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    Mutual fund outflows add to the pain of capital gains distributions

    Mutual fund outflows can spell capital gains disaster and this year, some funds with low turnover are reporting sizable capital gains distributions as managers sell securities to meet investor withdrawals.

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    Advisers need to stay on top of tax game as IRS eyes audits for millionaires

    The tax collection agency may re-evaluate high-income taxpayers and expand to ultra high net-worth

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    IRS rethinks rules for savings accounts to care for young people with disabilities

    The tax-advantaged savings accounts that Congress approved late last year to cover costs of caring for young individuals with disabilities are a step closer to being available. The Internal Revenue Service on Friday issued changes to the proposed rules for how states can offer and operate these 529

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    Attorney learns the wrong way to deduct IRA losses

    Given the recent market volatility, advisers have questioned whether you can deduct losses incurred within an IRA. The answer is no. Losses as well as gains are never recognized within an IRA.That was always the case, but that didn't stop an attorney from testing this in a recent tax court case. He

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    How to avoid becoming a tax scam victim

    Breakfast with Benjamin: After the big IRS data breach, few people probably trust the agency regarding data security. Nonetheless, it's offered a checklist of ways to avoid becoming a tax-scam victim.

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    New Ways & Means chairman gives Speaker Ryan a tax-reform partner

    One of Rep. Kevin Brady's ongoing pursuits has been eliminating the estate tax.

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    Financial markets brace for fallout from the Paris terror attacks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The financial markets are likely to be swept up in the immediate unrest following Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

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    Cutting clients' tax liability becomes top of mind for advisers as tax season opens

    InvestmentNews webcast panel says charitable giving, mutual fund capital gains distributions and RMDs key issues to cover.

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    NBA's Tim Duncan files a second lawsuit against his financial adviser

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The NBA star is claiming to have lost $1.1M by being invested in a bankrupt cosmetics company.

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    Chinese stocks go from a sell to a buy just like that

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Emerging-markets fund manager who darted out of Chinese stocks at the best possible time is now moving back in.

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    Brace for a wet blanket of energy-sector earnings

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Like a big wet blanket, energy-sector earnings are coming out in bunches, and expectations are not great.

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    Year-end tax planning strategies advisers should be considering

    With only two months left in the year, there are some tax strategies advisers should consider to reduce their clients' tax bills.

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    Technology can help advisers manage mutual fund capital gains taxes

    Hit this year could be big as many client portfolios are down and funds project steep distributions.

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    How advisers can help lessen the impact of the alternative minimum tax

    High-earning clients likely to be caught up in the tax code's confusing alternate universe.

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    Sounding the secular stagnation alarm bells

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Larry Summers is sounding the alarm for secular stagnation.