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    InvestmentNews to host women-focused conference series

    The Women Adviser Summits will be held May 6 in Chicago, July 14 in Washington and Nov. 5 in San Francisco.

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    4 ways to strengthen relationships with affluent women investors

    The advice industry has made great progress but there are always opportunities for improvement. It's about dialogue, ongoing conversation and listening.

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    Women and Wealth: The invisible opportunity

    The women's wealth market presents a very real business growth opportunity for advisors — provided they understand the specific approaches and the differing preferences that will resonate with women investors.

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    Medicare's long, strange trip

    Fifty years ago this year, both Medicare and the Grateful Dead got their start. Today, all the surviving members of that famous San Francisco band are eligible for Medicare. It's a fair bet that they, like most people in their age group in 1965, didn't pay attention to the law that President Lyndon

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    Daniel Kahneman's top advice: Don't churn accounts

    Renowned behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman says advisers must recognize the cost and futility of betting against the market and trading too much.

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    3 qualities all advisers' outsourcing partners should share

    Critical to find outsourcing partners who have the necessary expertise, are trustworthy, and can help improve an adviser's business

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    How to perfectly time your clients' Medicare enrollment

    Decisions on Medicare enrollment carry a meaningful financial impact, are closely tied to Social Security choices

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    Lessons from the $1B divorce case: How to split business assets

    What do a spouse's efforts mean for the valuation of a business and its division in two?

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    Finding solutions to the key challenges of modern retirement

    The brief golden age of retirement is over, but investing legend Charles Ellis outlines solutions to a potential crisis.

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    Advisers find new ways to attract increasingly wealthy population — women

    Buckingham hires novel director position focused on financial solutions for female clients.

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    Chris Rock's divorce offers lessons in divorce planning

    Prenups require periodic review, as do sunset provisions that can protect monied spouses.

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    CFP Board launches initiative to recruit women for financial planning

    Women's Initiative Council will provide guidance on the development of enterprises to pave a way for more women to enter the industry.

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    Krawcheck: Wirehouses undaunted by RIA growth

    Former brokerage executive Sallie Krawcheck downplayed the rise of wirehouse breakaways, telling a conference of advisers that wirehouses have more important things to worry about.

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    The most valuable thing an adviser can do for clients in 2015

    How to make 2015 'the year of the client' and set up advisory firms for sustained success

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    5 steps female advisers can take to increase their compensation

    Women with the same experience, revenue production and ownership status receive approximately $32,000 less in annual income than male advisers — but that can change.