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    NAPFA compensation committee member says AUM fees for cash raise conflicts

    Advisers cutting fees for managing low-yielding cash positions has become popular but critics, including a NAPFA compensation committee member, say the practice presents big conflicts of interest.

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    6 market developments to watch for in 2015

    Legg Mason's seven asset management affiliates offer differing views on global investment opportunities ahead.

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    Global bankers are painting the Fed into a corner

    Breakfast with Benjamin features the Federal Reserve being caught between a rock and a hard place on rate hikes. Plus: Greeks vote to kick the can down the road, Obama's tax grab looks like a blueprint for the future, and a billionaire tells Americans to spend less money

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    Will European easing sideline a Fed rate hike?

    Advisers and experts say 'the Fed really is hamstrung' by European Central Bankers' planned $50-billion-per-month quantitative easing program, meaning they can't raise or lower interest rates in this environment.

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    Five surprise investment themes for 2015

    From a big year for European equities to precious metals and bonds, here are some ideas of where value may lie in 2015.

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    Bond ETFs defied pundits in the fourth quarter

    Although it took until October for the Fed to wind down its bond buying, markets had a radically different reaction than had been forecast: Bonds rose in value.

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    Monitoring investments doesn't end

    Supreme Court is reviewing a decision on the responsibility of plans to continually watch costs

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    Gundlach says 'sinister side' of cheap oil will dampen economic growth, markets

    What the U.S. energy boom has given, the U.S. energy boom is about to take away if oil prices stay at or below current levels, according to DoubleLine Capital's Jeffrey Gundlach.

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    What investors might be missing in the big picture

    Everyone knows what inflation is, but deflation is another story. What questions should investors be asking?

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    Pimco names Seidner to run unconstrained bond fund as Parikh exits

    Pimco named Marc Seidner as lead manager of the Pimco Unconstrained Bond Fund as Saumil Parikh leaves the firm, the first high-profile departure since the surprise exit of co-founder Bill Gross.

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    Big investor pulls nearly $5B from Pimco, cites organizational changes

    New York City Retirement Systems terminated two Pimco bond strategies — one mortgages and one government securities.

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    Gross' Janus fund drew $175 million in December

    Big drop from prior month but the unconstrained bond fund nears $1.4 billion in total assets.

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    Advisers preach calm, buckle in as markets bounce

    Financial advisers aren't exactly shrugging off the recent bout of stock market volatility that has ushered in the New Year, but they're also not ready to call it the start of a much larger pullback that should be addressed with portfolio adjustments.

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    Rate hike not likely before April: Federal Reserve

    Broad support for Chair Yellen's assessment of likely timing, some officials concerned inflation could remain too low.

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    Financial adviser sentenced to 51 months for ripping off elderly clients

    Tuesday's Breakfast with Benjamin features an adviser sentenced to 51 months of jail time for stealing from elderly clients. Plus: Bill Gross doesn't see a rate hike till late in the year, the latest bet for oil, and a don't-miss webcast sets the stage for 2015.