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    What's next for financial advice?

    We ask the experts to share what parts of the advice business they think need innovation

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    How advisers can improve client outcomes by embracing data

    Betterment's Jon Stein offers 4 ways to bring a more data-driven approach to serving your clients

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    When technology or outsourcing can help, and when it can't

    Advisers need to focus on mission-critical functions, such as meeting with clients and marketing.

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    UBS renews push to increase advisers' hedge fund use

    The wirehouse plans tools to explain the risks and benefits of hedge fund strategies to advisers whose allocations have been low.

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    From robo to artificial intelligence to help clients

    Facing the threat of competition from Google and Amazon, UBS turns to AI to deliver personalized advice.

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    Service firms race to help advisers create digital platforms

    Custodians and rollups are in a mad dash to develop automated ways for advisers to make serving younger or less-wealthy clients profitable.

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    Some advisers moving to mobile payment systems to bill clients

    As more Americans demand online billing, some advisers are kicking the tires of mobile payment systems such as PayPal and finding benefits and drawbacks.

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    Advisers must move technology training to the front burner

    When you put together your 2015 technology budget, be sure there's a line item in there for training.

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    What top firms do differently with adviser technology

    Answering the question: What practice-oriented features affect firm performance most?

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    Finra expected to adopt CARDS despite vocal industry resistance

    Opponents like SIFMA and FSI remain wary of the potential costs, customer data security, but Finra asserts that CARDS will help investors.

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    Quarterly video statements may become the norm

    It may not be long before advisers are sending clients a personalized video each quarter that reviews portfolio performance. The technology to customize videos without much effort is increasingly available.

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    Robos need to get on the ball

    The article in InvestmentNews last week, “Robo-advisers say they aren't worried about Schwab,” certainly was curious. One of the industry's 800-pound gorillas announces a competing service that is virtually free to consumers and they shrug it off?

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    Five tax moves made easier with technology

    Five tax moves made easier with technology By Sheryl Rowling Year-end is approaching. If you act before Dec. 31, you just might be able to cut down on your clients' 2014 tax bills. While many of these strategies can be very labor intensive, technology can come to the rescue. 1. Harvest tax losses

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    Schwab tells advisers its online advice platform won't be a threat to RIA biz

    Charles Schwab & Co. defended its move to introduce its own online advice platform at the Schwab IMPACT conference in Denver Wednesday. The retail offering is due next quarter, the adviser version in the second quarter.

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    Charles Schwab's robo-adviser ups the pressure on adviser fee structures

    Advisers charging AUM fees while offering garden-variety investment management services need to reassess their business model and determine what else of value they can provide