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    Is there a popup opt-in revolution under way?

    More sites are finding value in using popups to increase the reach of opt-in e-mail lists.

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    A four-way duel among robo-adviser biz models: Which is best?

    Breaking down the big categories of online financial advice including what they offer and how much it costs.

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    With or without technology, I'm tired

    As financial adviser, CPA and dinner host, I use a lot of technology but I'm still tired.

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    GAO cites SEC for cybersecurity lapses

    Weaknesses found in way agency authenticated users, authorized access and encrypted data.

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    Cybersecurity gets the SEC's attention as agency plans to query advisers on safeguards

    In risk alert, regulator provides advisers with a detailed checklist of what it expects firms to provide for cybersecurity protection.

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    American Funds urges new client passwords over Heartbleed

    Parent Capital Group says has no information indicating client accounts hacked.

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    Does Vanguard pose a threat to advisers?

    The fund giant's online advice platform is viewed by some as a threat, but others see it as complementary. Trevor Hunnicutt reports.

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    As clients' time gets crunched, video conferencing grows up

    The requisite in-person client meeting has given way to more frequent virtual meetings; many services are available to provide the technology.

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    Latest Betterment, LearnVest fundraising elicits a Twitter firestorm

    [View the story "Betterment, LearnVest and the robo-adviser landscape" on Storify]

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    Online rivals Betterment, LearnVest rake in $60 million of venture funding

    Betterment's Series C round brings in $32 million; LearnVest closes on $28 million; fundraising touches off a Twitter firestorm.

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    Tech-savvy young planners band together to share the wealth

    'FP Hackers' brainstorm issues facing new businesses — and even refer clients to one another

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    'Heartbleed' cybersecurity threat looms over advisers and clients

    Steps, including changing passwords, multi-factor verification, can be taken to lessen threat.

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    Redtail, Riskalyze announce integration

    Redtail Technology Inc. and Riskalyze on Tuesday announced an integration partnership that links Riskalyze's client risk tolerance tool directly with Redtail's customer relationship management system. Under the terms of the partnership, which is now live for all advisers who use both software

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    'User experience' top of mindat TechLeaders conference

    Redtail, Albridge and more look to deliver friendly technology to advisers.

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    Morningstar's ByAllAccounts deal could give it big edge with advisers

    Acquisition could put the fund tracker in the lead of the portfolio accounting and reporting business.

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