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    Early filers cannot choose their Social Security benefits

    Retirees can only restrict claims to spousal benefits if they wait until their full retirement age to file for benefits.

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    Social Security cost-of-living adjustment to rise less than 2% again in 2015

    Social Security Administration says benefits will rise 1.7% next year, coming to about $20 extra per month, which some argue won't cover health care inflation.

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    The regulatory hits keep coming for LPL Financial

    The rest of this week's must-read stories include Betterment's robo-adviser for humans, big changes afoot in Social Security, and a focus on picking the right alternatives for clients

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    The new and improved Social Security statements

    Unlike the previous version, the mailed one now highlights full retirement age.

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    3 risk-related reasons to put off claiming Social Security

    The choice of when and how to claim Social Security benefits can affect the three biggest financial risks that retirees encounter.

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    How public employees can get around Social Security restrictions

    Specific steps can minimize the bite of rules that reduce or eliminate Social Security benefits for public workers.

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    A 401(k) conundrum: Can you make cash pile last for life?

    Little thought – or government help — is given to the question of how to make withdrawals from a retirement plan

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    Some earnings don't reduce Social Security benefits

    Bonuses, vacation pay and commissions don't count toward earnings test, but book royalties do.

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    Social Security cost-of-living adjustments projected to increase slightly in 2015

    Social Security benefits are likely to increase by 1.7% in 2015, slightly more than this year’s 1.5% increase but still well below average increases over the past few decades, according to an unofficial projection by the Senior Citizens League. The Social Security Administration will issue an

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    Why financial advisers still hate reverse mortgages

    A reverse mortgage is a little like a car airbag. It's nice to know it's there. But if it ever has to be used, the driver's already in trouble.New regulations are supposed to improve the unsavory reputation of reverse mortgages, which are loans against a home that don't need to be repaid until the

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    Dispatch from the retirement front

    InvestmentNews contributing editor gives an update on how life has changed since her husband retired.

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    Strategies arise to take advantage of new IRS after-tax rollover

    Though after-tax dollars in a 401(k) can now be rolled into a Roth IRA, few employers accept such contributions.

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    Do you speak Social Security?

    Many advisers are conversant, but not fluent, in claiming strategies and rules.

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    Social Security resumes mailing statements

    The Social Security Administration announced Tuesday that it will resume mailing estimated benefit statements to most workers every five years, while encouraging all workers to create personalized Social Security accounts online that will allow them to access their benefit information at any

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    Student loans imperil parents' retirement

    Borrowing or cosigning for a child could mean debts too hard to get out from under