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    Cetera advisers take their message to the small screen

    Lifetime channel's “The Balancing Act” hosts discussion on managing money

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    Advisers need to be nurturers when helping a woman through life changes

    Divorce and widowhood require sensitive communication and help in gaining confidence.

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    Volatility looks cheap and risky

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Barclays: Following in the footsteps of Sallie Krawcheck. Plus: The volatility play: Cheap but risky, bond managers brace for higher rates, dancing around the issue of student loan debt, and a potato salad venture whets the tax man's appetite.

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    Dollar rides high on hope into earnings season

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The dollar is enjoying a big rally right into earnings season. Plus: Goldman moves up its rate hike forecast, putting GDP in perspective, El-Erian reads Yellen's mind, and proven old-school investing techniques.

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    Women closing financial literacy gender gap

    Despite gains, steep learning curve remains on investing and cash management.

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    How gay couples can act on Social Security benefits now

    Though rules still vary from state to state, all same-sex couples should take steps to claim benefits.

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    Sallie Krawcheck and Pax team on women-friendly corporate index fund

    The ex-wirehouse executive is throwing her weight and her money behind a revived mutual fund that invests in publicly traded companies that have greater numbers of women in management positions, saying values and returns can align when advisers invest in gender diversity.

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    Three steps to greater gender diversity in the RIA industry

    The fact that women are underrepresented in the registered independent adviser industry is well established. Women represent just 30% of financial advisers of all types and 23% of certified financial planners — the latter a number that has been virtually unchanged for 10 years. Meanwhile, nearly

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    10 reasons this is a great economy for female advisers

    Women can readily adopt the skills necessary to work effectively with clients today

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    Investors value advisers, especially when retirement is looming

    Investors on a panel at an InvestmentNews retirement income conference said they value the expertise of advisers, especially as they get close to or enter retirement

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    How to respond to the unexpected call from a recently widowed client

    Follow these six steps to make sure you adequately address the needs of grieving clients

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    5 surefire strategies to strengthen relationships with women in couples

    Any astute financial adviser knows that when a woman is going through a life transition, she makes a good prospect. In fact, 70% of women fire their advisers within one year of the death of their spouse. And women who get divorced often find new advisers around the time they say goodbye to their

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    Ways to help divorcing clients protect their assets

    Advisers don't have to be divorce experts to help clients take these necessary steps

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    Baby boomer, Gen X women fear not having enough retirement savings

    Most female baby boomers and Generation Xers fear they will not have sufficient money for retirement, a situation that's creating an opportunity for financial advisers, according to a report released Wednesday by the Insured Retirement Institute. More than two thirds — 70% — of female baby boomers

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    Where are all the women?

    If advisory firms are truly interested in attracting more women, they will get behind the CFP Board initiatives to attract more women to financial planning.