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    Finra 'unfairly criticized' on REIT pricing rule change

    Mark Goldberg of IPA praises regulator's action to extend clarity to investor statements.

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    Schorsch's RCS buys majority stake in Docupace Technologies

    Company provides SEC- and Finra-compliant paperless processing systems to financial services firms.

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    Nontraded REITs stack up well compared with traded REITs

    While lagging publicly traded real estate investment trusts in performance, nontraded REITs that have had liquidity events, meaning a listing on an exchange or a merger, have still produced sound results, according to a new report. The average annualized, dollar-weighted returns for the nontraded

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    Untangling Nicholas Schorsch's vast web of businesses

    The REIT czar's empire is broken down in this "simple" visual covering all entities under his purview

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    Nontraded REIT guidelines too late for some clients

    State securities regulators are making noise about implementing changes to policies that would limit how much a client's net worth could be invested in nontraded real estate investment trusts. Those limits would have helped clients in the case of a Louisiana broker who now has a Finra complaint.

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    $2.7B nontraded REIT plans sale or listing

    CNL Lifestyle CEO tells shareholders he's seeking 'attractive' exit for portfolio.

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    Feuding partners jeopardize real estate firm's future

    The owners of Gemini Real Estate Advisors have dueling claims against each other.

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    Foot-dragging on rules harms investors

    Regulators are notorious for dragging their feet, and investors suffer when new rules take too long to be finalized.

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    Second-quarter nonlisted REIT review

    While certain recently closed nonlisted REITs, such as Industrial Income, Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II, Cole Credit Property Trust IV and Corporate Property Associates 17 Global have shown strong operating performance throughout their history, the majority of closed nonlisted REITs have seen

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    Nonlisted REIT 2Q rankings

    Company2Q invested assets ($M)Original share priceCurrent share value1Original distribution rateCurrent distribution rate2Q14 FFO 2 payout ratioInland American Real Estate Trust$10,128.5 $10 $6.94 6.20%5.00%75%Corporate Property Associates 17 Global$4,564.7 $10 $9.50 6.50%6.50%81%Apple ...

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    Schorsch REIT board member recommends 30% alts exposure for retirees

    Bob Froehlich says the industry needs to catch up with the pressing demands of a yield-starved world.

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    Are changes ahead in the way nontraded REITs are sold?

    Fat commissions could be trimmed if states approve regulations affecting the sale of nontraded real estate investment trusts.

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    Are you prepared for the next bear market?

    The bull hasn't finished running but the time is now for investors to get their minds around its impending end.

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    What grabbed InvestmentNews readers this week

    A big arbitration award, a story about recruiting bonuses and how Vanguard grabbed Pimco's bond crown were among the most read stories this week on Plus: Lessons from Robin Williams' estate and another investment team loss at LPL.

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    Tony "The Truth" Thompson's TNP launches bid to stave off bankruptcy

    Thompson National Properties wants investors to exchange dead-in-the-water high-yield notes for stock, but are they getting a good deal?