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    Government workers get first crack at phased retirement

    Virtually every survey of American workers finds the majority would like to ease into retirement, perhaps working part time for a few years before calling it quits completely. The problem is, corporate America has been slow to embrace the phased-retirement concept. But that could be changing. The

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    Why the IRS is toothless in the fight against supersized IRAs

    On Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, the Government Accountability Office solves the riddle of the multimillion-dollar IRA. Plus: Oil stocks bounce on the Senate's Keystone 'no' vote, seniors can't wait for Social Security, and strippers pose a threat to the '1099 economy.'

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    Deconstructing Social Security rules for remarriage

    I read an astounding statistic the other day: 40% of all newlyweds in 2013 were previously married or widowed. According to a recent report from Pew Research Center, 42 million Americans took their second (or third) trip down the aisle last year.I hope all those recycled brides and grooms know how

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    A crash course on Social Security benefits for gay couples

    Two-thirds of states and Washington now allow same-sex marriage, opening the door for spousal and survivor benefits

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    Majority of women claim Social Security early

    Education campaign promotes working with financial advisers to optimize benefits.

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    New Congress is unlikely to tackle Social Security reform

    Now that the midterm elections are behind them, lawmakers can shift their focus to crafting an agenda for the 114th Congress that starts in January. But don't expect it to include Social Security reform. With solid majorities in both the House and Senate, Republicans are unlikely to squander their

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    How Social Security annual increases are calculated

    Some topics are a lot more controversial than others. But I was amazed when my October 1, 2014, article that correctly predicted next year's 1.7% cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security benefits several weeks before the official announcement triggered more than 80 vehement responses.Most of

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    Get out your calculators: Social Security tax rules are a mind-bender

    About one-third of Social Security recipients — and probably the majority of financial advisers’ clients — pay federal income taxes on a portion of their benefits. The taxes usually hit when the recipients have other substantial income such as wages, self-employment, interest, dividends and other

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    What to do about dementia? Advice for the adviser

    To efficiently serve and protect clients that develop dementia, specific steps can be taken

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    Protecting vulnerable aging clients

    Securities industry faces incalculable risks that require rigorous internal controls to manage relationships with aging investors

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    Lump sum Social Security payments only for the living

    What would happen if a client who had filed and suspended his Social Security benefits at his full retirement age of 66 died before collecting his benefits?

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    Rethinking the traditional retirement income glide path

    Rethinking the traditional retirement income glide path New software takes headaches out of the bucket strategy Oct 26, 2014 @ 12:01 am By Mary Beth Franklin + Zoom A few years ago, the Principal Financial Group published a white paper comparing two of the most popular retirement income strategies:

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    Holiday spending can't come soon enough for the economy, markets

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Investors banking on holiday spending. Plus: Less-secure Social Security, when gold and platinum run in stride, Facebook is now bigger than IBM, and the tired saga on endless office meetings.

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    Early filers cannot choose their Social Security benefits

    Retirees can only restrict claims to spousal benefits if they wait until their full retirement age to file for benefits.

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    Social Security cost-of-living adjustment to rise less than 2% again in 2015

    Social Security Administration says benefits will rise 1.7% next year, coming to about $20 extra per month, which some argue won't cover health care inflation.