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    A new way for advisers to keep up to speed on clients' life events

    The online tool lets advisers ask clients questions about their biggest life changes without emailing or calling for periodic check-ins.

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    Strategies to help advisers craft better, timelier tweets

    It takes experience to master the art of generating engagement via Twitter, and it starts with understanding your target audience's preferences and usage patterns.

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    Backing up data in the cloud essential to advisers' disaster-recovery planning

    Web-based programs are designed to ensure data security and remote access when emergencies happen.

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    Are robos making clients think that 1% fee is steep?

    Study finds 20% of investors strongly agree that the investment advice by advisers isn't worth the cost.

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    Most investors likely to use robo-advice: Survey

    Overall awareness still low but expected use forecast to climb sharply over next five years.

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    Without data standardization, advisers miss opportunities

    With such an emphasis growing on data, advisers need to be aware of not just what they're getting from their technology, but what's being put into it.

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    Advisers wasting time and money by underutilizing tech

    Wealth management professionals who don't take full advantage of their firm's software programs are at a competitive disadvantage.

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    Capital One joins the hybrid robo movement

    Capital One has jumped head-first into the hybrid robo-advisory movement with the debut of Capital One Investing, a digital platform that pairs its automated investing tools for retail investors with human advisers.The brokerage already has two digital investment platforms: PortfolioBuilder, which

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    The trouble with tech integration for advisers, vendors

    Onboarding a new technology platform or software system is often not what it seems.

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    Pershing adds Vestorly's digital marketing and data services to toolbox

    Firm's advisers will now be able to curate and customize posts from around the web for clients and prospects.

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    Two groups battle it out to create uniform national rule for fiduciaries to access digital assets

    The Uniform Law Commission and NetChoice are working separately to try to make it easier to close up accounts and transfer funds after the owner dies.

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    Fox Financial Planning Network launches robo-guide

    New services from organizations including Jemstep walk advisers through platforms.

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    Advisers need to step cautiously into the robo-world

    Get excited about the opportunities this new technology opens up, but be critical

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    Why you need to think like a technology company

    As the digital age of finance arrives, the opportunities for you and your clients have never been more abundant.

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    What's at stake for advisers if Salesforce is bought out?

    Speculation about a takeover of Salesforce has some advisers reconsidering their customer relationship management system options.