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    A 3-phase approach to making social media work for you

    Diving into social media without the right strategy could do you more harm than good.

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    Investor trust. We can rebuild it.

    Social media will be essential, and instead of going full automation, pair investing technology with a professional.

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    Using LinkedIn to generate leads

    Create a system for using the social media site to gain introductions to your target prospects

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    20 financial advisers to follow on Twitter

    From deep analysis to humor, these advisers bring a personal touch to financial planning.

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    Top apps to boost your social media efforts

    These mobile tools can help busy advisers who are on the go stay current with their clients

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    Are you making a mountain out of joining social media?

    If there is one thing we encounter over and over at FMG Suite, it's a financial advisers' too-strong-for-reason resistance to trying out social media. Despite the following data from an Accenture study last year, about half of financial advisers are still not actively embracing social media. The

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    This week on social media with advisers

    The White House and Department of Labor announced a push for fiduciary standards, the president gave adviser Sheryl Garrett a shout out and advisers responded to Morgan Stanley's leaked take on the Hunger Games.

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    Morgan Stanley's 'Hunger Games' parody whips financial Twitter into a frenzy

    Morgan Stanley's parody of the “Hunger Games” film series, obtained exclusively by InvestmentNews, generated a ton of buzz across the financial world. Twitter was the source of some of the best reactions to the 10-minute attempt at humor from the wirehouse giant. We've pulled together a collection

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    Blogging tools to maximize an adviser's online voice

    An increasing number of financial advisers are blogging to connect with new and existing clients.

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    Labor Department rankles advisers with quick video on fiduciary

    Some agree with concept but argue that short treatment lumps everyone together and lacks nuance.

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    Tips on managing your online presence to improve results in Internet searches

    Being proactive, thinking ahead and boasting about yourself can help. And if you get named in a lawsuit, consider settling.

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    Tweeting maven Josh Brown approaches 100K followers, explains the business upshot

    Josh Brown dishes on how writing helps him clarify his thoughts, how social media increased his business, why he doesn't participate in online scuffles, and, after more than 85K tweets, the one he regrets.

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    Hearsay unveils service to boost advisers' online presence

    Hearsay Social, a social-networking platform for financial advisers, has announced a new program intended to help advisers improve their websites and better connect with new and existing clients.

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    Where advisers need to go to find new technology

    This year's T3 Conference provided a wealth of demos, panels and exhibits on tools that can help RIAs grow

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    3 'must do's' from the T3 Conference

    If you don't move now to be one of these “business-like” advisory firms and adopt technology, you can kiss your “practice” goodbye.