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    How advisers can close the industry's gender pay gap

    Be aware that many women in your firm can do the jobs above those they're currently in, but might not recognize it.

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    Advisers: Speak up and share what you know and what you do

    You're doing amazing work, but you're so busy doing the work that you don't always have time to let anyone know what you're doing

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    How to encourage the rise of senior women in financial advice

    Firms need women's voices at the top to help shape their strategic decision-making and stay in tune with their clients' needs.

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    RIA firms have room for more women

    Women who have left Wall Street to launch their own independent registered investment advisory firms offer similar reasons that men give for making the move. Like men, they desire more control over their businesses; they are far more comfortable working for clients as a fiduciary and earning a fee

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    Mentor encouraged adviser's adventure

    When Christine Damico graduated from college, she immediately started her first job at an advisory firm. Before taking her next professional step four years later, she wanted to veer off the career path briefly and travel overseas. She wound up spending three months in South Africa volunteering on

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    Sheryl Garrett on the importance of making impartial financial advice accessible to all

    How she created a successful hourly financial planning firm for the average person despite early mistakes

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    The pay gap between the sexes is relatively slim in financial advice

    Pay inequity in the industry beats the national median, but the data takes a discouraging turn when looking at firm owners

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    Adviser's Consultant: A successor's take on a winning transition

    Eric Hehman of Austin Asset offers tips for how to make this challenging period work.

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    Military veterans turn to financial planning as a way to give back

    Veterans bestow on others the financial lessons they've received during their time in the military.

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    The costly mistake 80% of advisers make

    Succession planning is like exercising: You know it's good for you, but it's easy to put off until tomorrow.

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    Have founderitis? Learn to let go

    It's hard, but you have to let your successor make decisions and step up into the leadership role.

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    Back to the Future: What the advice industry will look like in 30 years

    In “Back To The Future II,” Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown hop in their DeLorean, harness 1.21 gigawatts of power, and leapfrog 30 years into the future, to Oct. 21, 2015. Great Scott, that's today! To mark the duo's time-traveling escapades, we asked industry watchers to envision the state

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    Advisory firm owners balance rewarding performance with keeping a lid on compensation

    Firm owners attempt to balance rewarding adviser performance with keeping a lid on compensation. (More: IN's 2015 Adviser Compensation and Staffing Study special report)

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    Who earns what?

    $291,536 OWNER INCOME Pretax income per owner by firm revenue *Top performers are those firms who rank in the top quartile of a compound ranking of the following: operating profit margin, pretax income per owner, year-over-year revenue growth, revenue per professional and earnings before owner

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    Former Edward Jones adviser faces jail time

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A former Edward Jones adviser is sentenced to five years in the slammer for bilking a disabled woman out of more than $100,000.