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    Charles Schwab's client portals suffer system-wide outage

    Brokerage claims that technical issues that caused a system-wide outage were not caused by volume or external factors, and the problem was fixed in time for market open.

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    In the wake of BlackRock's FutureAdvisor deal, which independent robo-adviser will be bought next?

    As robo M&A heats up, it's not necessarily about the specifics of the technology offering, but rather the speed to xmarket for the acquirer — and the right price tag.

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    Newest robo-adviser targets female investors

    The just-launched automated investment platform was created for women skeptical of the financial services industry.

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    Salesforce seeks to disrupt adviser-facing CRM market with launch of wealth management portal

    The provider currently offers only an overlay for the financial services sector, but soon will have a full spread of software for advisers.

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    Envestnet is the industry's 800-pound tech gorilla

    Envestnet says it wants to be advisers' one-stop shop for investment services and technology. So far, it has been willing to put its money where its mouth is.

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    Many advisers are moving on from Apple to adopt another tablet brand

    Survey shows that Microsoft's Windows tablets are gaining popularity among wealth-management professionals as iPads begin to lose their dominance.

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    Get ahead of the worsening news on the IRS data breach

    An email to clients is warranted as the number of citizens exposed in the tax hack triples.

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    If you build your own robo, will clients come?

    Advisers can try the do-it-yourself model to compete with automated investment services.

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    Vanguard login flap showcases battle of cybersecurity vs. convenience

    Advisers, this is why it's better to err on the side of caution — even if your firm's login and password-recovery processes are annoying.

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    Orion, Advizr integration ramps up competition among financial-planning software providers

    As robos become more commonplace, sophisticated tech can set advisers apart.

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    Envestnet deal puts personal financial data aggregation center stage

    With the firm's latest acquisition of Yodlee, advisers are reminded to take advantage of big data in clients' accounts.

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    FTC investigation finds glitch to blame in Morgan Stanley data breach

    Morgan Stanley won't face Federal Trade Commission action as a result of a data breach that compromised information of some 350,000 clients.

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    It's early days for most robos eyeing the 401(k) market

    As Financial Engines & Wells Fargo announce their partnership, there are only a handful of automated investment services competing for defined contribution retirement plan participants.

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    Vendors respond to advisers' lack of tech-savviness with educational resources

    Junxure is the latest CRM system provider to roll out elearning tools for users.

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    Your opinion matters — take our tech product survey

    It's that time of year again, when InvestmentNews reaches out to advisers and asks you to take a survey on the top technology products that you use. More than 1,100 advisers participated last year, ranking their favorite client relationship management (CRM) system providers, their usage of various