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    Systematizing these processes will help your firm grow

    Financial advisers are finding that systematizing certain processes and procedures creates efficiencies that can boost profitability and help their firms grow.Advisers who create detailed steps and systems that are followed by everyone at the firm for certain tasks, such as signing up a new client

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    CFP and ChFC in different leagues, CFP Board says

    War of words continues as American College and CFP Board aim to attract designees.

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    The reasons why human and robo-advisers will soon converge

    Robo-advisers and real advisers each have what the other wants.Robo-advisers, for all their bluster about empowering do-it-yourself investors with high-tech portfolio management wizardry, will ultimately morph to advice-giving firms with cool technology.Real advisers, the flesh and blood

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    LPL losing a top recruiter

    LPL is losing one of its leading recruiters, in the wake of three other recruiters resigning in the past year and a half.

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    Algorithms stalling recovery, or so it seems as hot resumes go nowhere fast

    Expanding use of technology that uses ultra-specific criteria to screen and winnow candidates may be perpetuating one of the most unusual features of the slow rebound in the U.S. labor market: Despite a steady increase in openings since the recession ended in 2009, these positions are being matched

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    The future of running a financial advisory practice

    Top practice management experts discuss how advisers need to get ready for the changes the next 10 years will bring.

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    Billions on the move

    More billion-dollar-plus teams have been pulling up stakes and changing firms in the last few years.

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    As economy improves, veteran advisers stay put

    Strong market performance keeps most clients and advisers in place. Check out our database to see who's moving where.

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    Market gains, organic growth help RIAs achieve record profits

    More than one-third of firms have doubled AUM and revenue since market lows of '09.

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    Adviser Dan Joss departs FJY Financial

    FJY Financial co-founder and chief operating officer Dan Joss has split from the well-known Northern Virginia advisory firm and joined Covenant Wealth Advisors, based in Williamsburg, Va. Mr. Joss, Marjorie Fox and Jon Yankee started the firm eight years ago when the trio left financial planning

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    How advisers will communicate with clients in five years

    Video conferencing, text messaging and more robust online services will define the way advisers interact with clients in the future.

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    Steward hits $1 billion in recruited assets with new $315 million team

    Year-old RIA backed by Raymond James making a splash with former Morgan Stanley brokers

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    Even decades of legal protection don't create diversity

    What barriers can be identified and scaled to address this pervasive weakness in the financial advice industry?

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    Wells Fargo hires UBS team in Texas

    Wells Fargo Advisors has hired Robert “Bob” Higley and Robert “Bob” Gardner III from UBS Financial.They managed a combined $300 million in assets and had $2.5 million in production.The two joined the Memorial City, Texas, branch July 1. They bring a total of 61 years of industry experience to Wells

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    3 lessons in team building advisers can learn from the San Antonio Spurs

    The focus of the sporting world has quickly shifted to the World Cup, but I believe there are some valuable takeaways from another recent sporting event: the San Antonio Spurs' dismantling of the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. The key to the Spurs' victory was how each team member played within ...

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Jul 22 01:47PM
Fidelity adds $37.2B in defined contribution assets but pace slows
Jul 22 01:45PM
Systematize these processes and watch your firm grow @newsfromIN

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