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    Grow Your Top Line

    Expanding your client base and your profitability comes down to investing in the right kinds of revenue-generating business activities.

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    5 lessons learned after one year running a financial planning firm

    It's hard to believe it, but my financial planning firm, Workable Wealth, officially turns 1 this week! Just 12 months ago, the website went live after months of prep work and paperwork, and the (virtual) doors opened as I welcomed my first clients to the Workable Wealth family.

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    It's just a name change, how hard could it be?

    You might have checked off legal and client communication requirements when changing your firm's name, but don't forget new e-mail addresses, signs, websites, social media accounts, logos and more

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    What to do when your cloud crashes

    Even the cloud isn't crash-proof.That's the message that Monday's outage of some Microsoft Corp. cloud-based services should send to advisers. Many financial advisers are seeking to move their business to the cloud, expecting that storing and managing cloud-based data and services will boost

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    Hedge funds jumping into Puerto Rico muni bonds

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin on hedge funds owning $16 billion in Puerto Rican muni bond debt, the scary similarities between advisers and psychics, why deep-water drilling looks like a bargain, and more.

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    Succession planning: It's not just about the value of your business

    The challenges facing the financial advisor marketplace are becoming increasingly more evident and the graying of financial advisors seems to top that list; however, most advisors, broker-dealers, and custodians tend to focus on the surface issues around succession planning and are not addressing

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    Making your office paperless is the way to go

    I love having a paperless office. At first, I was skeptical: Was it too ambitious to try to be totally paperless? Would we sacrifice efficiency? Could everything be documented without keeping any physical files?It took only a couple of years to become fully paperless. We did it in steps.We decided

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    5 ways to achieve better results through partnerships

    The ability to work alone used to be a requirement for advisers, but fast-forward almost three decades — we've redefined wealth management.

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    Advisers are like doctors: Meir Statman

    At NAPFA conference, behavioral finance expert says, 'Treat your clients like kids'

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    9 steps to adding $20.5 million in AUM

    Whether you do a top-to-bottom or a bottom-to-top approach or both, it's critical to plan your work and work your plan.

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    Want loyalty? Help clients with caregiving

    Taking these extra steps with clients who are caring for loved ones will strengthen those relationships

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    4 reasons not to launch your own hybrid RIA

    Does setting up a hybrid RIA firm make sense for your practice? Here are four factors to consider.

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    Attack of the robo-advisers: Man versus machine

    Countless books and movies have been written about the point at which computers shift from being our friend to becoming the enemy. Joe Duran writes that for financial advisers, the battle lines are being drawn right now.

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    How to hold onto assets after an inheritance

    Advisers serious about providing multigenerational planning are going to have to structure their practices and processes differently in many cases, a new report finds.

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    Three steps to improved efficiency

    InvestmentNews Custom Media sits down with Paul Blease, head of OppenheimerFunds' CEO Advisor Institute, to discuss the highlights from the first season of Practice Makeover.