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    Cetera's Erinn Ford: My unlikely path into the financial services industry

    Though Ford, now president of Cetera Advisors, faced a daunting Series 24 prep class, she leaned on her parents for many of the early lessons she learned about the industry.

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    Department of Labor's Borzi: Women have a powerful role in changing employee benefits law

    The assistant labor secretary recounts her serendipitous career and what motivates her to help women facing financial crises in retirement.

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    Female breadwinners need advisers' help talking to their partners about money

    Having a safe place to discuss financial matters is attractive to female clients, who often don't know where to turn for help.

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    How to encourage the rise of senior women in financial advice

    Firms need women's voices at the top to help shape their strategic decision-making and stay in tune with their clients' needs.

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    SheCapital gets women started with investing

    After an illness unexpectedly put her in charge of her father's finances, SheCapital founder Tina Powell started a program to help fellow women better manage money.

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    Social Security changes sting women retirees

    New rules limiting claiming strategies could make it more difficult for many women to maximize their benefits.

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    Investing in women a worthy strategy

    How financial advisers can put this strategy into practice and begin to invest with a gender lens

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    Mentor encouraged adviser's adventure

    When Christine Damico graduated from college, she immediately started her first job at an advisory firm. Before taking her next professional step four years later, she wanted to veer off the career path briefly and travel overseas. She wound up spending three months in South Africa volunteering on

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    Finra's Susan Axelrod: Finding a job you love is what matters

    My professional life started on Wall Street — a male-dominated environment that has evolved a lot over the course of my career — and that has shaped who I am personally and professionally.

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    Women lawmakers play an outsized role in policymaking that affects advisers

    Percentage of women in Congress similar to their proportion in the advice sector, with plenty of room to grow

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    Sheryl Garrett on the importance of making impartial financial advice accessible to all

    How she created a successful hourly financial planning firm for the average person despite early mistakes

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    Mary Jo White: Standing on the shoulders of our predecessors

    Mary Jo White, chairwoman of the SEC, believes it is a duty for women to help push each other forward in their careers.

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    The pay gap between the sexes is relatively slim in financial advice

    Pay inequity in the industry beats the national median, but the data takes a discouraging turn when looking at firm owners

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    Key to success for women: Confidence

    As the years go by and the data pile up, waiting for the financial advice industry to embrace gender equality wholeheartedly across all levels feels like waiting for Godot.

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    Gender-focused investment strategy skips over common sense

    $1.4 billion TAMP seizes on an opportunity, but its strategy seems ill-conceived.