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    Two big developments in retirement planning grab advisers' attention

    Social Security and annuities make major headlines, LPL's regulatory headaches continue, and the rest of this week's must-read stories for advisers.

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    Focusing on female clients means helping with their lives, not just money

    Advisers give tips on what successful women want in a financial professional.

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    4 mistakes advisers make with Millennial women

    Make sure you don't alienate the next generation of female clients that are poised to amass more wealth than their parents.

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    Lessons learned during my first six months as an adviser

    One female adviser reflects on her big leap from her former sales assistant role.

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    Why it's still a juggling act for women in financial services

    Financial Women's Association president discusses how women can start to effect change.

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    How to successfully engage executive female clients

    As women achieve new levels of success, advisers who know how to best serve them will reap the rewards.

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    New Fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson wants to be 'accessible to advisers'

    Abigail Johnson, successor at the privately owned, family-run company, wants to understand the businesses of her clients, including advisers.

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    How to nail your team's next presentation

    Here's how to avoid letting interpersonal dynamics alienate colleagues and clients.

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    3 risk-related reasons to put off claiming Social Security

    The choice of when and how to claim Social Security benefits can affect the three biggest financial risks that retirees encounter.

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    Two high-profile adviser terminations take center stage

    This week's must-read stories for advisers include employment drama at LPL and Merrill, Bill Gross speaking out, and a renewed push for more women in advice.

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    Don't market to women, serve them, Krawcheck tells advisers

    Women, on way to becoming the majority of U.S. millionaires, represent the industry's biggest business opportunity.

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    Female advisers share secrets for outsourcing

    For female financial advisers, it seems that one of the biggest hurdles to running a successful and fulfilling business is knowing when to offload some work to other parties. A panel of female financial advisers met at InvestmentNews’ Women Adviser Summit in New York on Tuesday morning to discuss

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    Don't overlook the housing recovery

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Remember housing stocks? You should. Plus: How Pimco stepped in it, academics take on high-frequency trading, the bad math behind climate-change regs, and men are better retirement savers than women.

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    4 ways to impact students — and the financial industry — through mentoring

    You and your organization can have a lifetime of impact with just a fraction of your day.

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    ING/Voya boosts female adviser head count past industry average

    The firm has boosted female adviser head count past industry average over the past eight years through successful networking and mentoring programs.