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    Bond ETF sales surge as Treasuries rank dead last

    Investors are selling U.S. government bond exchange-traded funds at the fastest pace in 14 months as the Federal Reserve prepares to raise interest rates.

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    Financial markets brace for fallout from the Paris terror attacks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The financial markets are likely to be swept up in the immediate unrest following Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

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    Calpers makes another move away from pricey investments by trimming real estate exposure

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Nation's largest public pension fund trims its real estate holdings with a $3B sale.

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    The apolitical Fed is becoming a political target

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Even though it's designed and expected to be apolitical, the Federal Reserve is becoming a popular target of political attacks.

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    December rate increase would be rough on stocks and bonds, Gundlach says

    Hike could potentially drive up the value of the dollar to the point where it weakens the economy, fund manager says.

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    Investors, bond market warm to December rate increase

    Comments from Fed chair Janet Yellen and solid October jobs report has futures traders betting on sooner rather than later hike.

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    Jobs report has the bond market on edge

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The specific things to watch for in today's jobs report that could influence the Fed's decision on interest rates.

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    Ex-Ameriprise adviser gets 7 years in the slammer for bilking clients

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Susan Elizabeth Walker was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for taking over $1 million from clients' accounts.

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    DFA breaks into target date fund market with unique investment approach

    Manager is hoping to garner assets in a crowded market through a strategy targeting the stability of investors' retirement income stream.

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    The Fed's monetary policy is making income inequality even worse

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The numbers are in, and it turns out the $12.4 trillion worth of quantitative easing has only worsened inequality.

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    The Fed has lost all credibility with the bond market

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bond market appears uninterested in the Fed's subtle hints of a looming rate hike next month, or the month after that, or someday, maybe, eventually.

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    Cruz and Rubio come out on top after third Republican debate

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Another debate full of heated clashes — including with the moderators — but the candidates who rose to the top were not the usual suspects.

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    Closed-end funds trading at steepest discounts in eight years as investors sell ahead of rate increase

    Strategists say pricing anomalies should be considered buying opportunity as Fed action expected to be small.

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    Yellen, yuan and yields: Global economies are more closely linked than ever

    When China sneezed last quarter, the world caught a cold but smart investors found opportunity.

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    Interest rates: Lower for longer

    Deteriorating demographics, low productivity growth and a need for more deleveraging will keep a lid on rates for the foreseeable future.