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    New LinkedIn program offers compliance with SEC and Finra regs

    Actiance, Erado, Global Relay, Hearsay Social, Smarsh and Socialware join new program.

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    Time to jump on the Yelp bandwagon? Not so fast!

    You'll need to calculate the risk before jumping on the Yelp bandwagon. For some firms, building out a Yelp marketing campaign will seem like a no-brainer. But for others, the downside may outweigh the upside. Kristen Luke weighs the pros and cons.

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    Latest Betterment, LearnVest fundraising elicits a Twitter firestorm

    [View the story "Betterment, LearnVest and the robo-adviser landscape" on Storify]

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    Online rivals Betterment, LearnVest rake in $60 million of venture funding

    Betterment's Series C round brings in $32 million; LearnVest closes on $28 million; fundraising touches off a Twitter firestorm.

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    Finally, some social-media ground rules

    The SEC's move to define customer review ground rules is good but raises important and difficult questions.

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    Tech-savvy young planners band together to share the wealth

    'FP Hackers' brainstorm issues facing new businesses — and even refer clients to one another

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    Adviser reviews coming soon to a website near you

    In the wake of new SEC guidance, advisers need to brace themselves for online reviews, including negative ones. Liz Skinner on what the relaxed restrictions will mean for your business. (Plus: Read Michael Kitces' take and find out if your client review tactics are compliant.)

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    Take the quiz: Are your client review tactics compliant?

    Now that the SEC has allowed advisers to use third-party client reviews on their websites or social-media pages, it's time to figure out what kinds of uses will run afoul of industry regulators. Test your compliance knowledge with these five client review sharing scenarios to figure out if you're

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    Tackle those social-media faux pas

    With more financial advisers diving in and compliance reins beginning to loosen, the financial industry is starting to make its mark in social media.

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    Why compliance is the "Green Eggs and Ham" of financial services

    Following the rules while using social media is not as hard as you think. Try it. You might like it.

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    'User experience' top of mindat TechLeaders conference

    Redtail, Albridge and more look to deliver friendly technology to advisers.

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    After troubled start, Morgan Stanley tech platform stabilized

    CIO Chris Randazzo says 3D has 'turned the corner,' while upgrade continues

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    Which (if any) adviser social networks are coming out on top?

    The rush to offer advisers compliant networks leads to a mishmash of options, as well as services to feed such sites

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    The new rules of Facebook marketing

    Marketing your business on Facebook used to be simple. All you had to do to promote your services was create a page, then find people to “like” your page. Upon doing so, they would begin seeing your company posts in their Facebook newsfeed. If your fans liked your content, they could like, comment

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    ETF money flows, social media and dating Nick

    Gauging investor interest in exchange-traded funds in much the same way as Twitter or Facebook tracks online friends.

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"J.P. Morgan Securities goes on recruiting offensive" good read

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