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    DeWaay settles with Labor Department over retirement plan recommendations

    Famed financial adviser Donald Gene DeWaay Jr. has reached a settlement with the Labor Department to pay $341,487 to 68 retirement plans following federal investigations into some of his firm’s sales. The DOL’s Employee Benefits Security Administration claimed Mr. DeWaay, the firms he owns and a

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    Adapt investment strategies to pay for long-term care

    Retirement expert Mary Beth Franklin details the importance of adjusting client investment portfolios to cover the costs of long-term care.

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    Great-West Financial to acquire J.P. Morgan retirement unit

    Robert Reynolds' Great-West Financial agreed to acquire J.P. Morgan Retirement Plan Services, boosting its profile as a retirement plan record keeper and putting it at No. 2 in the retirement services business by participants nationally.

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    Account opening is No. 1 tech concern: Survey

    Beacon finds 'client onboarding' has replaced social-media archiving as brokers' biggest technology challenge.

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    Retirement plan diversification improving, women take the lead

    Wells Fargo report says few men or women are contributing recommended 10% to their 401(k).

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    File and suspend won't be suspended … just yet

    Obama budget proposal seems to target some Social Securities claiming strategies but this popular one is safe – for now.

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    Get set for 21st-century retirement

    Longer lives and additional time in the labor force have shifted views on asset allocation

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    It doesn't always pay to delay Social Security

    Normally, I recommend that most married couples consider the ultimate impact of their Social Security-claiming decision on the survivor benefit they may leave behind for their spouse. As a quick refresher, Social Security survivor benefits are worth 100% of the retirement benefit that the deceased

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    Keep a cool head when the DOL comes knocking

    As the number of audits climbs, here's what could put plan sponsors at risk for scrutiny

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    How to interpret Social Security benefit statements

    A financial adviser wrote to me recently asking how to interpret the Social Security estimated-benefits statement of one of his new clients, a veteran firefighter of more than 30 years. The client's public-sector job is not covered by Social Security, but over the years, he has worked some side

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    Until the economy springs forward, just keep blaming the weather

    Breakfast with Benjamin: It's the weather. Repeat. Plus: Congress sticks with its attack on mortgage interest deductions, high-speed traders and you, investing in stock splits, and here's how much you should have saved for retirement.

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    Former service rep now gives advice

    April Peterson is finding the business a little stressful but she's having an impact on clients' lives.

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    Help Your Aging Clients be Safe at Home

    Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home. --Mother Teresa We all appreciate our homes as a source and symbol of our independence. From the moment we buy our first home, and even as we get older, our homes often represent much more to us than just a place to live. But even

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    Panic proves fleeting in February as stocks, bonds climb

    Stocks, bonds and commodities rose together in February for the first time in seven months, reversing January's losses. The S&P 500 is at a new all-time high. So who's panicking now?

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    Anticipate the challenges of aging in place

    As the population of seniors grows and life expectancies continue to increase, research shows that most people would prefer to live in their own homes as they age. Working with The Center for Innovative Care in Aging at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, we identified key issues to ...

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