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    Hackers have a backdoor way into your system

    Advisers should safeguard their practices as they share sensitive information across multiple third-party platforms and service providers.

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    Microsoft unveils Windows 10, but advisers wait to see about security, features

    Like with any software updates, there will be bugs, even on an alluring new operating system.

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    How to plan for buying or upgrading to new technology

    It's not a question of when something wears out; it's a question of when it becomes outdated.

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    Advisers, take charge of your tech – or hire someone who will

    Having an IT expert on staff to handle software and get employees up to speed can make all the difference.

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    Openness, transparency drawing investors to robo-advisers over Wall Street banks

    CEO of Personal Capital sees investors choosing new options over the old due to fee transparency, focus on customer's best interests

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    LPL sets lofty goal for more automated operations processes

    The company aims to ramp up its level of automation from 15% to 85% within the next few years.

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    How to get broker-dealers over the technology adoption hurdle

    The four key elements in expanding technology use among broker-dealers and advisers.

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    The final hurdle in the challenge of going paperless

    Testing out a couple 'yellow pad' apps leads to the discovery that it's not so hard after all.

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    How to make sure your firm's data is secure in the event of an outage

    Don't wait for disaster to strike — be proactive in establishing a business continuity plan and protocols to secure your data

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    Should advisers suggest that an algorithm do clients' saving for them?

    An increasing number of companies want to identify — and whisk away — investors' excess cash.

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    How high-tech is your firm?

    Where do you fall on the technology-adoption scale — and where do you want to be?

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    6 ways advisers can benefit from the avalanche of technology advancement

    Don't underestimate the impact digital technology can have on the advice industry

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    The coolest presentation tool

    A virtual person puts the wow factor into a vendor booth; advisers can use the idea in their practices

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    Breaking down the best robos for your practice

    Advisers have a lot to consider when picking an automated investment service to use with their clients — here is a rundown of the features and functionality of the top adviser-targeted platforms.

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    Advisers need to pick up their game when calculating clients' retirement

    With retirement tools proliferating, clients need ones that advisers can use to tell a story.