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    How to help clients invest for college without sacrificing retirement

    Striking a balance between saving for college and retirement is important, because emphasizing one over the other can ultimately jeopardize both.

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    When both spouses lose some or all of their Social Security benefits

    Excess earnings before full retirement age can reduce payments to both spouses.

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    Social Security's $12.4 million error

    Agency overpays spousal benefits to some public employees, underpays others.

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    Saving for retirement should be advisers' top priority: Wharton's Marston

    Finance prof says advisers not getting message of the value of delaying Social Security until 66 across to clients.

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    Getting the message: Social Security claimants are waiting past 62

    Shifts in workplace retirement benefits, other factors, encourage more people to wait to claim benefits.

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    The ETF craze crosses a huge hurdle

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Over the last 12 months, investors pumped more money into ETFs than mutual funds for the first time ever.

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    The do's and don'ts of retirement planning

    If you really want to develop best practices for your retiring clients, stop being an asset manager and become a plan manager.That was the message from one of the speakers at a panel on decumulating assets at InvestmentNews' annual Retirement Income Summit in Chicago on Monday. Phil G. Lubinski,

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    Missed Social Security claiming opportunity costs client more than $29,000

    Which is harder to swallow: realizing that your advice cost a client more than $29,000 in lost Social Security benefits or owning up to the mistake?

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    Advisers ramp up efforts to create tax-conscious retirement withdrawal strategies

    Advisers ramp up efforts to create tax-conscious retirement income withdrawal strategies with an aim to extend the life of clients' nest eggs.

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    An adviser's retirement income software toolbox

    Software that helps with issues ranging from health care costs to tax-efficient withdrawal strategies

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    Dying penniless: It's not just the poor

    Nearly a quarter of retirees 85 and older are dying with assets of less than $10,000

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    Singles can file and suspend Social Security benefits

    But this creative claiming strategy stumps some Social Security Administration employees.

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    Social Security closes claiming loophole for people with disabilities

    A minor change in the Social Security Program Operations Manual System late last year that resulted in a big change in the rights of people who receive Social Security disability benefits.

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    Social Security consolation prizes for divorced spouses

    Ex-spouse can claim independently and is not subject to family maximum limit.

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    Income spike can reduce Social Security benefits

    Retired clients are often surprised — and sometimes angry — when they receive a notification from the Social Security Administration that their monthly Social Security benefits will decline for the coming year. Naturally, those clients turn to their financial advisers for help.The culprit? An