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    Wells Fargo tweaks deferred comp, pay on stock trades

    Advisers could earn more deferred pay, but minimum ticket size for payout on equity trades upped to $125.

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    Powerful Wells Fargo division takes over firm's wealth management research functions

    New unit will influence product selections for 15,000 advisers managing $1.6 trillion in assets.

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    UBS, Merrill increase bonuses for new assets and banking referrals

    2015 compensation plans push advisers to build their AUM and refer clients to the bank

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    Krawcheck: Wirehouses undaunted by RIA growth

    Former brokerage executive Sallie Krawcheck downplayed the rise of wirehouse breakaways, telling a conference of advisers that wirehouses have more important things to worry about.

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    Midwest financial adviser team with $463M in assets joins Wells Fargo

    Madison Street Financial Group specializes in corporate retirement plans and high-net-worth families.

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    Tony Robbins gets advisers talking at the 2014 MarketCounsel Summit

    Independent advisers get a dose of inspiration as Tony Robbins continues to champion their cause

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    Morgan Stanley to pay more of its bonuses upfront

    The moves mark a reversal from firm's efforts to defer more pay to tie bankers to the firm and reduce immediate costs.

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    Top independent adviser manages $3.5 billion in new ranking

    More than 20,000 independent RIAs in the U.S. increased assets 82% to $2.3 trillion from 2007 to 2013 while assets at largest retail brokerages rose 8.2% to $6.2 trillion.

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    Merrill Lynch loses two advisers with combined $2.1 billion in California

    One goes to Stifel, the other to UBS. Both had ties to Merrill's elite private banking and investment group that serves ultra-wealthy clients.

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    Morgan Stanley courts athletes, entertainers with new wealth unit

    Brokers take a three-day training program on how to cater to those clients.

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    Wells Fargo settles bonus squabble for $7.4M

    Wirehouse settles class action claim the firm wrongly withheld incentive compensation from two former advisers who changed firms.

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    Wells Fargo nets $972M JPMorgan team

    Wells Fargo Advisors continues to build on its recruiting momentum with the addition of a trio of former JPMorgan Chase & Co. private bankers.

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    Morgan Stanley seeking female and millennial advisers and clients: Fleming

    President of Morgan Stanley's wealth management unit discusses how these demographics will shape the future of wealth and the work force.

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    Brokerage firms and mutual fund companies need better training for complex products

    Companies must heed the gentle warnings being given to them by Finra and the SEC on complex investments.

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    Brokers warned to beef up training on complex products

    Regulators alarmed at lack of knowledge brokers demonstrate about the products they're selling.