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    Social Security claiming strategy short-circuited by excess earnings

    Financial advisers have their clients' best interests in mind when they try to craft an optimal Social Security claiming strategy to maximize clients' benefits over their lifetimes. But sometimes, it just amounts to wishful thinking.Chris Hughes, a financial adviser with the Del Monte Group in

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    Social Security Disability Fund will be empty next year

    Combined, Social Security retirement and disability fund reserves projected to be exhausted in 2034.

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    Dealing with Medicare as an expat: When and how to enroll

    The right strategy will help clients avoid penalties that can last a lifetime.

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    Tech stock rally knocked cold

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Earnings season started out strong but weak numbers from bellwethers like Apple are slamming the brakes on the market's rally. Buckle up.

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    I took the test, I talked the talk. Now you can call me a CFP!

    I didn't think this day would ever come, but on July 15, I received an email from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. that said: “Congratulations! You are now a certified financial planner.”I completed the financial planning certificate program at the University of Virginia in

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    Social Security as a backup plan for single filers

    The key to financial planning is to remain flexible and be able to pivot as necessary if situations change. That's what happened to one reader who wrote to me recently about her decision to claim reduced Social Security benefits early at age 62 after she lost her job.Job loss is an excellent reason

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    Financial planning platforms target Social Security benefits data for online integration

    Financial Engines, Betterment among automated investment services aiming to let their clients use information to inform retirement planning.

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    Help boomers recognize reality bites when it comes to wages in retirement

    Financial advisers will need to provide a vital reality check for many of the nation's 76 million baby boomers as they move into retirement over the next decade or two.As many as 60% of this giant demographic has concluded that they will continue to do some work after officially retiring. However,

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    Same-sex couples inch closer to full Social Security benefits

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Wednesday that federal marriage benefits soon will be available to same-sex couples nationwide following the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges on June 26.

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    Billy Joel: Poster child for the Viagra college fund?

    I was surprised to hear the strains of “Just the Way You Are” on my local all-news radio station this week. It was the song that my husband and I danced to at our wedding nearly four decades ago. The music served as the lead-in for a news item about its composer, singer/songwriter Billy Joel. The

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    Financial lessons from the timing of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's divorce

    Advisers with clients headed for divorce may want to keep in mind that sometimes it makes sense to wait a bit, just as Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck seem to have done. The Hollywood couple announced last week, the day after their 10th wedding anniversary, they are splitting up. The famous pair

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    Social Security update for gay couples

    Legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide opens the door for spousal, survivor, disability and Medicare benefits.

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    Krawcheck to advisers: 'Middle-aged white guys' must help women get raises

    At Morningstar conference, the former Merrill Lynch boss said gender pay gap is a key obstacle to retirement savings.

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    Growing consumer demand for health care and Social Security advice

    The financial planning industry is at a turning point in how to address Social Security and Medicare as part of overall retirement planning. Although numerous surveys have shown that more than half of retirees and pre-retirees expect health care and Social Security advice from their financial

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    Advisers need to pick up their game when calculating clients' retirement

    With retirement tools proliferating, clients need ones that advisers can use to tell a story.