pressure from regulators questioning the suitability of the products for retirement savers.

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    Rep. Ann Wagner gets three other House members to call on DOL to withdraw fiduciary proposal

    Rep. Ann Wagner and three colleagues on the House Financial Services Committee are seeking additional signatories on letter to Labor Secretary Thomas Perez.

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    Planning for the post-4% generation

    The 4% rule was created by a financial planner named Bill Bengen more than 20 years ago. His goal was to come up with a sustainable rate of spending that a retiree could safely withdraw from their portfolio on an annual basis. His research found that if a portfolio was invested 50% in large-cap ...

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    Roth IRAs: Supersaving for college

    Popular retirement vehicle has several advantages over a traditional 529 plan in many cases

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    Perez says DOL fiduciary debate shifts from whether to how

    The Secretary of Labor told lawmakers on Tuesday that the conversation has shifted to focus on how to make a new standard work.

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    Package of tax breaks gains traction in Senate

    It is one of a package of tax breaks which expired at the end of the year that the Senate Finance Committee has voted to extend.

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    SIFMA's advice to DOL on the fiduciary rule: Start over

    Industry heavyweight argues the proposal would limit access to investment advice.

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    MetLife launches first longevity annuity for individual clients' retirement accounts

    Latest product comes as qualified longevity annuity contracts look for a place in retirement accounts.

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    9 things companies do during earnings season that investors hate

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Some things companies do during earnings season that can really rub investors the wrong way.

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    Labor Department official promises 'changes' to fiduciary rule

    Labor Department official says the agency will change its proposal to mollify the brokerage industry.