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    As nest eggs grow, so does need for expertise

    Like the Ancient Mariner surrounded by “water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink,” Americans have managed to amass nearly $14 trillion in retirement savings — but most don't have a clue how to spend it. That's my literary interpretation of some year-end reports and surveys that show too many

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    Is your core strategy getting flabby?

    Increasing high-yield exposure in an intermediate-bond portfolio may add return, but is risky

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    How to trim Social Security reductions for public employees

    Continued years of work in the private sector can ease the impact of benefit cuts on public workers.

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    No double dipping on Social Security claiming

    This the season of holiday parties and the dreaded social faux pas of double dipping your crudité in the ranch dressing. (You know, dip, bite, and dip again. Ew!)Let that be a reminder to you and your clients: no double dipping on Social Security claiming strategies either.I am always delighted to

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    How immigration reform could impact Social Security

    President Barack Obama's plan to protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation not only sparked a political firestorm over his unilateral action but raised questions about the future impact of those newly documented workers on the Social Security system. Under the president's executive

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    How to avoid a tidal wave of taxes from IRAs

    Pre-retirement planning strategies help reduce tax impact from required minimum distributions.

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    How children can reap the benefits of Social Security

    When a parent retires, becomes disabled or dies, children can collect benefits.

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    Americans have a low retirement IQ

    More than 75% are clueless when it comes to drawing down income in their golden years.

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    How one single woman can collect three types of Social Security benefits

    How one single woman can potentially collect three types of Social Security benefits and rack up significant guaranteed retirement income.

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    Being a traffic cop at the intersection of disability and Social Security benefits

    Social Security tools can't account for disability benefits, which opens up a great opportunity for advisers.

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    Government workers get first crack at phased retirement

    Virtually every survey of American workers finds the majority would like to ease into retirement, perhaps working part time for a few years before calling it quits completely. The problem is, corporate America has been slow to embrace the phased-retirement concept. But that could be changing. The

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    Why the IRS is toothless in the fight against supersized IRAs

    On Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, the Government Accountability Office solves the riddle of the multimillion-dollar IRA. Plus: Oil stocks bounce on the Senate's Keystone 'no' vote, seniors can't wait for Social Security, and strippers pose a threat to the '1099 economy.'

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    Deconstructing Social Security rules for remarriage

    I read an astounding statistic the other day: 40% of all newlyweds in 2013 were previously married or widowed. According to a recent report from Pew Research Center, 42 million Americans took their second (or third) trip down the aisle last year.I hope all those recycled brides and grooms know how

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    A crash course on Social Security benefits for gay couples

    Two-thirds of states and Washington now allow same-sex marriage, opening the door for spousal and survivor benefits

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    Majority of women claim Social Security early

    Education campaign promotes working with financial advisers to optimize benefits.