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    How a uniform client service plan can help a fledgling firm grow

    As industry competition continues to rise, advisers must take steps to grow their businesses quickly and sustainably.

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    Morgan Stanley's Hunger Games-inspired video they don't want you to see

    The straitlaced wirehouse pulled the plug on this 10-minute spoof of the popular "Hunger Games" series. But did it go too far? You decide.

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    Having integrated technology can improve RIAs' businesses

    Examples of how RIAs can make workflows more efficient by making sure their technology communicates

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    Top-performing firms invest big in technology — a critical driver of success

    Major emphasis on tech spending and utilization helps leading advisory firms stay ahead of the curve.

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    Are your 2015 goals already slipping away?

    If your goals are tied to specific dollar figures, one thing is missing and that's the reason why.

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    Life planning 'robo-style'

    George Kinder's holistic approach now available in an automated version for clients.

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    Fidelity's acquisition of eMoney Advisor could be a watershed moment for the advice industry

    Independent advisers might look at this deal as a 'canary in the coal mine moment'.

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    Apps for financial advisers to help with time management

    Managing emails, scheduling appointments, taking calls and even booking dinner reservations with clients not as time consuming as they once were. (Plus: See a snapshot of the top seven apps.)

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    What constitutes a niche practice?

    Five questions to determine if you have an effective strategy to serve your target market

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    Adviser technology is now all about the client

    Concentration on costs and on tech's impact on profits is giving way to client concerns and overall productivity. (Don't miss: The 2015 Adviser Technology Study special report)

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    Don't let your business go down in flames like Kodak

    Insights from Peter Diamandis, the renowned pioneer in innovation, who is CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation.

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    3 qualities all advisers' outsourcing partners should share

    Critical to find outsourcing partners who have the necessary expertise, are trustworthy, and can help improve an adviser's business

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    The Super Bowl ending and what you can learn from it

    Three lessons about making decisions under pressure gleaned from the epic conclusion to Super Bowl XLIX.

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    Create a marketing calendar to keep your prospect pipeline full

    Planning a year in advance for communications, events, etc. helps advisers stay on track toward goals.

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    Wealthfront, Edelman clash on robo-advisers

    The old guard of wealth management clashed with the new as Ric Edelman delivered a bleak assessment of his peers' future during a spirited debate with Adam Nash, the top executive at Wealthfront.