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    Surrender fees haunt legacy 403(b) plans

    As employers move to lower-cost retirement options, some plans charge as much as 8% to switch.

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    Can an adviser affiliated with an insurance company be fee only? Yes.

    State rules on insurance affiliation complicate fee-only status for some CFPs.

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    Structured product annuities pose challenges for regulators

    As Voya plans to be the fifth company offering these newfangled products, regulators still struggle to classify them

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    Annuity industry pushes SEC for summary prospectus rule

    Not on regulator's agenda until March 2015, industry believes sooner action would aid investor understanding.

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    Variable annuity sales raising concern: Finra official

    Product remains at top of investor complaint list and the self-regulator wants to ensure investors understand what they're getting into.

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    Life insurers turn focus to uncapped indexed annuities

    Advisers and investors need to be fully aware of contract terms to explain nuances, answer client questions.

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    BlackRock raises equity allocation in target date funds

    Changes to LifePath Index come as other providers also have sought to increase equity allocations after retirement.

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    Hartford Financial Services Group names a new CEO

    Insurer Promotes CFO to replace previous CEO following a medical procedure related to a brain tumor.

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    Guaranteed features propel indexed-annuity sales

    With low interest rates providing few fixed-income investment options, broker-dealers see these as a good choice for clients, with more growth potential than CDs.

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    Life insurers show their hands with new VA filings

    Regulatory filings reveal new living benefits, investment-focused annuities or exchange offers for existing clients.

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    Variable annuity sales drop in 1Q and new leaders emerge

    Decisions to moderate sales volume in recent years has caused changes for the bigger players

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    MetLife to get back in variable annuity game despite first quarter declines

    Even after 54% drop in VA sales over the last year, the carrier is optimistic about sales with new mix of products.

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    Finra complaint highlights epidemic of abused trust

    All brokers and advisers still are subject to principles of human decency, in addition to compliance rules.

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    Account opening is No. 1 tech concern: Survey

    Beacon finds 'client onboarding' has replaced social-media archiving as brokers' biggest technology challenge.

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    SEC charges pair of brokers, investment advisory firm, others with $80M variable annuity scam

    The SEC charged a pair of brokers, an investment adviser and others in an $80 million variable annuity scam that an SEC official called a "calculated fraud exploiting terminally ill patients."