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    Worst-case scenario for Medicare premium hike in 2016

    By now, most InvestmentNews readers know that there probably will not be a cost-of-living adjustment in Social Security benefits next year (as I first reported in earlier this month). This would be only the third time in the past 40 years that no COLA would be paid on Social Security benefits.Those

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    How and why to file for Social Security benefits online

    Given long waits on the phone or for in-person appointments, online applications could be the best way to go.

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    Health care costs can derail retirement plans

    Paying for health care has rarely been considered a major threat to retirement budgets, but with health care inflation driving costs higher, increased longevity and Medicare means-testing imposed on higher-income retirees, that's changing fast.

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    Delaying Social Security may boost Medicare costs

    Clients who elected to file and suspend their Social Security benefits will be hit with a big Medicare Part B increase next year but don't panic. Delaying is still a good strategy.

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    Double whammy: Potential lack of COLA could mean higher Medicare premiums

    If there's no Social Security cost-of-living adjustment, advisers will need to plan for significantly higher health costs for some clients.

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    Then and now: A look back at Social Security's 80-year history

    The program's anniversary underscores its crucial role in retirement security.

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    Social Security makes the Republican presidential debate

    Social Security had a brief mention at the first Republican presidential candidate debate for the 2016 election on Thursday night, with two of the 10 highest-polling Republican candidates discussing it.New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who plugged a 12-point entitlement reform plan, proposed raising

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    Presidential candidates can't ignore Social Security

    Exhaustion of disability trust fund in 2016 should force discussion of long-term financing issues.

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    Social Security cost-of-living adjustment unlikely for 2016

    High-income retirees could see net benefits decline as their Medicare premiums rise.

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    Puerto Rico's default could ripple through average Americans' portfolios

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Puerto Rico has missed a debt payment. How will the fallout be felt by average Americans?

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    Social Security claiming strategy short-circuited by excess earnings

    Financial advisers have their clients' best interests in mind when they try to craft an optimal Social Security claiming strategy to maximize clients' benefits over their lifetimes. But sometimes, it just amounts to wishful thinking.Chris Hughes, a financial adviser with the Del Monte Group in

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    Social Security Disability Fund will be empty next year

    Combined, Social Security retirement and disability fund reserves projected to be exhausted in 2034.

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    Dealing with Medicare as an expat: When and how to enroll

    The right strategy will help clients avoid penalties that can last a lifetime.

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    Tech stock rally knocked cold

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Earnings season started out strong but weak numbers from bellwethers like Apple are slamming the brakes on the market's rally. Buckle up.

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    I took the test, I talked the talk. Now you can call me a CFP!

    I didn't think this day would ever come, but on July 15, I received an email from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. that said: “Congratulations! You are now a certified financial planner.”I completed the financial planning certificate program at the University of Virginia in