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    IRS sets cost of living adjustments for 2015

    Employees will be able contribute more to their defined contribution plans in tax year 2015, thanks to cost-of-living adjustments announced Thursday by the Internal Revenue Service.Contribution limits for employees participating in 401(k), 403(b), most 457 plans and the federal government's $400

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    Social Security cost-of-living adjustment to rise less than 2% again in 2015

    Social Security Administration says benefits will rise 1.7% next year, coming to about $20 extra per month, which some argue won't cover health care inflation.

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    How are REIT dividends taxed?

    My recent column talked about companies lowering their overall tax burden by spinning off or be¬coming REITs that pay no corporate level of tax. Readers have asked if these real estate investment trusts pay qualifying dividends or are REIT investors taxed like MLP investors. The answers might

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    Uncle Sam wants a bigger bite

    The Tax Foundation crunched the numbers and came up with estimated brackets and rates for 2015. Looks like brackets are climbing a bit.

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    Pimco Total Return takes big hit

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Gross leaves and the cash follows. Plus: A new robo-adviser enters the market; Schorsch at it again, with a twist; corporations are healthy, healthy, healthy; oil prices are falling; and Elon Musk's next move.

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    Biotechs riding high as Ebola diagnosed in the U.S.

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Biotechs riding high. Plus: Reading into the market's Halloween indicator, J.P. Morgan steps in another MBS mess, Ford looks like a preview of things to come for stocks, and investing like rich folks, even if you aren't rich yet.

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    Yellen to the markets: Don't say you weren't warned

    Midweek Breakfast with Benjamin: Yellen warned us. Plus: SEC probes Pimco ETF over asset pricing, America's 401(k)s are failing investors, and how Obama's attack on corporate inversions flunks basic math.

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    Market risk is ignored by invincible investors

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A real risk thanks to the bull market: investors' sense of invincibility, plus El-Erian dishes on Pimco, second-guessing Calpers, and more.

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    Distinguishing financial planner from investment adviser

    Monday's Breakfast with Benjamin Distinguishing financial planner from investment adviser. Plus: Gold looks tarnished, the Russell 2000 heads into 'death cross' territory, buying stocks in a buyback cycle, bank stocks in a rising-rate market, and another tax penalty, courtesy of Obamacare

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    Inversions the latest tax-cutting strategy

    U.S. corporations have been going through a series of reinventions to minimize bite from the IRS

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    Romney-sized IRAs scrutinized as government studies taxes

    'Never intended to be a tax shelter for millionaires,' Congressman says of retirement savings vehicle.

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    Corporate tax dodging targeted as nations draw up battle plan

    The tax-avoidance strategies that companies like Google Inc., Apple Inc. and Inc. use to escape more than $100 billion a year of levies in the U.S. and Europe are under threat from a plan drawn up by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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    Sometimes the IRS loses in court

    Engineer's rollover case points out the need for a good lawyer schooled in tax law.

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    Popular tax breaks will get renewed this year, GOP says

    Republican lawmakers see tax-extender approval going through before the end of 2014, keeping tax breaks favored by clients in place.

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    Smart beta, by any other name, is still smart

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, a look at how smart beta has grown in prominence despite criticism, the performance-killing fees of active management, another type of corporate inversion, and more.