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    How your peers view robo-advisers

    In a study set to publish in the coming week, InvestmentNews Research, in partnership with BlackRock, surveyed over 400 advisers with the goal of identifying what separates the largest, fastest-growing firms from their peers on a host of issues affecting their businesses today. In the report,

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    Fox Financial Planning Network launches robo-guide

    New services from organizations including Jemstep walk advisers through platforms.

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    Find your inner robo

    No two robos are exactly alike. Each has its own outlook on investing, account minimums, fees and approach to incorporating flesh-and-blood advisers into its business model. Select your preferences to find out which platform best matches your personality. What robo matches your style? Begin

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    Robo-advisers want to plan your clients' future

    Behind the scenes, robo-advisers are quietly hatching plans to compete more aggressively with flesh-and-blood advisers.

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    What's at stake for advisers if Salesforce is bought out?

    Speculation about a takeover of Salesforce has some advisers reconsidering their customer relationship management system options.

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    7 technology tricks advisers should be using

    Today, we can call our clients as we drive down the road and email them documents using the very same device we use to make phone calls.

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    Why high-performing advisers are aggressively adopting technology

    With the industry at a technology tipping point, here's what the leading advisers are doing on the technology front

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    United Capital pivots away from mutual funds to proprietary asset management program

    Firm sees new way to cut the middleman, product fees for clients while capturing top investment ideas.

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    The problem with software

    Replacing old or buying new software will cause you to question a lot of your assumptions, but it can also help you improve your business.

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    Envestnet acquires Finance Logix

    The cash and stock deal, valued at more than $30 million, for the financial planning software provider marks yet another indicator of the industry's turn toward goals-based planning.

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    Automating better compliance to meet new SEC requirements

    Here's how to meet the regulator's cybersecurity demands to protect your client's data.

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    Finra CARDS data breach risk is real

    Potential security risk concerns over Finra's highly-debated data collection proposal are not unfounded, experts say. (See also: Finra's backers are now its critics)

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    Don't miss opportunities by thinking of tech as expense vs. investment

    When considering a new technology purchase, advisers tend to look at costs rather than benefits. That's risky.

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    3 due diligence steps advisers should take to avoid costly technology mistakes

    Slow down the tech selection process to thoroughly consider how new technology will work with and for your firm.

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    A 3-phase approach to making social media work for you

    Diving into social media without the right strategy could do you more harm than good.