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    Tax lessons learned for the 2013 season

    Six tips could prevent your clients from getting slapped with a four-figure tax bill next year.

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    The succession strategy to defer taxes

    A 50% increase in capital gains tax rates makes this a good time to consider an ESOP, which can help both owners and companies defer the tax.

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    LGBT married clients weather complicated tax season

    Though same-sex married couples and their advisers have been preparing for Tax Day since last year, many still faced tidal waves of paperwork in what could be the first of many complicated tax seasons. Last June, U.S. v. Windsor, a key Supreme Court decision, knocked down Section 3 of the Defense

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    Investors turn focus to first-quarter earnings

    Breakfast with Benjamin: All eyes are on earnings. Plus: The SEC discovers high-frequency trading, momentum takes out passive investors, AAA credit ratings becoming extinct, new love for emerging markets, six solid stocks to watch this week, overwhelmed at the IRS, and Switzerland votes for the ...

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    Higher tax rates fail to dent economic growth

    As the political fight over raising taxes for high-income Americans fades, so are predictions for negative economic fallout. The first boost in marginal income rates in 20 years is already reducing the U.S. budget deficit without tipping the economy into recession.

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    Advisers brace for onslaught as Tax Day nears

    New tax laws mean new and perhaps unexpected liabilities for clients – and even some advisers

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    Capital gains surged ahead of U.S. tax increase

    Investors took profits in 2012 before the top capital gains rate rose to 23.8% and President Obama's investment tax for his health care plan took effect. Capital gains surged 60% in 2012 over 2011.

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    Taking a closer look at tax reform

    House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., has proposed sweeping changes to the Internal Revenue Code.

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    Nitty-gritty of claiming college tax credits

    With the $2,500 American Opportunity Tax Credit's phaseout now at $180,000 of modified adjusted gross income, more parents are eligible. But claiming it requires coordination with distributions from 529s and education savings accounts.

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    Credit Suisse's U.S. clients in limbo as prosecutors inch ahead

    Thousands of Credit Suisse Group AG's U.S. clients still don't know whether tax authorities will learn their identities as prosecutors work to conclude a three-year probe of how the bank helped them evade taxes.

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    More Americans renouncing citizenship

    But declaring 'independence' comes with hefty taxes – which trusts can help curb.

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    Obama's budget: What advisers need to know

    SEC would get funding boost; limits placed on retirement-savings tax breaks for wealthy.

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    How to pick apart charitable trusts

    The benefits of charitable trusts vary — particularly when it comes to interest rate environments.

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    Ex-UBS banker pleads guilty in 17-year U.S. tax scheme

    Martin Lack admitted that for 17 years he helped U.S. clients maintain secret overseas accounts.

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    An ETF 'missionary,' Dave Camp's tax plan

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A man called "Mr. ETF," plus the skinny on Dave Camp's tax plan, Edward Jones settles cold calling case, a Wall St. cop moves on and a new take on "insider" trading.

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