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    Is fear stunting your growth?

    If you had no fear, would you be running your business and living your life exactly the way you are today? The following chart will help you determine just how much fear rules you. Take a look at the two columns.How many “Fearful” items describe you? (function(d){ var js, id="pikto-embed-js",

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    Edward Jones sponsors college-credit course to prep students for Series 7 exam

    Course will be offered to financial and nonfinancial majors to offer them a taste of the advice profession.

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    When tribal knowledge is a threat

    "Knowledge is good” was the motto of fictional Faber College in the iconic 1978 film “Animal House.” Not even Delta Tau Chi troublemaker John Blutarsky could argue with the simple truth of the Faber motto, although he didn't acquire much of it during his seven years there.

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    Organic growth is key to $4.8B firm's success

    Ballentine Partners is among the fastest-growing RIAs in the country, and it's one of the few that has built its business organically and without relying on institutional clients to juice its assets.

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    You don't have to go it alone

    Gains from creating an advisory team are tremendous, though not without trials.

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    Adviser movement heats up the dog days of summer

    This week's top InvestmentNews stories feature an LPL exec's exit, potential pitfalls for brokers changing jobs, a flurry of adviser moves and a high-profile lesson in trust planning.

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    Financial Telesis adviser with $700M bolts to Commonwealth

    A Financial Telesis Inc. adviser with $700 million in assets under management has bucked LPL Financial's recruiting and signed on with Commonwealth Financial Network.Benjamin W. Wong, who runs an eponymous financial planning firm in Pleasanton, Calif., has joined the custody and clearing firm with

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    Wealthfront deal with 49ers is a big marketing score

    Deal with the NFL franchise enhances the cachet of the fast-growing online advice upstart.

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    How will LPL's new tech platform measure up against the competition?

    Questions remain about whether ClientWorks will be on par with other third-party open architecture platforms for advisers.

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    Rethinking succession planning by putting clients first

    When it comes to succession planning, we are seeing positive changes in the advice profession. According to our research, more firms have written succession plans than in years past, and importantly, more firms are focused on how thoughtful succession and continuity planning can serve as an ...

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    Maintaining success in an increasingly competitive industry

    This is an excerpt from the executive summary of the 2014 InvestmentNews Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms. To preorder the full study (available in September), click here.

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    Larry Roth: Defining the next 10 years for independent broker-dealers

    Larry Roth, CEO of Cetera Financial Group, warns against consolidation at the expense of client and adviser relationships.

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    Brokers' own accounts tip off firms to a move

    Brokers who make large drawdowns from their investment accounts may be showing their hand before breaking away.

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    6 books that changed Joe Duran's life

    As we approach the final languid days of summer I thought I'd share some of the books that helped open my eyes, gave me hope and changed my life for the better. I've listed them in the order I read them and how they shaped my perspective on the world and my approach to entrepreneurship.

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    3 questions advisers should ask themselves before buying new technology

    You hear it everywhere. Technology is evolving rapidly and to stay ahead you must jump in or your business will stumble. It's true that technology available for advisers today can make an incredible difference in their businesses — from creating a paperless office using straight-through processing