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    5 ways to improve your tech evaluation process

    Selecting the right technology means identifying efficiency creators and picking the necessary over the unnecessary.

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    Morningstar to pay $61 million in trade-secrets settlement

    The investment research firm will pay Business Logic for the software company's intellectual property.

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    Wearable devices edge into the adviser space

    Online adviser Personal Capital announces an app for smartwatches, and the advice industry ponders the future of wearable technology in client service.

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    The reasons why human and robo-advisers will soon converge

    Robo-advisers and real advisers each have what the other wants.Robo-advisers, for all their bluster about empowering do-it-yourself investors with high-tech portfolio management wizardry, will ultimately morph to advice-giving firms with cool technology.Real advisers, the flesh and blood

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    Salesforce acquisition of RelateIQ a CRM game-changer

    In announcing its $390 million acquisition of data science company RelateIQ, customer relationship management giant Inc. is upping the ante for other CRM product providers, including those that only serve the advisory industry.RelateIQ, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based intelligent computing

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    Will Junxure Cloud's release prove worth the wait?

    Junxure Announces Wide Release of Junxure Cloud CRM for Financial Advisors from PRNewswire. Junxure CRM, an industry-leading practice improvement firm for financial advisers that integrates CRM technology, consulting and training, announced the general release of Junxure Cloud, its comprehensive,

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    Wanted: Advisers to take tech survey

    Here are a few technology questions for tablet users out there: Do Android-based tablets have any chance this year of overtaking the Apple iPad in popularity among advisers? And what about Microsoft's Surface Pro 3? Is it really “a true laptop killer,” as VentureBeat claims?There's only one way to

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    Junxure CRM finally comes out of the workshop and into the cloud

    The long-delayed release of Junxure Inc.'s cloud-based version of its customer relationship management system was finally announced on Wednesday. The question now is whether advisers will pay for a service already available from Redtail and Salesforce.

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    Does increased technology usage boost advisers' bottom lines?

    This is an excerpt from the 2013 InvestmentNews Technology Study.We have identified a group of advisory firms that use — and rely on — technology more than other firms, and after analyzing their financial performance to measure the impact on their business, have concluded that these firms have

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    How advisers will communicate with clients in five years

    Video conferencing, text messaging and more robust online services will define the way advisers interact with clients in the future.

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    Making your office paperless is the way to go

    I love having a paperless office. At first, I was skeptical: Was it too ambitious to try to be totally paperless? Would we sacrifice efficiency? Could everything be documented without keeping any physical files?It took only a couple of years to become fully paperless. We did it in steps.We decided

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    Sterne Agee confirms CEO was fired after investigation report

    Sterne Agee Group Inc. on Monday confirmed that the decision to fire its former chief executive, James S. Holbrook, came after the firm was notified by federal investigators that he was the target of an investigation. “The firm was notified that Mr. Holbrook is the subject of an investigation” by

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    Morningstar settles software piracy case

    Morningstar reached an agreement with Business Logic, which had filed an intellectual property lawsuit against the research firm.

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    The top apps being embraced by NextGen advisers

    What an Elite Group of Younger Advisors Has to Say from Advisor Perspectives. I recently served as a facilitator for the annual NexGen conference, this year held on the campus of Augustana University in Moline, IL., where I was able to gain insight into the very different way that the financial

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    Cybersecurity hottest topic in compliance, survey finds

    Cybersecurity is the hottest topic in compliance, according to a survey of compliance professionals. Other areas of interest include social media, valuation and allocation of fees and expenses

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The bond market is beginning to look like a textbook definition of a bubble
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