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    The social security zone - InvestmentNews

    See how applying the Social Security Zone (TM) helped an advisor find more money for their client and more income if they live longer than anticipated.

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    How to build your practice with social security planning - InvestmentNews

    Every financial professional is getting on the Social Security bandwagon, but not everyone is converting prospects to clients. How can you convert?

  1. White Papers

    The social security zone - InvestmentNews

    What if you could enter a few pieces of information and show your clients the best claiming strategy for any possible age combination in one simple, interactive view? Download our whitepaper to see how you can!

  2. White Papers

    How to build your practice with social security planning - InvestmentNews

    Every financial professional is getting on the Social Security bandwagon, but not everyone is converting prospect to clients. How can you convert?

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    Practice makes perfect when it comes to retirement

    Christine Fahlund, a senior financial planner and vice president at T. Rowe Price Group Inc., is an innovative thinker and researcher who has spent years trying to prepare Americans for retirement both financially and emotionally. On June 2, she'll put her theories to the test as she retires after

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    Average retiree health costs could overtake Social Security benefits

    Building Social Security benefits into your clients' retirement income plans? You might want to think again. Mary Beth Franklin on the "ugly truth" of what's eating that income.

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    Social Security survivor benefits after botched second marriages

    In the country music world, you're supposed to “dance with the one that brung ya.” But the protocol is different in Social Securityland. If you've been married twice and the second union ends in divorce, it may be OK to leapfrog back to spouse No. 1 when it comes time to claim benefits. An

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    Social Security training course covers program nuts and bolts

    Course covers finer points of Windfall Elimination Provision calculations, but needs more emphasis on claiming strategies.

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    Adapt investment strategies to pay for long-term care

    Retirement expert Mary Beth Franklin details the importance of adjusting client investment portfolios to cover the costs of long-term care.

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    Account opening is No. 1 tech concern: Survey

    Beacon finds 'client onboarding' has replaced social-media archiving as brokers' biggest technology challenge.

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    File and suspend won't be suspended … just yet

    Obama budget proposal seems to target some Social Securities claiming strategies but this popular one is safe – for now.

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    It doesn't always pay to delay Social Security

    Normally, I recommend that most married couples consider the ultimate impact of their Social Security-claiming decision on the survivor benefit they may leave behind for their spouse. As a quick refresher, Social Security survivor benefits are worth 100% of the retirement benefit that the deceased

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    What female retirees don't know can hurt them

    I met a woman named Linda the other day. While we were chatting, she mentioned that she quit her full time job because she didn't need the money, thanks to stashing away nearly half of her paycheck throughout her career. She owns her condo outright and now, in her late 50s, works just one day a

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    How to interpret Social Security benefit statements

    A financial adviser wrote to me recently asking how to interpret the Social Security estimated-benefits statement of one of his new clients, a veteran firefighter of more than 30 years. The client's public-sector job is not covered by Social Security, but over the years, he has worked some side

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    Brain drain at Social Security Administration

    When it comes to deciding when to collect Social Security benefits, one of the biggest mistakes a client or financial adviser can make is assuming that the Social Security Administration representatives will help them sort through their claiming options. “The agency is having some real issues about

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