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    Morgan Stanley CFO calls too few women leading U.S. companies an 'embarrassment'

    Morgan Stanley chief financial officer Ruth Porat called the low number of women running U.S. companies an “embarrassment” that shows the need for new laws.

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    Retirement plan diversification improving, women take the lead

    Wells Fargo report says few men or women are contributing recommended 10% to their 401(k).

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    The leap from sales assistant to adviser

    One woman reflects on her experience as part of Raymond James' new program to educate client associates

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    Five common mistakes advisers make with female clients

    Well-meaning advisers can make mistakes when it comes to working with female investors. Women represent 51% of the population and individuals that make up this group vary in terms of personal interests, professional pursuits, preferred lifestyle and sexual orientation. The list of "do's" and

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    Where are the female CFP professionals?

    CFP Board to announce results of new research on “feminine famine” in financial advice

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    What female retirees don't know can hurt them

    I met a woman named Linda the other day. While we were chatting, she mentioned that she quit her full time job because she didn't need the money, thanks to stashing away nearly half of her paycheck throughout her career. She owns her condo outright and now, in her late 50s, works just one day a

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    Closing the female-adviser gap

    More women hold positions other than lead advisory roles, but that could change with time

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    Closed doors at Finra hide the whole industry's shame

    Finra's second diversity conference in New York on Tuesday featured a number of key industry speakers who touted the importance of recruiting, retaining and promoting more women and minorities in the industry. “Diversity is strength — even a group of best point guards cannot win a basketball game,”

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    Are women financially conservative or just economically realistic?

    They're less willing to take risks with money than men, but they'll ensure the mortgage is paid off.

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    What's Apple got up its sleeve?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Apple's latest acquisition and what else it has up its sleeve. Plus: Microsoft's latest move; Netflix subscribers using Comcast can breathe easier; small investors get back into the trading game and training advisers to work with women.

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    Client's got stars in his eyes? Insist on a prenup

    Premarital agreements on the rise, and they're no longer just for the wealthy.

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    Krawcheck: Women on Wall Street have 'gone backwards'

    Sallie Krawcheck, the former Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. executive, said women lost ground on Wall Street after the financial crisis because executives and boards hired people who looked like them.

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    Emerging markets get more attractive by the day

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Emerging markets getting more and more attractive. Plus: Bill Gross bounces back, the February buying opportunity, this isn't 1929, and Goldman manicures an apology for giving nail files to women.

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    A new financial planning frontier for same-sex marriage

    Advisers wanting to work with LGBT clients will have to stay current on the changing state laws and realize how their clients' residences can shape their retirement and estate planning.

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    Live! From TD Ameritrade Institutional: How to get and keep female clients:R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Women feel more negatively about the financial industry than they do about car salespeople.

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