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    Bank ETFs ride the choppy waves of Yellen-speak

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bank ETFs ride the choppy waves of Yellen-speak. Plus: Still waiting for Treasury yields to spike, new love for intermediate-term bond funds, hot stocks ahead of earnings reports, and even gold bugs are starting to worry about the precious metal's decline

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    Investors scramble out of ETFs focused on U.S. Treasuries

    Expectations that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates leads to biggest selloff since '10

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    Asian investors spooked by China, Ukraine

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Asian investors spooked by China economic worries, Ukraine. Plus: Japan concerns surface, U.S. stock valuations not horrible, Washington as a Wall Street battleground and look who's worried about the Treasury market.

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    Pimco overhauls unconstrained fund as Gross takes control

    Pimco's Bill Gross has overhauled the firm's Unconstrained Bond Fund since taking over in December. His moves include ditching 30-year Treasuries, boosting corporate debt bets and extending duration. Whether the revamp will help performance remains to be seen.

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    Gross, Gundlach: Contrarians expecting yields to fall

    The world's biggest bond dealers aren't buying a strong start for Treasuries as they grow bullish on the U.S. economy even as investors such as Bill Gross of Pimco and Jeffrey Gundlach of DoubleLine Capital question the strength of the recovery,

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    Gundlach: Betting against Treasuries is a fool's game

    A growing number of portfolio managers, including DoubleLine Capital's Jeffrey Gundlach, are re-evaluating their forecasts for rising yields as Treasuries recorded their best annual start since 2008.

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    More bad news for gold

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin: If rates rise, gold won't. Plus: Warren Buffett's $1B tease, a new twist on stock valuations, bitcoin marches on, another solar energy push and, what's good about hoping for a flat market.

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    No repeat for stocks this year, Gundlach says

    Betting against Treasuries risky, caution needed with funds buying junk bonds, shorting government debt,

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    Bob Doll puts his money where his mouth is

    Nuveen's chief equity strategist Bob Doll isn't just making a list of 10 predictions. He's created an investable portfolio of stocks based on those predictions. Jeff Benjamin has the details.

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    Weak jobs report won't change Fed taper plan, Gross says

    Central bank "wants to be out" of the bond-buying business but still won't raise rates, according to Pimco's Gross.

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    Back to the basics on bond funds

    Breakfast with (InvestmentNews senior columnist Jeff) Benjamin: Going back to basics with bond funds; breaking down the jobs report; Wall Street confronts a big mortgage settlement; Chinese exports falter; the polar vortex and natural gas prices; and retailers' bad holiday season.

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    Gross: Focus on shorter maturities as inflation trumps jobs

    Pimco's Bill Gross is recommending investors focus on shorter-duration debt. Why? More important than the upcoming jobs report, the slow pace of inflation indicates the Fed will keep its benchmark interest rate at or close to zero.

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    Rubber meets the road on Fed tapering

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Did the Fed make the right move with tapering? We'll know this week. Plus: Hot stocks for cold weather, missing out on the market, consumer sentiment looks bright, office vacancy rates still hurting, and the minimum wage debate.

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    Bernanke sees headwinds fading as U.S. poised to grow

    Ben S. Bernanke said the headwinds that have held back the U.S. economy may be abating, leaving the country poised for faster growth as his tenure as Federal Reserve chairman comes to an end. “The combination of financial healing, greater balance in the housing market, less fiscal restraint, and,

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    Fed speculation drives 10-year Treasury yield past 3%

    Treasury 10-year yields touched the highest level in more than two years as signs of a quickening economic recovery boosted bets the Federal Reserve will keep reducing monthly debt purchases. The benchmark yield rose above 3% for the first time in three months before fluctuating as investors

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