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    New Hearsay Social dashboard uses big data to help advisers prospect for clients

    Compliant dashboard helps advisers incorporate social media into their daily work process.

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    Computers and complexity

    Computers are great. They are ubiquitous, affecting everything we do. They allow us to be more efficient, to multitask, to handle more complexity, but Sheryl Rowling still can't decide whether or not that's a good thing.

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    Coming soon (thanks to the SEC): More adviser review sites

    New regulatory guidance likely to lead to new sites a la Yelp for advisory firms.

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    A visit to the cool and wearable future

    Fidelity Institutional's Office of the Future demonstrates how advisers can use technology now.

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    How Lewis' "Flash Boys" will impact the financial advisory industry

    There are good books that make you think differently about the world, and occasionally great books that really make you question the underpinnings of what you think reality is. The new Michael Lewis book, “Flash Boys,” falls into the latter camp.

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    Measuring your digital presence

    Gauging the value of your online presence, in particular efforts around a web site, social networking and blogging, can be a moving target. One of the top questions heard regularly is “How do I know if this is working for me?”. The answer lies in large part in analytics.

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    SEC OKs use of third-party social-media endorsements

    Investment advisers can publish public comments about their services that are posted on independent websites as long as they include both positive and negative reviews, the Securities and Exchange Commission said late Monday. In a guidance update , the SEC Division of Investment Management said

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    Technology: Bundled, best of breed, or both?

    Debate continues about whether it is best to utilize a bundled solution or choose best-of-breed technologies. Proponents of bundled solutions are attracted by the concept of a one-stop shop. Bundled solutions can offer seamless integration and one source for support. There is also the potential for

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    Advicent to upgrade next week

    Advicent Solutions next week will release an upgraded version of its NaviPlan financial planning software that will support integrations with TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Veo and Schwab’s OpenView Gateway platforms. The new release will offer expanded Ibbotson asset allocation modeling and new

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    Envestnet aggressively taking market share from wirehouses

    CEO says majority of high net worth clients will move toward independent advisers

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    Finding originality in financial services in a sea of copycats

    It is very hard to stand out in such an overwhelmingly cluttered market place. Here's some of Joe Duran's strategies for success.

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    Young, wealthy clients still prefer the human touch over digital technologies

    Under-40s value advisers' ability to assess their needs, but they still want more from digital tools: SEI study

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    Make your world small on social media

    Overwhelming. That is frequent feedback when discussing the first six months of a financial adviser's initial effort using social media in his or her business. Part of the challenge is learning techniques to use on social networks to filter and manage the fire hose of content that comes in the ...

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    Envestnet cloud-based software a lure for bids

    Envestnet Inc. a maker of cloud-based software used by financial advisers, has increased its value fivefold since going public. Buyers may take notice.

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    Total Rebalance Expert, Orion integrate offerings

    Joint venture integrates re-balancing software with portfolio management platform

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