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    Wealthfront, Edelman clash on robo-advisers

    The old guard of wealth management clashed with the new as Ric Edelman delivered a bleak assessment of his peers' future during a spirited debate with Adam Nash, the top executive at Wealthfront.

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    Client demand for simpler technology challenges independent broker-dealers

    An increasingly tech-savvy investor base is challenging independent broker-dealers to meet the demand for simple technology in a way that fits into the complexities of advisers' businesses and keeps investors' personal information protected. “The benchmark is being set, whether we like it or not,”

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    Have protocols in place to secure access to client data

    When it comes to the client data for which you're responsible, protecting clients' privacy and finances must come first.

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    Morgan breach offers universal data security lessons

    Advisers need to keep client data safe from internal hacks, not just those from outside cybercriminals.

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    Why advisers need to keep their human touch in the digital age

    New advances mean many things have been replaced, but we still need to take time to relate to each other.

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    Optimism abounds for financial advice industry in 2015

    Vast majority of advisers expect the U.S. economy — and their own businesses — to keep on humming.

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    Robo-advisers transform from threat to tool

    Forward-thinking advisers and robo-advice platforms are finding middle ground that could be a boost for all involved.

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    NestEgg Wealth acquisition brings white-label robo to advisers

    Technology platform will combine digital advice tool with customer relationship management and portfolio management systems.

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    Morningstar founder Joe Mansueto still dreams big

    Morningstar wants to become 'ubiquitous' with investors, according to founder Joe Mansueto. Will their new initiatives turn around the firm's declining share prices and profits?

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    Fidelity researchers dive into virtual reality with StockCity

    Fidelity researchers dive into virtual reality with StockCity, a wearable technology interface for investors to explore the stock market like it were the streets of Midtown Manhattan.

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    Using technology to change clients who don't want to know anything

    Three steps to take to help clients understand their financial situation and investment strategy options.

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    Merrill Lynch 'goals-based' accounts to reach $200 billion milestone

    Merrill Lynch expects its revamped fee-based investments platform to pass $200 billion in assets by next week, notching a milestone in its massive platform overhaul.

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    Finra survey shows investors want more regulatory protection

    Investors want more regulatory protection and are willing to pay higher brokerage costs to get it, a new Finra survey shows.On Thursday, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc., the industry-funded broker-dealer regulator, released a study showing that 92% of investors say it's important

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    Investors betting on tech

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin: Money flowing to technology but record highs mask weakness. Plus: Eaton Vance's big news; BofA's big loss; Home Depot's big data breach; and dreaming big, big, big.

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    Ron Carson's business is a highflier

    Ron Carson's business is a highflier Rigorous use of data keeps firm on top Nov 2, 2014 @ 12:01 am By Trevor Hunnicutt + Zoom Ron Carson says he has no problem finding clients. Nor do most of the top advisers he knows. What the LPL Financial adviser and Peak Advisor Alliance founder has struggled