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    Succession planning doesn't mean selling

    Aging advisers need to ask themselves if selling their practice can fund their own retirements.

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    Advisers can answer divorced clients' Social Security questions, except one

    Clients must contact SSA directly to get benefit estimates on ex's earnings.

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    How to calculate Social Security's maximum family benefit

    The Social Security Administration estimates that 4.4 million children receive about $2.5 billion each month because one or both of their parents are disabled, retired or deceased.I often argue about the value of delaying Social Security benefits until full retirement age or later, but when a young

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    Widower asks why he didn't get survivor benefits

    I received an e-mail from a widowed dad who asked why he didn’t receive Social Security survivor benefits when his wife died eight years ago.“When my wife died in 2006, we had children who were 14 and 16 years old,” he wrote. “The children received survivor benefits until they were out of high

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    Retirement: From theory to practice

    Husband's retirement ushers in a new era for InvestmentNews contributing editor.

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    Big demand from advisers for Social Security claiming tools, training

    Although most financial advisers provide near-retirees with some guidance on Social Security claiming decisions, many need to increase their knowledge and skills in this increasingly important area, according to a new study released Monday by Practical Perspectives and GDC Research.The report

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    Updated book is an essential guide to Social Security

    Veteran Social Security Administration employee shares how retirement, disability and survivor programs work.

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    Most investors missed the Dow's early fireworks

    Today's Breakfast with Braswell covers investors missing out on the Dow's latest rally, another gender bias suit hitting Wall Street, and much more.

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    Reduced earnings late in career might not reduce Social Security benefit

    I received a letter from a financial adviser the other day asking about a client who is still working at 63 years old, but who has significantly scaled back his work hours and earnings. She wondered what impact that might have on his future Social Security benefits. I’m sure other advisers have

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    Undoing a hasty Social Security claiming decision

    Does this sound familiar? You have a new client in their late 60s who recently learned about the benefits of delaying Social Security benefits, and they come to you for advice. The problem: they have already started collecting Social Security benefits. The new clients want to know if they reverse

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    Women closing financial literacy gender gap

    Despite gains, steep learning curve remains on investing and cash management.

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    How gay couples can act on Social Security benefits now

    Though rules still vary from state to state, all same-sex couples should take steps to claim benefits.

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    Social Security planning comes to the workplace

    Social Security planning has taken a giant step into the workplace, and retirement planning may never be the same. Mary Beth Franklin calls the addition of claiming strategies to retirement income tools a possible game changer.

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    Clintons jump through financial planning loopholes to dodge estate taxes they support

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Brokers pouncing on 401(k) biz. Plus: The Clintons dodge the estate taxes they support. The Fed wants to add exit fees to bond funds, U.S. banks on the edge of new funding rules, Congress mulls investor confidence on your dime, El-Erian sides with the IMF, and merger mania

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    World stock markets get nervous as Iraq melts down

    Plus: Deutsche Bank shows its hand with World Cup bets, Wall Street fines are a cash cow for the Treasury Dept., navigating Social Security before you retire, and eating at home gets pricey in a hurry.