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    Powerful GOP senator to defend retirement tax incentives

    Incoming Senate finance chairman Orrin Hatch says retirement vehicles are the 'greatest wealth creator' for the middle class, and shouldn't be part of tax reform.

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    Maybe the Fed isn't going to raise rates next year

    Paul Krugman is skeptical of the consensus for a rate hike. Plus: The risky downside of oil's slide, passive investing all the rage, Congress actually does something, Americans turn bullish.

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    Saving for retirement likely to be harder for small-business owners under tax reform

    Take steps to accelerate retirement plan contributions before the enactment of new limits, taxes and rules.

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    Some year-end tax strategies to consider

    When is the best time for clients to fund their retirement plans? One has until April 15, 2015 to contribute to their retirement plan for 2014, but is that optimal? A report from the Vanguard Group Inc. sheds new light on the issue.

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    Financial advisers need to check up on clients' medical debt

    About 52% of the collections reported by credit agencies are owed to hospitals and other medical providers. Advisers must stand ready to help negotiate claims and make sure medical debt doesn't wreck client credit reports.

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    Joan Rivers' estate planning gambit: A New York state of residence

    A quirk that splits Joan Rivers' state of residency and state of domicile catches estate planning experts' eyes.

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    Are ETFs really cheaper than mutual funds?

    New report from Morningstar casts doubt on the relative cost advantages of popular exchange-traded funds. And there is, of course, the Vanguard effect.

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    Advisers must help clients decide how HSAs fit in their plans

    Clients need more knowledge about health savings accounts and their potential role in helping fund health and retirement needs.

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    How to avoid a tidal wave of taxes from IRAs

    Pre-retirement planning strategies help reduce tax impact from required minimum distributions.

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    Senate expected to pass 'bare minimum' tax extender bill

    House vote late Wednesday provides $42 million in temporary relieve to taxpayers but nothing for 2015.

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    Financial adviser, and Teddy bear collector, goes to prison for fraud

    On Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin, adviser, Teddy bear collector and former New York Islanders co-owner gets jail time for major financial fraud. Plus: Congress is finally disapproving of Congress, the real 'slack' in the labor market, and realizing even more things are taxable than you ...

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    Accountants, advisers cautious on strategies as tax breaks remain elusive

    Sometimes the best planning approach is to do nothing in an uncertain environment.

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    Congress poised to pass tax-extender extender, extending advisers' frustration

    House is expected to vote Wednesday on legislation that would extend retroactively for one year an assortment of individual and business tax breaks.

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    Give me a (tax) break: ETFs and tax efficiency

    Breaking down some key differences between ETFs and mutual funds so you can help clients avoid unpleasant surprises.

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    Tips to help make this year less painful for wealthy clients

    From charitable giving to capital gains and Roth conversions, ways to ease tax bills.