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    Investors jump on the low-volatility bandwagon

    For Breakfast with Benjamin: Investors jump on the low-volatility bandwagon. Plus: A market fueled by bad news; B of A's big mortgage settlement' Countrywide exec finally heads to court; and how companies miss the mark with stock options.

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    Greenback rallies ahead of the Fed minutes

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The dollar rallies ahead of Fed news. Plus: Stocks historically love the Fed's Jackson Hole meeting; Argentina's latest gambit; insurance companies create new asset management opportunities; and regretting not buying Google at the IPO.

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    Treasuries sneak quietly into favor

    Despite hunger for risk with stock rally, appetite also strong for world's safest asset.

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    Barclays rains on the equity market parade

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Barclays warns on stocks. Plus: Gold finds some safe-haven love; how the Fed is off target; Argentina uses social media to attack creditors; Nasdaq's version of déjà vu; and what people buy when money is no object.

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    The Fed finds another reason to hold down interest rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Fed and chief Janet Yellen get more ammo to hold down rates. Plus: AIG inches back into DC lobby; why some stocks never split; and where the smart money is going

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    Hedge funds jumping into Puerto Rico muni bonds

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin on hedge funds owning $16 billion in Puerto Rican muni bond debt, the scary similarities between advisers and psychics, why deep-water drilling looks like a bargain, and more.

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    Stock and real estate bubbles on a collision course

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin sees stock and real estate bubbles on a collision course, gold prices stuck in neutral, Bill Gross cutting Treasury bond exposure, and much more.

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    What last week's junk bond selloff means for stocks

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin looks at the impact of the junk bond selloff, Morningstar's approach to nontraditional bond funds, how higher rates will ripple across the economy, and much more.

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    As markets teeter, a new way to protect client investment gains

    Everywhere you look there are stories about the market hitting record highs and growing concerns about the probability of a major near-term correction. Of course, if stock market moves were so readily predictable, we would all have become wealthy a long time ago. But while no one knows what the

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    Dilbert creator cracks wise on financial advisers

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Goldman Sachs expects stock and bonds to go their separate ways. Plus: Scott Adams takes on advisers; Putin tosses the sanctions into Obama's court; the Treasury builds a cash stockpile; home-equity loans facing wave of defaults; and can we blame IPOs for last week's market

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    Jeffrey Gundlach's bold bet on interest rates is paying off

    DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund gains assets on unconventional strategy; competitors falter.

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    Barack Obama's attempt to both embrace and shun the financial markets

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Obama's attempt to embrace and shun markets. Plus: Volatility awakens nervous investors; crowdfunding and crowd funding; building your own hedge fund made easy; and bacon prices soar because we Americans just love that greasy stuff.

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    Cash holdings finally getting some respect

    Funds, and investment gurus the likes of Warren Buffett, are augmenting their cash positions as volatility enters the market.

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    Market slide gains momentum

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin looks at what the jobs report could mean for stocks, Argentina's strategy of denial and Federal Reserve data cherry-picking.

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    Treasury yields are poised for a run

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin also features notes on geopolitical unrest hitting the markets, an IPO-heavy week, and Morgan Stanley junior bankers getting a 'living wage.'