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    Advisers slow to take up robo opportunity

    Many advisers are trying to decide whether to offer a digital advice platform and how to incorporate and price the service. (Don't miss: 10 top robo-advisers to watch)

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    Want to survive an SEC audit? Go paperless

    Going paperless at the office is more than a nod to environmental virtuousness, it just might give advisers a leg up on SEC compliance exams.

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    Advisers drop the ball, don't prepare for 'Mobilegeddon'

    Google is switching its algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites for mobile searches, and that's going to leave many advisers hidden far down in search results.

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    Optimizing your site can give you a leg up

    Take the time to get your site mobile-ready, and make sure the content on it is easily readable and navigable

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    The commoditization of the robo adviser

    As online advice firms continue to mimic each other, they will come under pressure to differentiate themselves through new services and lower costs.

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    The biggest cyberthreat to a firm: Employees

    The biggest cyber threat for advisory firms may be right in the office. Experts say internal hacking is an emerging danger for advisers, and to protect client data breaches from inside, advisers need to address security issues with employees, implement stronger policies to steer away potential data

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    Will the LearnVest-Northwestern Mutual deal lead to a culture clash?

    Learnvest-Northwestern deal bodes well for fin tech firms, robos, but it's uncertain whether the financial planning service can maintain its indie culture.

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    Take that, Schwab: Wealthfront to expand free tax-loss harvesting

    In yet another response to Charles Schwab & Co.'s retail robo-adviser, Wealthfront will begin offering daily tax-loss harvesting to accounts of all sizes for free in April.

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    Schwab keeps forced cash allocation for newly announced advisers' robo

    The custodian will require institutional users of its robo-platform to hold a certain amount of assets in cash. (See also: 10 top robo-advisers to watch)

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    Know the cyberrisks to thwart them

    There's more to cybercrime than stealing client data, such as reputational risks to your brand

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    The smoke and mirrors of stock repurchase plans

    Breakfast with Benjamin: These plans are all the rage, but whether they provide any benefits to shareholders is a whole different issue.

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    Robo rumpus gets vicious

    The battle between robo-advisers and Charles Schwab & Co. is heating up. Online investing companies like Betterment and Hedgeable have jumped in to rally against Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, the discount broker-dealer's new retail robo-adviser. The arguments have spanned across the web on blog ...

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    Wealthfront CEO accuses Schwab of deceiving investors with 'free' new robo

    Adam Nash says Schwab is straying from its original values to profit from hidden costs.

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    As Apple Watch details emerge, what's in it for advisers?

    As Apple gets ready to take the wraps of its much-anticipated smart watch, financial advisers — and some of the companies that work with them — see a bigger role for wearable technology in the years ahead.

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    Schwab to launch adviser robo in Q2; consumer version unveiled today

    Charles Schwab & Co. will unveil its white label online platform for advisers in the second quarter.