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    Edmond Walters, founder and CEO of eMoney Advisor, steps down

    Edmond Walters, founder and CEO of the financial planning software firm, has resigned effective immediately, months after the firm was acquired by Fidelity, which said the firm's operations will continue without interruption.

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    The latest data-aggregation partnership highlights opportunity for advisers

    Advisers have been aggregating client data for decades, but they've been doing it the hard way: manually. It's time for them to ramp up their own efforts by leveraging technology.

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    Michael Kitces' weekend reading for financial advisers

    FutureAdvisor deal ups fee pressure on fellow robos, understanding ETF flash crashes, and the rest of this week's must-reads

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    Predicting how robo-advisers will evolve based on the history of TAMPs

    Robos will be impacted by market dips, and a select few will rise from the ashes

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    Salesforce seeks to disrupt adviser-facing CRM market with launch of wealth management portal

    The provider currently offers only an overlay for the financial services sector, but soon will have a full spread of software for advisers.

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    Technology can help keep clients calm amid market chaos

    Your CRM is a powerful tool that can help you send out a blast email to all of your clients at the touch of a button.

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    Robo-advisers face first reckoning in downturn

    Digital advice platforms look to get out in front of nervous clients as market volatility demands more communication.

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    Three ways to get more out of your CRM

    Leveraging these tips, you can extract more value from this important piece of software.

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    How you can stand out and succeed in the digital age

    Robo-advisers can offer traditional advisory firms a model of evolution, not extinction, but only if advisers are willing to adapt and learn from their competition.

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    LPL hires ex-Wells Fargo CTO for newly created tech position

    Anthony Perkins will oversee the broker-dealer's automated processes and the launch of the firm's robo-advisory software platform.

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    If you build your own robo, will clients come?

    Advisers can try the do-it-yourself model to compete with automated investment services.

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    How advisers can benefit as the cost of private-equity investing is driven down

    Those who understand this emerging shift early will be well-positioned to help their clients grow their portfolios.

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    The psychology of regulation: applying nudge theory to compliance

    Nudge theory and the rise of advanced technology promise new methods for advisory firms to fight the good fight in a world where the dangers of non-compliance have never been greater.

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    Orion, Advizr integration ramps up competition among financial-planning software providers

    As robos become more commonplace, sophisticated tech can set advisers apart.

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    Envestnet deal puts personal financial data aggregation center stage

    With the firm's latest acquisition of Yodlee, advisers are reminded to take advantage of big data in clients' accounts.