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    What Obama's attempt to tax 529 plans says about the safety of Roth IRA assets

    Changes could spark revolt, but 'when Congress needs dollars, they're going to get them,' one adviser says.

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    TD Ameritrade to branch out trust services in alliance with National Advisors Trust Co.

    TD Ameritrade Institutional is teaming with a national trust company to provide advisers with a corporate trust solution for clients — without the fear that this trustee will turn around and compete for the assets. The Jersey City, N.J.-based custodian created the Advisors Private Wealth Trust with

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    Obama backs off 529 college savings plan proposal

    Issue becomes distraction from president's broader plan to expand and simplify tax breaks for education

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    FSI to zero in on state advocacy this year

    Group set to launch lobbying days in Florida, Texas, New York and California.

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    2014 stock market rally pays off for charitable giving

    Last year's market gains were great for investors and even better for charitable organizations, as clients sought to mitigate the ill effects of capital gains taxes.The S&P 500 wrapped up 2014 with a gain of about 11%, continuing the recovery that's been unfolding since the market nadir in the

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    Global bankers are painting the Fed into a corner

    Breakfast with Benjamin features the Federal Reserve being caught between a rock and a hard place on rate hikes. Plus: Greeks vote to kick the can down the road, Obama's tax grab looks like a blueprint for the future, and a billionaire tells Americans to spend less money

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    TurboTax raises prices and the tax-prep software battle is on

    But comparing the three market leaders — TurboTax, TaxACT and H&R Block — isn't easy.

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    Obama's tax proposals fall short

    Some of the president's tax plans likely will give nightmares to the clients of financial advisers.

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    Weighing a Plan B in estate planning in light of Obama's proposed tax overhaul

    President Barack Obama's proposed tax plan has ignited a new conversation among tax experts on which possible strategies would work best if it goes through.

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    The next thing to worry about: Investor overconfidence

    In Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin, the downside of a multi-year bull market in stocks: Investors get overconfident. Plus: If oil drops to $30 look out below, not all hedge fund workers are rich, and what the IRS is looking for now.

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    Good looks aren't everything, but it might help you attract more assets

    In today's Breakfast with Benjmain, looks might help money managers land more assets, but they also tend to underperform. Plus: Darryl Strawberry's contract balance goes to the highest bidder, Florida investment manager charged with bilking $17M from clients, and a hedge fund manager uses proper ...

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    Little incentive to use 529 plans under Obama proposal

    College planning would change under president's reforms to education tax code.

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    Obama's capital gains tax plan: What it boils down to for you and your clients

    Three potential financial planning issues you might have to handle if president's proposal becomes law.

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    Gold shines amid growing economic stress in Europe

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin includes gold hitting its highest level since September. Plus: Obama wants to tak 529 plans to fund free community college, emerging-market-debt managers emerge from the wreckage of 2014, and it's time to change some passwords.

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    Tax traps to avoid in 2015

    Plenty of paperwork and pain await taxpayers and accountants this year. Here are the biggest pitfalls to watch out for.