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    Two groups battle it out to create uniform national rule for fiduciaries to access digital assets

    The Uniform Law Commission and NetChoice are working separately to try to make it easier to close up accounts and transfer funds after the owner dies.

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    Fox Financial Planning Network launches robo-guide

    New services from organizations including Jemstep walk advisers through platforms.

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    Advisers need to step cautiously into the robo-world

    Get excited about the opportunities this new technology opens up, but be critical

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    Why you need to think like a technology company

    As the digital age of finance arrives, the opportunities for you and your clients have never been more abundant.

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    What's at stake for advisers if Salesforce is bought out?

    Speculation about a takeover of Salesforce has some advisers reconsidering their customer relationship management system options.

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    You've got mail ... and more mail ... and more ...

    You think your email inbox is bulging? Don't forget, the State Department has 55,000 pages of Hillary Rodham Clinton's correspondence to go through before releasing it next year.So, OK, you're not that bad off, but there are ways to make it better, including organizing the setup of your email,

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    Client expectations: More tech, lower fees

    Salesforce research shows advisers may need to restructure their businesses — or watch clients turn away.

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    Regulators' alert on robo-advice puts advisers on notice

    Advisers can use the guidance from the SEC and Finra to help shape their compliance policies.

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    Creating new position, LPL hires a chief technology officer

    LPL Financial on Monday announced it had hired a chief technology officer, filling a newly created role at the nation's biggest independent broker-dealer. In his new role, David Wright will be responsible for technology security, overseeing infrastructure operations and developing technology

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    Envestnet acquires Finance Logix

    The cash and stock deal, valued at more than $30 million, for the financial planning software provider marks yet another indicator of the industry's turn toward goals-based planning.

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    Vanguard officially launches its robo adviser, drops minimum investment to $50,000

    After more than two years in pilot and gathering $17B in assets, Personal Advisor Services is ready to take on the expanding field of online advice platforms.

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    Robo-adviser jumps into college savings market

    FutureAdvisor starts offering free online access to 529 plans, Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts, UTMAs and UGMAs, with hope that consumers will sign on to advice platform.

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    Finra CARDS data breach risk is real

    Potential security risk concerns over Finra's highly-debated data collection proposal are not unfounded, experts say. (See also: Finra's backers are now its critics)

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    Where are people searching for financial advisers, planners and brokers?

    Advisers, take note. You may not realize how — or where — investors are searching for financial advice.

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    Advisers slow to take up robo opportunity

    Many advisers are trying to decide whether to offer a digital advice platform and how to incorporate and price the service. (Don't miss: 10 top robo-advisers to watch)