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    7 traits all successful team leaders share

    Take stock of what will be expected of you and the skills you need to hone when becoming a team leader

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    From the C Suite with Wetherby Asset Management CEO Debra Wetherby: Aim to be inspirational, not authoritarian

    Along the challenging route toward building a $4B advisory firm, the CEO transformed herself into a more patient and nurturing leader.

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    A sure-fire approach to get employees to stay

    Mark Johannessen says firms need to help each staff member grow and feel respected as a professional. Here's how he does it.

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    Want more time? Trim client investment options

    Advisers have hundreds of funds in client portfolios, research shows, an onerous amount that saps efficiency.

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    Time for RIAs to break out of the cottage industry mold

    More often than not, RIAs spend all of their time and energy focusing on their clients and very little on the management of their businesses. Mark Hurley and the Fiduciary Network reported that more than 90% of the independent wealth management industry (approximately 19,000 firms) is made up of

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    Breaking up (an advisory firm) is easy to do?

    A year ago FJY Financial co-founder Dan Joss left the advisory firm that he, Marjorie Fox and Jon Yankee formed nine years ago after the trio lived through an acrimonious split from another financial planning firm. This time, the trio vowed to make sure things went more smoothly.

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    Elite advisers focused on employees and operations for future growth

    Continued success will require more than marketing focus, top performing firms say.

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    The top 10 reasons to become a financial adviser

    There are so many reasons to choose this profession, those who are currently in it just need to do a better job of helping to spread the word

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    7 qualities of the most effective team leaders

    It takes partnership and collaboration to build a team that can achieve goals and create sustainable success.

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    From the C Suite with Raymond James' CEO Paul Reilly: Listen and learn. But in a crunch, be decisive

    Exec honed his listening and peacemaking skills growing up as the third of eight children and those talents have come in handy.

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    Adviser shares secrets for running a successful business

    A values-driven culture, written business plans and the room to make mistakes are important factors in an advisory business' success, said one founder of a thriving firm. Advisers should figure out which goals are meaningful to them, and not let others' ideas about success take precedence, said

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    Lessons from Duke's Coach K: 3 keys to leading an exceptional team

    The legendary coach, coming off another national championship, offers business leaders insight on what it takes to build a sustainable winning team

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    Elliot Weissbluth on management: Fire yourself every year

    HighTower CEO takes a page from former Intel chief Andrew Grove to keep ahead of the curve in an ever-changing business

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    Where are the women? Bridging the gender gap in the advice business

    Tips for what advisers can do to build awareness of who they are, what they do and what they represent.

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    7 signs an adviser measures up to a professional standard of care

    Defining the profession's standard of care, and making sure advisers meet it, is in everyone's best interests and doesn't require action by regulators