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    Traditional advisory firm hammers out deal with robo-adviser

    Redhawk Wealth Advisors and Jemstep co-brand an online investment platform to help clients with investments.

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    The most popular adviser tech products by category

    The most popular adviser tech products by category

  1. Articles for advisers? New tech tools change landscape for online advice

    New technologies are being developed to make advisers more competitive with personal financial management websites such as Personal Capital and

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    Top 25 technology products used by advisers

    In June 2014, more than 1,100 advisers responded to an InvestmentNews survey on their technology usage and satisfaction. The results below show the most popopular products overall.

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    Schwab preps robo offering

    CEO Walt Bettinger says his firm is working on a “groundbreaking” online advice platform, though details and a timeframe remain unclear.

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    6 lessons traditional advisers can learn from robos

    Many questions have been raised by traditional financial advisers about their robo-peers. Any time a digital investment adviser hits the headlines, somewhere on social media you can be sure someone is wondering aloud about robo-advisors' business models, investment strategies, and ability to ...

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    Robo-advisers prepare for market downturns by offering more sophisticated services

    Corporate Insight study shows how leading online startups are shoring up their business models.

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    Systematizing these processes will help your firm grow

    Financial advisers are finding that systematizing certain processes and procedures creates efficiencies that can boost profitability and help their firms grow.Advisers who create detailed steps and systems that are followed by everyone at the firm for certain tasks, such as signing up a new client

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    5 ways to improve your tech evaluation process

    Selecting the right technology means identifying efficiency creators and picking the necessary over the unnecessary.

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    Morningstar to pay $61 million in trade-secrets settlement

    The investment research firm will pay Business Logic for the software company's intellectual property.

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    Wearable devices edge into the adviser space

    Online adviser Personal Capital announces an app for smartwatches, and the advice industry ponders the future of wearable technology in client service.

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    The reasons why human and robo-advisers will soon converge

    Robo-advisers and real advisers each have what the other wants.Robo-advisers, for all their bluster about empowering do-it-yourself investors with high-tech portfolio management wizardry, will ultimately morph to advice-giving firms with cool technology.Real advisers, the flesh and blood

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    Salesforce acquisition of RelateIQ a CRM game-changer

    In announcing its $390 million acquisition of data science company RelateIQ, customer relationship management giant Inc. is upping the ante for other CRM product providers, including those that only serve the advisory industry.RelateIQ, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based intelligent computing

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    Will Junxure Cloud's release prove worth the wait?

    Junxure Announces Wide Release of Junxure Cloud CRM for Financial Advisors from PRNewswire. Junxure CRM, an industry-leading practice improvement firm for financial advisers that integrates CRM technology, consulting and training, announced the general release of Junxure Cloud, its comprehensive,

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    Wanted: Advisers to take tech survey

    Here are a few technology questions for tablet users out there: Do Android-based tablets have any chance this year of overtaking the Apple iPad in popularity among advisers? And what about Microsoft's Surface Pro 3? Is it really “a true laptop killer,” as VentureBeat claims?There's only one way to