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    Independent advisers' growth is slowing

    Competition for new clients is increasingly fierce, InvestmentNews study finds, and top-performing firms are taking decisive action.

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    How to build a 401(k) business from scratch

    Advisers have poured into defined-contribution territory over the last several years. Before the 2008 recession, approximately 150,000 out of 300,000 active financial advisers were getting paid for services provided to a DC plan, according to figures from The Retirement Advisor University. That

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    The makeup of independent advisory firms has fundamentally changed

    Employee advisers now outnumber firm owners at independent advisory firms — but warning signs persist.

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    Adviser's Consultant: What it takes to retain women advisers

    Brittain Prigge of Balentine shares her firm's success in cultivating a staff in which female advisers make up the majority.

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    Ohio firm's secret – go where the clients are

    Ohio firm Carnegie Investment Counsel's move to the suburbs increased productivity and convenience for clients, according to Gary P. Wagner, a principal of the firm and its chief operating officer.

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    Avoid assumptions when forming partnerships

    Discussions that evade specificds and include a large number of presumptions can doom a partnership to failure from the get-go.

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    Five tips to add fee-based advisory work

    For commission-based advisers considering the addition of fee-based advisory services, it's important to prepare for the many activities that such a move entails. It doesn't happen overnight, nor with the flip of a switch.

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    From the ranch to Wall Street: Lessons from a serendipitous career journey

    LPL Financial's chief risk officer offers five principles that helped her manage her career to unexpected opportunities.

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    Use exit interviews to ensure employees are happier than Amazonians

    Ask departing employees certain questions to uncover bad morale or other issues

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    Serving the super-wealthy requires extra-special service

    Our latest in the 'Adviser's Consultant' series features tips from Constellation Wealth Advisors CEO Paul Tramontano.

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    Michael Kitces' weekend reading for financial advisers

    A wrap-up of the Labor Department's fiduciary hearings, analyzing how much income retirees really need, and the rest of the week's must-reads for advisers.

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    The psychology of regulation: applying nudge theory to compliance

    Nudge theory and the rise of advanced technology promise new methods for advisory firms to fight the good fight in a world where the dangers of non-compliance have never been greater.

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    I'm a salesperson. You should be, too.

    Being able to persuade people to do what you really believe is in their best interests is very important.

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    Michael Kitces' weekend reading for financial advisers

    Pimco gets put on notice, the latest twist in the CFP Board-Camarda battle, and the rest of the week's must-reads for advisers

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    Michael Kitces' weekend reading for financial advisers

    Analyzing the Camarda vs CFP Board dismissal, Schwab staffing up, and more adviser must-reads