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    Adviser who sold tax avoidance schemes sent to prison for tax evasion

    California man acting as a financial adviser was sentenced to two years in prison for filing false tax returns.

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    Falcone resigns as chairman, CEO of Harbinger Group

    Founder of hedge fund firm Harbinger Capital Partners last year settled a probe by U.S. regulators by admitting improperly borrowing money from his fund to pay his personal taxes.

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    How to avoid the unexpected capital gain gift

    Even if an investor didn't sell shares in a fund this year, if a manager took profits or sold to meet redemptions, the investor shares in the tax burden.

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    Higher taxes loom for fund investors

    Financial advisers doing end-of-the-year planning for clients must begin the work of reconciling the gains of the U.S. economy and financial markets with mutual fund and ETF capital gains that could increase those clients' tax liabilities.

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    New, easy and free technology to figure out capital gains distributions

    Online database makes avoiding complicated tax savings a thing of the past.

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    IRS losing the battle over mega-IRAs as company founders fill retirement accounts with nonpublic stock

    Corporate and private equity executives can accumulate millions of dollars in tax-favored retirement accounts, taking advantage of gaps in the law and IRS enforcement, according to a Government Accountability Office study.The Internal Revenue Service has trouble fighting back, because legal

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    Mixing tax time and the holidays

    Financial advisers should be urging their higher-income clients to come in for tax planning sessions.

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    Working around the wash-sale rule

    Options can be handy tools for loss harvesting, but be careful you don't run afoul of the IRS

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    Strong dollar makes a strong case for currency-hedged ETFs

    Midweek Breakfast with Benjamin: What's making dollar bulls cheer. Plus: Picking winners and losers in the net-neutrality fight, Goldman's coveted promotion cycle, Dems suddenly like the Keystone XL pipeline, and Tim Geithner ruffles the Europeans.

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    GOP Senate win gives it the clout to change Obamacare

    With Republicans leading the House and Senate next year, the possibility of some reforms to the Affordable Care Act are possible. The rules around the employer mandate seem to be those most likely to find compromise within the Congress and at the White House.

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    How charitable giving can offset bull market gains

    Charitable giving is on the rise this year as advisers and clients contend with the challenge of offsetting investments that have been climbing in value.As the year winds down, advisers and tax experts gear up for a conversation with their clients on their charitable giving plans. It's a win-win:

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    Corporate tax reform would leave advisers, brokers behind

    Despite Republican takeover of Senate, disparate goals of lawmakers may make progress hard to come by.

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    Republicans expected to tackle retirement issues in 2015

    Bipartisan spirit could lead to movement on key initiatives, including small employer 401(k)s; state actions also possible.

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    Ring out the old year with a bowlful of tax strategies

    With fewer than eight weeks left in the year, it's now time to gear up for year-end tax planning. This year was a painful one for many high-net-worth taxpayers as they contended with higher levies on their 2013 returns from the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. “When ATRA was enacted on the

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    Five tax moves made easier with technology

    Five tax moves made easier with technology By Sheryl Rowling Year-end is approaching. If you act before Dec. 31, you just might be able to cut down on your clients' 2014 tax bills. While many of these strategies can be very labor intensive, technology can come to the rescue. 1. Harvest tax losses