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    The end of discounts for FLPs?

    The IRS is revising the rules related to valuing interests in family-controlled partnerships

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    What advisers like and fear in Trump's tax plan

    Financial planners appreciate the simplifying aspects but wonder about specifics.

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    Trump tax plan takes a page from other Republicans

    Eliminates carried-interest deduction, reduces top bracket on wealthiest Americans.

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    It's not too early to start preparing for mutual fund capital gains taxes

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If you thought 2014 was a rough year for mutual fund capital gains taxes, you might want to start adjusting those portfolios to avoid a repeat.

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    Why the upward trend for stocks is no more

    Plus: Goldman's Cohen says don't chase high-dividend stocks, university endowments become hedge funds, and companies are taking the carbon tax threat seriously

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    Deutsche Bank say the Fed should not raise rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Deutsche Bank lays out seven reasons why the Fed won't raise rates next week.

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    Jeb Bush tax plan would set investment taxes at 20%, eliminate deductions

    The presidential candidate also would eliminate so-called “carried interest” that allows private equity and hedge fund partners to pay capital gains taxes rather than ordinary income taxes on their share of fund profits.

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    Market volatility puts spotlight on tax-planning strategies

    With recent market swings come opportunities for advisers to lower their clients' tax bills.

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    Support grows to repeal Obamacare 'Cadillac tax'

    Bipartisans in Congress — as well as business and labor groups — are coalescing to try to stop a tax on high-premium health care plans.

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    The biggest market risk right now might be trying to time this market

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The stock market is clearly shaky, but trying to time it is a fool's game.

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    Dynasty trust planning: a tax-efficient way to manage wealthy families' assets

    It is an estate-planning tool through which a parent's or grandparent's assets can continue to grow indefinitely for future generations without being subject to gift, estate or generation-skipping transfer taxes.

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    Ohio firm's secret – go where the clients are

    Ohio firm Carnegie Investment Counsel's move to the suburbs increased productivity and convenience for clients, according to Gary P. Wagner, a principal of the firm and its chief operating officer.

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    Fees v. commissions: Different tax advantages

    Advisers need to create a pricing model that best reflects the type of business they run and the services they provide.

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    Gloom overshadows Wall Street, but some economists still see a September rate hike

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Despite the mood on Wall Street getting downright gloomy, some economists still think the Fed will raise interest rates next month.

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    The Fed's quantitative easing experiment gets a failing grade

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A Fed official put some of the central bank's post-financial crisis actions under a magnifying glass and found they have done little to boost the economy.