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    Social Security reaches 75th anniversary of first monthly retirement check

    Retirement benefits underscore the value of lifetime income, inflation protection.

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    What Obama's attempt to tax 529 plans says about the safety of Roth IRA assets

    Changes could spark revolt, but 'when Congress needs dollars, they're going to get them,' one adviser says.

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    How to perfectly time your clients' Medicare enrollment

    Decisions on Medicare enrollment carry a meaningful financial impact, are closely tied to Social Security choices

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    Retirement crisis is real and getting worse: Study

    More than half of U.S. households don't have enough saved for retirement, Center for American Progress finds.

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    Two new Social Security books to add to your go-to list

    Financial advisers often ask me for recommendations of which books to read to enhance their knowledge of Social Security rules and claiming strategies.I, of course, tell them to start with my ebook "Maximizing Your Clients' Social Security Retirement Benefits". Think of it as the CliffsNotes of

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    A recipe for future retirement security

    When the American College of Financial Services released the results of its first-ever “Retirement Income Literacy Survey” last December, I dutifully reported the astounding results: Just 20% of retirement-age Americans can pass a basic quiz on how to make their nest eggs last throughout

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    Secrets for successful withdrawal strategies in retirement

    Market conditions in early retirement can help predict whether your clients' assets will actually last 30 years.

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    Blood and money: How familial strife can unravel estate plans

    Advisers can prevent undue influence by watching for radical behavior of family members and signs of dementia in clients.

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    Investigate Social Security claiming tools for free

    When considering a Social Security software program, make sure it covers all of your potential client profiles.

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    Why security in retirement is often luck of the draw

    Specific returns clients earn on investments right around retirement disproportionately impact their lifetime outcomes.

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    Quicken offers Social Security Optimizer to consumers

    LifeYield tool, previously available only to advisers, targets DIY investors.

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    Your next client? Meet the six-figure skilled laborer

    Advisers: There's a client market where your help is sorely needed — it's called skilled labor, and it could see a bump in the ranks.

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    House GOP targets Social Security funding

    House Republicans flexed their muscles during the first week of the new session of Congress, setting up a future fight over Social Security funding that will probably take shape in the lame-duck session after the 2016 elections.

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    Finding solutions to the key challenges of modern retirement

    The brief golden age of retirement is over, but investing legend Charles Ellis outlines solutions to a potential crisis.

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    Social Security's special tax rule for repaying benefits

    Increasingly, some financial advisers are encouraging their retirement-age clients who have no immediate need for extra income to repay Social Security benefits they've already received and reapply for benefits later when they will be worth more.But what if those Social Security benefits have