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    Don't bet on the 'inevitable' selloff in Treasuries just yet

    It isn't just global shocks that may support Treasuries — while jobs are back and business confidence is growing, wages remain stagnant.

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    Treasury ETF attracts big bucks as investors seek safety amid Greek crisis

    ETF holds up better than other funds that own riskier, lower-rated debt, which had their worst monthly outflows ever.

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    Crazy as it might sound, the new all-in bet is going long on Greek stocks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If you've got a really strong stomach, the time looks ripe to buy the fear and jump into Greek equities.

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    Jeffrey Gundlach is riding out the Greek storm in Treasuries

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Jeffrey Gundlach has been bracing for trouble in Greece and Puerto Rico by loading up on Treasuries and Ginnie Maes.

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    Investors in unconstrained bond funds capturing less than half of returns: Morningstar

    Advisers need to provide better guidance so that clients get into — and out of — nontraditional bond funds at the right times.

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    Big fixed income shop prepares for the worst

    TCW has the highest level of cash in its credit funds since the 2008 financial crisis.

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    Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity are the three most important words for bonds

    Anxiety over a lack of liquidity is skewing fixed-income markets in new and surprising ways.

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    The Fed has painted itself into a corner, and is only trying to manage expectations

    Breakfast with Benjamin: An economist says Janet Yellen and the Fed are too chicken to raise rates, but at the same time the FOMC is trying to reassure markets that rate hikes will be slow and deliberate.

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    Investors pull loads of money from bond ETFs

    Investors have pulled $1.44 billion from fixed income ETFs so far in June amid a drop in Treasuries, making it a smart move. But lurking uncertainties mean the jury is still out.

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    Why male advisers are still not connecting with female clients

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Male financial advisers still can't find a way to fully communicate with the female half of client couples. Here's why.

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    Bob Doll is betting consumer spending will fuel the economy through December

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Thanks to energy savings and signs of wage increases, Nuveen's chief equity strategist banks on consumers stepping up.

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    MetLife files suit to fight 'too big to fail' status

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The firm files suit against the Financial Stability Oversight Council, charging them with acting as 'judge, jury and executioner.'

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    The next big worry is that the Fed already missed its chance to raise rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: More Fed handwringing is coming, as concern that the Fed already missed its chance to raise rates persists.

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    How Fed policy is wrecking the bond market

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Welcome to the upside-down world of too much liquidity creating illiquidity.

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    Bill Gross tweets and technical analysts get all giddy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bond manager tweets out a nerdy note that only technical analysts understand, but the translation is both bearish and fun.