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    Wanted: Advisers to take tech survey

    Here are a few technology questions for tablet users out there: Do Android-based tablets have any chance this year of overtaking the Apple iPad in popularity among advisers? And what about Microsoft's Surface Pro 3? Is it really “a true laptop killer,” as VentureBeat claims?There's only one way to

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    Does increased technology usage boost advisers' bottom lines?

    This is an excerpt from the 2013 InvestmentNews Technology Study.We have identified a group of advisory firms that use — and rely on — technology more than other firms, and after analyzing their financial performance to measure the impact on their business, have concluded that these firms have

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    How advisers will communicate with clients in five years

    Video conferencing, text messaging and more robust online services will define the way advisers interact with clients in the future.

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    The top apps being embraced by NextGen advisers

    What an Elite Group of Younger Advisors Has to Say from Advisor Perspectives. I recently served as a facilitator for the annual NexGen conference, this year held on the campus of Augustana University in Moline, IL., where I was able to gain insight into the very different way that the financial

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    Now is the time for advisers to embrace social media

    In a recent survey, more 50% of advisers said they are deterred from social media either by regulators or their own firms.

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    Morgan Stanley lets advisers write what they tweet

    The wirehouse is one of the first to break away from exclusively canned content on Twitter.

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    The value of Twitter

    Breakfast with Benjamin The (awesome) value of Twitter. Plus: J.D. Power's annual survey of advisers' job satisfaction, mid-year stock review, yes, ETF cost matters, bringing back volatility, and a car maker returns.

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    Hashtags #useful in social media

    Hashtags are a great way to rev up your media game and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities for marketing/branding, prospecting and client engagement. A hashtag is a word or phrase (no spaces) preceded by the number sign (#). By utilizing a hashtag, you can link or group your social media

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    To master technology, hire the next gen and listen to them

    ICYMI, the younger generation has the tech talents you need to make your firm last

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    How to measure your social media presence and boost results

    Social media expert and 40 Under 40 honoree Kristen Luke on how to measure the value of your social media presence. Hint: Don't get too hung up on raw numbers.

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    Wealthfront CEO sees his robo-adviser as the next Schwab

    Wealthfront CEO Adam Nash sees his robo-adviser as the next Schwab but naysayers counter that even $1 billion in AUM doesn't a winning company make.

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    Don't pay to be No. 1 on Google. Follow these steps to climb search result ranks

    Unique, authentic, high quality content from you as the author is your best opportunity for getting found by the right potential prospects on Google.

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    How far should you go to show off your personality online?

    Best adviser videos, photos and posts exhibit the human side to stand apart from the competition.

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    Digitally disconnect? Advisers can't find the time

    Spending too much time digitally connected to the office makes it challenging to relax and recharge, yet the desire to be responsive to clients typically outweighs any of those concerns for financial advisers. “It’s a weird time in our lives where the same device we’re using as an alarm clock to

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    Pershing updates technology platforms – all at once

    With over 2,300 attendees, Pershing's Insite 2014 started with a noticeable buzz today when the company revealed multiple technology enhancements to their NetX360 platforms.“Simplification, personalization, customization and collaboration are the big themes we are using to overhaul and update our