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    TurboTax raises prices and the tax-prep software battle is on

    But comparing the three market leaders — TurboTax, TaxACT and H&R Block — isn't easy.

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    Advisers who embrace big data will have a leg up on competitors

    Technology experts predict data analysis will lead to improvements in financial planning for clients, plus better business practices that can boost adviser profitability. (More: Don't miss our full technology special report)

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    What's next in adviser technology?

    Broker-dealer and custodian tech executives discuss the industry's biggest issues and plans

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    No more face-to-face meetings

    Given the rapid pace of changing demographics and technology, advisers need to change their approach to client communication, particularly client meetings.

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    LPL advisers' commissions land in their bank accounts one day late

    As processing error delays commissions by a day, president Robert Moore moves to reassure advisers.

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    Have protocols in place to secure access to client data

    When it comes to the client data for which you're responsible, protecting clients' privacy and finances must come first.

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    Catch and ride the next wave in financial advice

    Clients expect their advisers to use technology to make their lives easier.

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    Morgan Stanley fires broker for stealing thousands of clients' data

    Morgan Stanley fired an employee in its wealth management group who had stolen client data and posted some of it online. The theft affected up to 10% — 350,000 — of the firm's 3.5 million wirehouse clients.

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    The risky business of compliance

    New archiving solutions take the headaches out meeting SEC link capture regulations.

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    What's next for financial advice?

    We ask the experts to share what parts of the advice business they think need innovation

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    How advisers can improve client outcomes by embracing data

    Betterment's Jon Stein offers 4 ways to bring a more data-driven approach to serving your clients

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    When technology or outsourcing can help, and when it can't

    Advisers need to focus on mission-critical functions, such as meeting with clients and marketing.

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    UBS renews push to increase advisers' hedge fund use

    The wirehouse plans tools to explain the risks and benefits of hedge fund strategies to advisers whose allocations have been low.

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    From robo to artificial intelligence to help clients

    Facing the threat of competition from Google and Amazon, UBS turns to AI to deliver personalized advice.

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    Service firms race to help advisers create digital platforms

    Custodians and rollups are in a mad dash to develop automated ways for advisers to make serving younger or less-wealthy clients profitable.