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    Data tool could help big firms take the guesswork out of target marketing

    Aviso Insights' launch helps managers identify weak spots early and make course corrections.

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    FolioDynamix wealth platform acquired in $199 million deal

    Cloud tech firm Actua will acquire an approximately 97% primary equity interest.

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    SEC exam sweep reveals adviser cyber-efforts

    Most advisers are assessing electronic security, but approaches and frequency vary widely.

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    Technology adoption to enhance the client experience

    By adopting the latest technologies, advisers have the opportunity to provide an outstanding client experience, as well as improve client conversations and interactions. This new client experience, in turn, can potentially lead to increased referrals and business growth, both from client loyalty ...

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    Tech employed as client service

    Technology is often meant to improve efficiency, but see how one firm's focus on improving its tech has also improved client service.

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    Cybersecurity a major priority in independent broker-dealers' 2015 tech budgets

    Preventing hack attacks is a big concern for independent broker-dealers heading into next year based on their planned technology spending.

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    Small and midsize advisory firms not targeted by cybercrooks

    Though data breaches are rare, state regulators worry they are on the uptick, and firms are preparing.

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    Ready to engage robo-shields. Make it so.

    Report recommends advisers reconsider fees and boost client experience in battle with robo-advisers.

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    Catching the next technology wave

    The convergence of broadband wireless, Internet accessibility, smartphones and all the services that get wrapped around them is dramatically changing the way consumers interact with businesses and vice versa. Known as the “mobile Internet,” this fourth major technology wave is creating ...

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    Wells Fargo Advisors names mobile and online chief

    American Express and J.P. Morgan Asset Management vet McConnell tapped to lead new position at WFA Digital.

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    Getting serious about how you use mobile technology

    As smart phones and tablets become the norm, winging it no longer makes the cut; you need policies and procedures for running a mobile business. Here are some tips.

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    How to grow an advisory business with technology

    Tech may not drive an adviser's profitability, but it's essential to building a practice

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    How technology is transforming financial advice: Schwab's Hathi

    Mobile lifestyles, evolving models and new competition for the delivery of advice are driving big changes in the RIA business.

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    Biting the tech bullet

    Despite scarce resources, advisers are increasingly boning up on technology, or hiring young employees more comfortable with it.

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    Survey results draw a picture of tech-savvy advisers

    Leading trends include greater use of compliance software, a re-balancing response to robo advisers and figuring out mobile.