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    4 reasons you keep losing your best employees

    High employee turnover is brutal for a service business such as financial advice. Joe Duran on how to create a dynamic culture within your office.

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    Cybersecurity gets the SEC's attention as agency plans to query advisers on safeguards

    In risk alert, regulator provides advisers with a detailed checklist of what it expects firms to provide for cybersecurity protection.

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    Wirehouse executives push advisers to change the conversation

    Firms focus on pushing brokers toward holistic advice and a different product set, but adoption has been slow.

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    Tech-savvy young planners band together to share the wealth

    'FP Hackers' brainstorm issues facing new businesses — and even refer clients to one another

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    6 steps to a perfect business plan

    Do you have a business plan? Is it in writing and regularly reviewed? If your answer to one or both of these questions is “no”, what are you waiting for?

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    IRS chief pushes for comprehensive reform, not piecemeal approach to tax reform

    Meanwhile, Ways and Means to send tax extensions bill to full Senate on Thursday.

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    All stressed up and nowhere to go

    Studies have described the emotional and psychological stress that being a financial adviser entails. When one chooses this profession, there are ongoing, job-related stressors that must be addressed to function efficiently and prevent burnout.

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    Progress (not perfection) at Bradshaw Financial

    Trent Bradshaw's problems appeared obvious, and the solutions simple, but fixing a financial advisory practice takes time.

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    Kitces, Alan Moore to launch XY Planning Network

    Michael Kitces and Alan Moore, two financial advisers who have made names for themselves bringing light to disruptive generational change in the industry, will launch a network dedicated to helping advisers that work with young clients. The new network, called the XY Planning Network , will support

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    Finding originality in financial services in a sea of copycats

    It is very hard to stand out in such an overwhelmingly cluttered market place. Here's some of Joe Duran's strategies for success.

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    The secret to deepening relationships with top clients

    Make this five-step process a part of your practice and you will connect better with valued clients and their family members.

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    Creating clear career path critical to attracting NextGen advisers

    Adviser John R. Augenblick learned the hard way that you have to offer a clear career path to the next generation. As the financial crisis hit, one of his junior employees was poached by a competitor who was willing to offer the young professional a client-facing position immediately, he said. "We

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    5 ways to take your firm's vision statement from cliché to inspiration

    It's become a cliché to say your business needs a vision statement. And by now, many businesses have one. Unfortunately, most are an “obligatory” vision.

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    The adviser industry is shrinking (and why that's a good thing)

    Just like in every industry, there is a natural evolution of growth, maturity and then a disruption or tipping point, often caused by technology, that transforms it to take on a different shape and direction.

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    Financial adviser bracketology

    You have to ask yourself do you want to surround yourself with the right players, the right farm team, the right recruiting, the right coach to help you have consistent results like Tom Izzo or Mike Krzyzewski, or do you want to be a Wichita State? Are you trying to be the star player or one with

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Mar 07 10:29PM
10 professions that need the most coffee to survive - I Love Coffee
Mar 07 10:00PM
"J.P. Morgan Securities goes on recruiting offensive" good read

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