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    6 ways advisers can benefit from the avalanche of technology advancement

    Don't underestimate the impact digital technology can have on the advice industry

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    The coolest presentation tool

    A virtual person puts the wow factor into a vendor booth; advisers can use the idea in their practices

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    Breaking down the best robos for your practice

    Advisers have a lot to consider when picking an automated investment service to use with their clients — here is a rundown of the features and functionality of the top adviser-targeted platforms.

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    Advisers need to pick up their game when calculating clients' retirement

    With retirement tools proliferating, clients need ones that advisers can use to tell a story.

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    Schwab launches adviser-facing robo service

    Institutional Intelligent Portfolios compels advisers to keep at least 4% cash allocation, offers platform for 10 bps.

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    How much should advisers charge for a brand-new robo offering?

    Thinking through pricing structure is an important part of the process when implementing an automated investment service .

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    Wealth managers' mobile apps aren't sophisticated: study

    Mobile apps fail to serve high-net-worth clients effectively or offer the functionality they're looking for.

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    Without data standardization, advisers miss opportunities

    With such an emphasis growing on data, advisers need to be aware of not just what they're getting from their technology, but what's being put into it.

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    Advisers wasting time and money by underutilizing tech

    Wealth management professionals who don't take full advantage of their firm's software programs are at a competitive disadvantage.

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    The trouble with tech integration for advisers, vendors

    Onboarding a new technology platform or software system is often not what it seems.

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    The challenge of becoming paperless

    I frequently refer to my firm as a paperless office. All documents are stored online or PDF'ed on our CRM system. Tax returns are filed electronically. We receive clients' documents through our secure link. Yet we still purchase yellow pads. That doesn't seem so bad, but it bothered me that we were

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    More advisers are embracing the virtual world

    As clients demand different service from advisers, there's an increasing reliance on video conferencing and other tools to stay in touch.

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    How your peers view robo-advisers

    In a study set to publish in the coming week, InvestmentNews Research, in partnership with BlackRock, surveyed over 400 advisers with the goal of identifying what separates the largest, fastest-growing firms from their peers on a host of issues affecting their businesses today. In the report,

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    Fox Financial Planning Network launches robo-guide

    New services from organizations including Jemstep walk advisers through platforms.

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    Find your inner robo

    No two robos are exactly alike. Each has its own outlook on investing, account minimums, fees and approach to incorporating flesh-and-blood advisers into its business model. Select your preferences to find out which platform best matches your personality. What robo matches your style? Begin