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    House approves bill easing 529 plan rules

    Families may get to pay for computers again with these popular college savings accounts.

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    Morgan Stanley settles mortgage bond probe for $2.6 billion

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Plus: Buffet's opaque empire, Obama's regulatory plans and New York's efforts to keep its meat hooks in tax refugees.

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    Who needs a cash balance plan? Not just New Jersey

    A tussle over public pensions has thrust these defined-benefit plans into the spotlight.

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    The bond market and the Fed are suddenly marching in lockstep

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bond market and the Fed are suddenly marching in lockstep, with inflation clarity coming soon.

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    Gold loses its luster on the global stage

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A stronger dollar and record valuations for global stocks have kicked the precious metal to the curb.

  4. Articles tax document snafu bungles filing season for advisers, CPAs

    As many as 800,000 taxpayers received tax documents with erroneous information.

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    Tax complexities delay distribution of 1099s

    Many investors who are eager to file their taxes are frozen in place along with their advisers, as they wait for paperwork from their financial institutions currently wrestling with increasingly complicated reporting requirements.“The trend has been to issue the 1099s on investments later and

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    Tax season a nightmare for gay couples

    Tonya Keith typically spends four to eight hours doing her taxes each year. This year, she says, “I've got about 30 hours in, and I'm not done.” The reason: She and her wife got married last year in Seattle, but they live in Georgia, which doesn't recognize their marriage.This tax season is

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    Nine tax-saving apps for advisers

    Everyone can use a shortcut when doing taxes, and a few apps are grabbing advisers' attention as they find ways to save time and a few bucks on – or before – April 15.One of the first was the Internal Revenue Service's IRS2Go, available on iPhone and Android since 2011. It lets people track the

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    Advisers wary but cool in light of TurboTax refund debacle

    There's plenty of public concern over the deluge of phony tax returns being filed through TurboTax, but advisers are keeping cool heads for the time being. The popular tax software, a product of Intuit Inc., has been making headlines after 19 states reported possible fraudulent activity earlier

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    Longer life expectancies are killing pension funds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Pension funds never factored in that people would live as long as they're living. Plus: Fake hedge funder goes to extremes to cover his tracks, Congress to the rescue, and IRA missteps you can avoid

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    Charitable IRA rollovers and what you're missing, thanks to Congress

    Every two years since 2006, Congress has renewed the charitable IRA rollover, a valuable tax planning tool, but financial advisers and donors are never sure if it will happen.

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    Energy-sector stocks are feeling no love from Wall Street

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The energy sector has the highest level of short interest since 2008. Plus: Apple's market value tops $700 billion and already talk turns to the $1 trillion mark, Carl Icahn says Apple is already there, and is it time to rethink filing taxes online?

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    The hazards of securities-based lending as a source of retirement income

    Securities-based lending is emerging as a possible way to fund short-term expenses in retirement, but experts warn that advisers ought to use abundant caution when working with this strategy. Securities-based lending allows clients to tap a line of credit by pledging a portfolio of assets in a

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    Tax reform battle zeroes in on small businesses

    Corporate-only tax reform faces resistance for leaving out sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs and S corporations.