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    If you only pay attention to a few market experts, Mark Mobius should be one

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu also includes: There's always John Bogle ... or not; how much insider trading is now legal, about that spike in gold and the battle between oil and stocks is about to turn.

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    The 30-year bond is wrapping up a stellar year

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu includes: What to know if you want to use active bond funds, all the jobs news is not good, oil climbs but it won't last, and the mother of all corporate tax inversions.

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    Corporate bonds fly off the shelves ahead of looming rate hikes

    Tuesday's Breakfast with Benjamin features bond sales hitting a new record as rate hikes loom. Plus: Bracing for a global currency war, falling oil prices catch fund managers by surprise, and making 2015 the year of the maxed-out 401(k).

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    More buyers than sellers in the bond market means yields will remain low in 2015

    JPMorgan estimates global demand will outstrip supply by roughly $400 billion.

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    Alan Greenspan dishes on fear and inertia

    On today's midweek Breakfast with Benjamin, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan talks fear of bubbles. Plus: Catching a ride on Japan's QE wave, Russia is sweating over low oil prices, and a union stalemate could lead to lower-cost Christmas trees.

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    Federal Reserve's next move might not be until 2016

    Tuesday Breakfast with Benjamin: Why the Fed's first interest rate hike could be pushed off even further. Plus: What happens when all asset classes stand still, cutting into timber investments, and a Goldman hedge fund swings and misses on interest rates

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    Investor confidence boosts European stocks; U.S. shares flat

    European stocks rose for a second day as a report showed German investor confidence advanced for the first time this year. U.S. futures were little changed, while Asian shares rallied.The Stoxx Europe 600 Index climbed 0.6% to 339.23 at 10:16 a.m. in London. It has rebounded 9.4% from this year's

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    BlackRock takes Pimco assets with No. 1 total return fund

    At a recent BlackRock event, fund manager Rick Rieder told about 100 advisers that he expects interest rates to remain low. The talk was enough to persuade at least one adviser to shift even more client money from Pimco to BlackRock.

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    Bill Gross' move to Janus not likely to have long-term ripple in bond market

    Pimco Total Return accounts for tiny portion of the U.S. bond market and Janus funds even less.

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    Fixed-income firms scramble to capture funds unleashed by Pimco turmoil

    With interest rates near historic lows and signs pointing to a new Fed tightening cycle, the movement of money sparked by Bill Gross' exit from Pimco might be the start of a major bond transition. (Plus: See our full report on the new bond kings)

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    All-weather bond funds sacrifice traditional benefits of core

    As in times past, an ample number of surprises and volatility in financial markets around the globe were unleashed in October. This environment also offered investors some important remedial lessons on the virtues of a core fixed-income allocation within a diversified investment portfolio. To be

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    Interest rate call: Still 'low for long'

    Mistaking today's environment for a normal cycle, investors have focused on rate increases when the real story is continued global economic weakness and persistent easy-money support. While the U.S. economy has mended and is growing, and larger emerging-market countries such as India and China are

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    Janus fixed-income chief steps into the spotlight

    The chief investment officer overseeing Janus' bond business adjusting to the added attention on the firm.

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    Wholesalers make hay with Pimco

    When Janus Capital Group Inc. announced it was hiring Bill Gross, Matt Cody knew he had to get to work. Fast.

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    Stocks expected flat as investors take breather after election

    Stock-index futures were little changed early Thursday after the Standard & Poor's 500 Index rose to a record, as investors awaited the European Central Bank's policy meeting for clarity on stimulus measures.Qualcomm Inc. slid 6.2% in premarket trading after saying a Chinese government probe will