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    GOP Senate win gives it the clout to change Obamacare

    With Republicans leading the House and Senate next year, the possibility of some reforms to the Affordable Care Act are possible. The rules around the employer mandate seem to be those most likely to find compromise within the Congress and at the White House.

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    Look for the next-gen candidate who interviews you: Expert

    Look for the next-gen candidate who interviews you: Expert Young advisers need to demonstrate 'fire in the belly' Nov 7, 2014 @ 2:56 pm By Liz Skinner + Zoom "The students that do the best are likable and coachable, and they have a passion in their belly for this work." - Derek Klock, associate

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    Transition from a practice to a business

    Commonwealth Financial Network's managing principal of practice management provides practical guidelines to help you embrace the role of CEO in your business.

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    How advisers are guiding clients through critical crossroads

    How advisers are guiding clients through critical crossroads Advisers forced to go beyond numbers when faced with client concerns and worries Nov 2, 2014 @ 12:01 am By InvestmentNews Staff For the third of a series of special reports on the Crossroads the financial advice business is facing, we

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    Forget the empty nest, parents now fear the costs of a full one

    Pre-retirees whose kids are moving back home after college — or after failed careers or marriages — are spending so much on their adult children that some are risking their own financial futures.

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    Scars from past downturns resurface

    Investing during periods of heightened market volatility is one thing, but dealing with investor emotions is another thing altogether.

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    FPA, CFP Board deny urge to merge

    Financial Planning Association officials say they, in fact, stand up to CFP Board, and that both organizations serve different missions.

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    Yes, you need a brand. You really do.

    Your personal brand should differentiate you in your firm or in the marketplace and position you as an expert.

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    Big 3 business catastrophes: How to cope with a shock to the system

    We can all be blindsided by scary surprises, which aren't usually conveniently aligned with what we prepare for. But we can be.

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    Robo-advisers say they aren't worried about Schwab

    Robo-advisers say they aren't worried about Schwab's new entrant but one market analyst isn't so sure the young industry can hold up against the giant household name.

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    Mariner Holdings on hiring spree

    Parent of RIA Mariner Wealth Advisors wants to hire up to 160 employees over the next six months.

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    Concierge services are not just for hotels

    How advisers can build stronger business relationships by making prospects and clients feel like they are the most important people in the world.

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    You can't always get what you want

    There are no guarantees your practice will attract the high multiple you think it deserves in a sale.

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    Two big developments in retirement planning grab advisers' attention

    Social Security and annuities make news, LPL's regulatory headaches continue, and the rest of this week's must-read stories for advisers.

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    A call to arms for advisers to champion the fiduciary standard

    Long-time fee-only advisers fear loss of a competitive edge as brokers blur the lines in the advice industry.