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    Women and retirement planning: Walk a mile in her shoes

    Women think about retirement planning differently than men. Marcia Mantell gets it. Women are completely comfortable talking about many “M-word” topics ranging from marriage and motherhood to mammograms and menopause, Ms. Mantell writes in her new book “What's the Deal with Retirement Planning for

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    Advisers must go beyond the three Fs to compete for retirement-plan business

    In addition to fees, funds and fiduciary, specialist defined-contribution advisers are raising the stakes with conversations around plan health and design.

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    Advisers form coalition to oppose DOL fiduciary rule

    Grassroots organization is sponsored by a trade association for life insurance companies.

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    Advisers like reverse mortgages, but only in unique circumstances

    Home-equity product for clients who plan to stay in their home indefinitely and who could use some supplemental income.

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    Balancing debt reduction and retirement savings among millennials

    Students are graduating with more debt than ever before, but advisers should make sure retirement savings aren't neglected.

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    Wagner bill to stop DOL fiduciary up for a vote this week

    A House committee will take up the measure Wednesday, but Rep. Ann Wagner says it isn't clear when it would come before the full House and how much bipartisan support it would garner.

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    MassMutual teams with Envestnet on defined-contribution managed-account service

    Insurer is trying to capitalize on big growth seen among asset-allocation products in the DC market and betting managed accounts become more widely used.

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    New research shows 401(k) plans produce same level of asset accumulation as traditional pensions

    Alicia Munnell, a longtime critic of 401(k) plans, says she will no longer deride defined contribution plans for producing less savings than a traditional pension.

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    NextCapital takes on competing retirement robos with 401(k) account aggregation

    With such automated functionality, advisers can pull data from various sources to create a comprehensive financial plan.

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    The rise and fall of commodities puts some advanced economies on the ropes

    Breakfast with Benjamin The atrophy of the manufacturing sector as commodity prices wane is wreaking havoc on a number of advanced economies.

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    Thinking like a retiree is quite different than thinking like an investor

    Retirement income planning is now established as a vital component of financial planning.

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    Law expands 10% penalty exception for public safety workers

    More public safety officials may take early distributions without penalty from more of their government-sponsored retirement plans.

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    Unique 401(k) modeling app ups BlackRock's value-add for advisers

    BlackRock's software, unique among DC vendors, riffs off the broader themes of retirement income and capturing advisers' attention with business-improvement solutions.

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    The Fed sets the stage for a December tantrum

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Janet Yellen's September delay could lead to a December repeat of the taper tantrum.

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    Advisers need to brush up on plan participants' risks when taking lump sum distributions

    Whether or not to take a lump sum is one of the most important decisions a plan participant will ever make.